The Esper...Aptom?: Chapter 1--Are Aptom and Phoenix One and the Same?

(Ed. Note: Please note that Aptom is not my character, otherwise I would not have written Chapter 2 of this Fanfic...)

Ragnarok has just finished the final remodeling his 'Esperonium Counter' which measures the amount of Esperonium in a creature. He is just about to try it out.

"Hmmm..." Ragnarok thinks, "Let's see if my Esperonium Counter works."

Ragnarok tries it on one of his comrades while they are asleep.

"Ah...75 percent Esperonium...Works like a charm. Now to see how it does on normal creatures."

Ragnarok tries it on one of the sleeping Samurai Pizza Cats.

"No Esperonium...Good, it works this time. Hmmm...What would the effect be on pure Espers?"

Ragnarok tries it on himself.

"Hmmm...100 percent Esperonium if the creature's a pure Esper...Boy, this will come in handy later on."

Ragnarok hears a loud crash outside, and it wakes up everyone in the city.

"What's going on?" Excalibur asks Ragnarok.

"I just heard a loud crash. Looks like Kefka, Anti-Rag, and Big Cheese are at it again. Wonder what it is this time..."

"We'd better suit up. C'mon, let's get going."

They put on their fighting uniforms and prepare for battle.

"What the-? Guess it wasn't them after all. Wait a minute...Who is that?"

They walk over to the site of impact, which was made by some kind of spaceship.

"Aptom? Is that you?" Speedy, Guido, and Polly utter.

"Yes, it is I, Aptom. Looks like I survived this method of space travel...There's got to be a better way though," A Samurai Pizza Cat, in a green suit, who seems to have no pupils, as if he were a zombie, says.

"Aptom? Who is Aptom?" Ragnarok asks Guido.

"Aptom is...Well, he somehow brought me back to life."

"Hmmm...Interesting. It is as if he knows the best curative spells."

Ragnarok's Esperonium Counter starts going crazy.

"Eh? 100 percent Esperonium? And he seems to know Life 3? Could it be? No, it couldn't be, could it?" Ragnarok thinks.

"A-Are you...the Esper Phoenix?"

"Phoenix? Uh-oh, this guy's found out who I really am...but how did he know?" Aptom thinks.

"Hit me with your strongest flare spell, Aptom."

"OK. Here goes."

Aptom casts a spell that would register as Fire Level 4 in magic levels.

"You ARE Phoenix! I knew it! You are the only Esper with the ability to use a Fire spell of that magnitude!"

"OK, so you've figured out my identity...hey, what's that thing in your hand?"

"An Esperonium Counter."

"A what?"

"Something that measures the amount of Esperonium in a creature."

"What's Esperonium?"

"A serum I have developed to give the powers of an Esper to a non-Esper creature."

"Seems to be pointed at you, and it registers 100 percent. What does that mean?"


"Does this mean that you are an Esper? What is your name?"


"Really? You are Ragnarok? Prove it! Cast your strongest spell on me!"

"But Phoenix, that's-"

"Do it! NOW!"

Right before Ragnarok casts Ultima, Phoenix uses Life 3, just in case the spell may kill him.


Phoenix was killed, but then the spell revives him.

"Wow, good thing I cast Life 3...I would have been a goner. I guess that you are...the Esper Ragnarok."

"And that you are Phoenix. It's good to see another of my kind. Will you join us?"

"Sorry, but I cannot. traveling everywhere on this planet...for something...A black portal..."

"The TimeGate?"

"That is the black portal?"


"Will I ever find it?"

"That depends on whether I can get home as well. Good luck in finding another black TimeGate...Oh, take this with you as well."

"What is this?"

"10 X-Ethers, 10 X-Potions, 10 Elixirs, and 10 MegaElixirs. These will help you in your journey...You may need them."

"Farewell, Ragnarok. I sense that we may meet again. Goodbye."

"Goodbye, Aptom, or should I say Phoenix? And good luck finding the TimeGate!"

Phoenix departs, never to be seen by Ragnarok or his other Esper friends again...or will he?

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