Samurai Pizza Cats Fanfics

This page features a list of all the SPC fanfics I had done years back...And never put up on the site until now. Being some of my very first attempts at writing, there are numerous plots, ideas, items, etc. taken from various shows and games, as well as the fact that these stories aren't as original as you may think...

Feel free to E-Mail me if you notice something I borrowed from my various "sources"...I might make a list for those alone, eventually =P

Gathering Place of the Sword-Shaped Esper, Four Famous Swords and The Samurai Pizza Cats A sword-shaped Esper and four famous swords meet the Samurai Pizza Cats, but two enemies have also come along to fight for evil: Anti-Ragnarok and Kefka.
The Esper...Aptom?: Chapter 1--Are Aptom and Phoenix One and the Same? Ragnarok meets a creature with the resemblance of a Samurai Pizza Cat, but has the abilities of an Esper...

(Ed. Note: Since this was wrote at such an early time...Phoenix was to be a friend of Ragnarok, in some VERY EARLY comics that I made...Of course, I know now that now, most appropriately, it should've been Cait Sith. Same for Stray in Fanfics #7 and #8...Should've been Cait Sith. Oh well. What's done is done, I can't change these now. Let me also note that #2 specifically notes that "Aptom is not my character"...It's actually Erik Hollender's character (the guy that owns the page these fanfics were originally on). After writing #2 he told me not to steal his character (which I had inadvertantly done)...Which is why I wrote #3, below.)

The Esper...Aptom?: Chapter 2--Which Aptom is the Real Aptom? The conclusion of "The Esper...Aptom?"
Samurai Pizza Spekkio The Pizza Cats are taught magic.
A Decisive Battle Anti-Ragnarok, Jerry, and the Big Cheese get new weapons and armor.
A Pure Esper, Powerless? Anti-Ragnarok uses weapons from one of Rude Noise's previous battles to keep Ragnarok at bay...But does it work?
Aptom and Locky's Father: Chapter 1--The Stray Esper Ragnarok, still trying to find out the mystery of Aptom's origins, goes to talk to him personally, and finds out a startling revelation about who his father was...
Aptom and Locky's Father: Chapter 2--Stray's Descendants The conclusion of "Aptom and Locky's Father."

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