Here are all of the other things on this site that don't seem to fit anywhere else on the site.

Music A listing of all of the MIDI files that I have on the site.
The Wolfey Poll A poll that will be used to help with site changes or just find out who likes what best.
The Adventures of Ragnarok and Excalibur The first (and ONLY) book I made starring these two famous swords...
Samurai Pizza Cats Fanfics A listing of a few Samurai Pizza Cats fanfics I did a long time ago...
Gilbert Muir is a Spoony Bard This song fits that infamous scene in Final Fantasy 4 pretty well =)
Bordam Daravon This song talks about Daravon's numerous mistranslations...Including ones falsely attributed to him, though no one really cares about that ^_~
Short Stories About Lavos Two very short (and stupid =P) stories I wrote (one paragraph long each) a long time ago, starring Lavos and a couple of school students.
Bomberman 64 Cursors:
16-Color Edition
256-Color Edition
Collector's Edition (Enhanced Version of 256-Color Edition)
Three different sets of cursors I made a long time ago, all related to Bomberman 64 (except the pen, I just made it to finish the set =P).
John West Red Salmon Commercial A funny little commercial my Dad sent to me...Take a look at it, it's pretty funny =)

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