The Esper...Aptom?: Chapter 2--Which Aptom is the Real Aptom?

Ragnarok has looked up everything possible on TimeGates and has a solution to the trouble with the TimeGates.

"Well, I think I got it all figured out. Here's my theory on TimeGates," Ragnarok says anxiously.

"Are you sure? Last time you tried to figure it out you had everything backwards," Atma Weapon says to Ragnarok.

"Well, this one is definitely right."

Atma reads the 'TimeGate Theorem', which says:

"TimeGates are one of the most unexpected space-time continuum breakups in the history of this entire universe itself. I have even got the TimeGate details down to the last day. The blue TimeGate, which is the most common TimeGate, transports creatures across nine time periods and from earliest to latest is the order here, starting with: 65,000,000 BC, 12,000 BC, 600 AD, 1000 AD, 2300 AD, and the End of Time...Plus a seperate portal to a specific dimension AND time...1999 AD: A world, just about to be destroyed by a giant beast with a mouth for a head, called "Lavos." However, three heroes, all from different time periods, destroy Lavos and bring peace to their world once again. Our next TimeGate is the red TimeGate, which transports creatures back a short period of time (about a decade or two) when a bad accident has happened to someone they know. When they can stop it from happening (or history runs the same course again), the TimeGate will open up to let them back to their world, and if they stopped the disaster, it will be stopped in the future as well, letting the creature have the person it saved back to what it was again: OK and without any knowledge of the disaster (it would have never happened, remember? You altered the time stream). Last but not least is one I have seen recently, the black TimeGate...This TimeGate isn't really a TimeGate at all, but it IS an interdimensional one though, which I have fallen through and landed in another dimension. It should be renamed as the InterDimensional TimeGate. This theory should be correct, since this is the final revision. Signed, Ragnarok."

"Looks like its correct this time, Ragnarok."

"Good. I wonder if Phoenix found the black TimeGate? I'm worried about him..."

"Um, not to bother you, Ragnarok, but Aptom's here!" Guido interjects.

"Phoenix! How did you get here so fast? You couldn't have learned 'Warp' that fast, could you?"

"Eh? What are you talking about?" Aptom (or is it Phoenix?) says.

"Hey, look, someone else is coming," Speedy says.

Another Samurai Pizza Cat comes down, and this one looks just like Aptom/Phoenix.

"What the? Two Aptoms? This cannot be!" Speedy, Guido, Polly, Excalibur, Illumina, Atma Weapon, and MasaMune utter.

"Wait! This should have disrupted the space-time continuum, but it did not...But how?" Ragnarok says, extremely puzzled.

"Another Aptom? Am I seeing double?" One of the two Aptoms says.

"I see it, but I do not believe it!" The other says.

"I'll settle this," Ragnarok says.

Ragnarok pulls out the Esperonium Counter and tests it on both of them.

"100 percent Esperonium in one and zero percent Esperonium on the other. This means that...No, this cannot be? There is an actual Aptom? But to still be alive, that would mean...But that would be impossible! He wasn't here at the time! How on Earth?" Ragnarok says, even more puzzled than last time. "That would mean..."

"Yes, Ragnarok, I am not Aptom, but I am the legendary Phoenix," the one says, then changes back into his original form, the Phoenix.

"And this 'creature' taught me how to revive people, as well as teach me the basic curative, fire elemental, and reviving spells. I am the real Aptom," the actual Aptom says.

"Ragnarok, I have been here for five years and have seen this 'Aptom' fellow, and I needed to borrow his form so I could 'blend in' with everyone else. He let me become a look-a-like of him if I taught him my magic. It was fair, and it seems to have helped to save one of the Samurai Pizza Cat's lives. Oh, and Ragnarok, I was worried about you too...So I came back. I did not know who he was because I have not seen him between those past five years, even though I borrowed his form, but I seem to have forgotten whose it was, and yes, I am a bit forgetful, but who isn't?"

A black TimeGate opens up soon after.

"The black portal? Is it the way back to my own dimension?"

The TimeGate closes before Phoenix can find out.

"Well, I missed this one...Maybe I'll find another one. Goodbye once again, Ragnarok, and I hope you can find your way home!" Phoenix says.

"Farewell again, Phoenix, and good luck!"

Phoenix departs again, this time, though, he may be back, but in another dimension.

"I must get back to traveling the world for something," Aptom says.

"For what?" Excalibur asks Aptom.

"Something I can not tell you...It is, well, something special. Goodbye everyone...I may be back again!"

"Farewell Aptom, and good luck!" The others say.

"And Phoenix, wherever you are now, I hope you find that TimeGate soon," Ragnarok thinks.

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