Aptom and Locky's Father: Chapter 2--Stray's Descendants

Aptom: Yes. He also gave me some of his magic when I saw him for the last time.

Ragnarok: What was he wearing?

Aptom: He only wore a scarf, gloves, and shoes.

Ragnarok: This cannot be! But if you are not an Esper, than how...

Aptom: What are you talking about?

Ragnarok: Uh...Well...Just show me some of your magic first, before I jump to any conclusions.

Aptom: OK. I remember this one spell he taught me...Ultima!

[The blue energy barrier appears just in front of Ragnarok. He is stunned.]

Ragnarok: THIS CANNOT BE TRUE! I AM THE ONLY ESPER WHO WOULD HAVE CONTROL OVER ULTIMA!! Unless...Unless your father was...The Esper Stray...

Aptom: Come again?

Ragnarok: This brings back memories of when I was only seven. I was not in my sword formation. I really liked one of my Esper friends, Stray, who was one of my best friends. I taught him how to control Ultima and MetaMorph, although they were weak at the time. Remember, the older we Espers get, the more powerful our magic becomes.

Aptom: This is also why my magic is becoming more powerful. As I get older, the more powerful my magic becomes more powerful. Could this explain how I can make objects out of thin air?

Ragnarok: This is possible.

Aptom: Wait a minute. You know my...Father?

Ragnarok: If this is all true, yes.

[Ragnarok ponders something else.]

Ragnarok: Another thing I am wondering...If the Espers were destroyed, why did my magic...and yours...still survive? Unless...Some of my magic, and your father's...Was not destroyed, through some odd phenomenon.

Aptom: So you mean I am the descendant of an Esper?

Ragnarok: Yes.

Aptom: Thank you so much, Ragnarok. Now that I know who my father was, and what I am, this will make things go a lot smoother.

Locky: Is this "Stray" the father of both of us?

Ragnarok: Yes. Thank you for telling me who you are, and now I know that there are descendants of my friends...I must get back to help my comrades...Goodbye, Aptom and Locky.

Aptom and Locky: Goodbye, Ragnarok. And good luck of ridding this planet of your evil counterpart.

Ragnarok (far away): I will.


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