Gathering Place of the Sword-Shaped Esper, Four Famous Swords and The Samurai Pizza Cats

"Be destroyed forever, Ragnarok!" the evil Anti-Ragnarok shouts. "Anti-Ultima!" "No, Anti-Ragnarok! I won't let you do it! Ultima!" The two spells mix together as one (and now for a quick lesson on magic: If a spell from a creature of good, and an opposite version of that spell from a creature of evil collide, it creates an explosion, sending them FAR from where they were, obviously!), and, strangely enough, this was no ordinary explosion, for it created something neither of them have ever seen before from a magic spell explosion: a TimeGate! "But a black one? I never have seen this one before," Ragnarok says, puzzled. "Oh no, it's going to pull me in!" "Whoooooooooaaaaaa!" About five seconds later, Ragnarok ends up in a strange dimension, however, part of the spell must have seeped through the TimeGate, killing anything in its path (luckily, Ragnarok casted Shell at the very last nanosecond). "Uh oh, now I did it...Wait a minute...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You will pay dearly for this, my dark duplicate!" Ragnarok casts Float on himself so he can see what destruction has happened from the Ultima/Anti-Ultima explosion.

"An entire city, leveled by one of my most powerful spells...Wait a minute, I just may be able to undo this...Life 4!" All creatures that were destroyed by the spell are revived immediately. "Wow, what happened?" a creature in white metallic armor says, wearily.

"Wow, good thing I learned that spell from Seraphim, Kirin and Phoenix," Ragnarok thinks, relieved. One of the others, wearing blue armor, wakes up from the blast and says, "What have you done? Now our city is destroyed. What will we do?"

Luckily, Ragnarok was also familiar with the Guru of Time, Gaspar, and calls him via telepathy, asking him if the destruction from the blast could be reversed. Permission was granted to Ragnarok, and everything was rebuilt to the point that anything destroyed by the spell would be promptly rebuilt. Ragnarok said that it was purely an accident, and the TimeGate was one strange coincidence that he did not expect to happen.

"Guido? Polly? Are you two OK?" Speedy says. "We are OK," they reply, "but what happened?" "I can explain everything," Ragnarok interjects, hastily. But what happened then is that the same TimeGate opened, dropping four more swords, and a red-haired teenager with an odd, star-shaped key. "Heh heh, oops. Guess I came along for the ride as well, eh? Well, I gotta go. See ya," and that red-haired teenager opens another TimeGate up with the key, leaves, and both Gates seal.

"Ragnarok? How'd you get here?" A sword, completely covered in jewels, says, confused. "Excalibur? MasaMune? Illumina?" Ragnarok says. "You have also fallen in here from the third Final Fantasy dimension?" "Yes, Ragnarok. I seem to have been pulled from my hometown in South Figaro. Seems that ol' Edgar thought Kefka was back, but when he saw what was happening, he alerted all of the guards to uses Figaro's submerging technique to go underground and not get sucked into the odd, black portal, but I was somehow pulled into it...Oh, wait, now I remember! Someone from Thamasa casted Vanish on me...I went right through the walls...And it wore off right as I went through the portal."

"I'm so glad all of you are safe, especially you, Illumina," Ragnarok says, relieved.

"Wait just a minute here! I want to know what is going on," the one in red says.

"Wait, wait, WAIT!" a sword that glows a strange blue aura yells. "You three look awfully familiar...Are you three Speedy, Guido, and Polly?...The reason I know your names is that...A sword named Ginzu told me."

"But, swords cannot talk! How could my sword have told you?" Speedy says, confused.

"Yes, but some of the magic must have seeped through the metals in him in your one battle, brought him to life momentarily, and then wore off. I was notified via telepathy, and was going to come to see what he wanted, but then, the magic must have worn off, and...He was back to his normal state again. I was going to resume what I was doing, thinking that it may have just been my mind playing tricks on me, but some odd TimeGate sucked me in, and...well, this is where I am now.

"Yes, but how did you know who we were?" Guido says, extremely confused.

"Lucky guess, I guess."

"Hey, do you care if we JOIN you?" A sword that looks just like any other everyday sword, questions.

"Hmmm...I have an idea to make us blend in with these species," Ragnarok ponders.

A crowd of citizens from the city come to see what is going on.

"Hey, can I see one of your special powers?" A little male cat says.

"Now son, don't bother these...swords," the mother cat says.

"Well, since this is my first time in a new dimension since last year...OK. You can see just a sample of my power, but only once. I only have so many Magic Points. MetaMorph! Better off Elixir!"

An Elixir materializes from nothing, and the citizens are amazed to see it appear from nowhere.

Ragnarok then casts a Warp spell and everyone except the himself, the swords, and the Samurai Pizza Cats are warped back to where they were before they saw what was going on.

Ragnarok drinks the Elixir to replenish his Magic Points for the upcoming event that is about to happen.

"OK...Here goes nothing...FormChange! Form of a Samurai Pizza Cat!"

Ragnarok changes to another Samurai Pizza Cat, but in a uniform of pure gold (yes, I know pure gold is very easy to bend, but I am mentioning SYNTHETIC gold, which stays as hard as any other metal, yet is still 100 percent gold). Even his eyes look like gold.

"Amazing...Another Pizza Cat," Speedy says, astounded.

"OK everyone, I am going to test this serum I made before I got sucked into the portal. This is my 'Esperonium' serum. It gives the abilities of an Esper to anything that it is poured on. I am going to test it on you guys."

"You mean on us?"

"No, Polly. I am going to test it on my friends, these four swords."

Ragnarok pours the Esperonium on each of the swords. They start to notice the green aura around them."

"OK, guys. Change into a Samurai Pizza Cat."

"But how?" they all ask.

"Just say 'FromChange!' and 'Form of a', and the thing you want to turn into."

"FormChange! Form of a Samurai Pizza Cat!" is uttered from all of the swords.

Excalibur looks like one in yellow, covered with jewels.

MasaMune wears a set of gray armor.

Atma Weapon looks like Guido, except his eyes and suit glow a strange blue aura.

Illumina dons a suit of orange.

"Hey, would you like to join the Pointless Sisters?" Polly asks Illumina.

"Well...OK. I do have a good singing voice though, heh heh."

"Yeah, like Barbara Streisand, oh brother," Ragnarok says, then snickers.

Illumina then slaps Ragnarok across the face for his smart-aleck remark.

"She likes me," Ragnarok thinks.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot. It seems that we do not have weapons. I will get some," Ragnarok says, "SkyVault, beam down all weapons systems that I have created."

"Acknowledged, Ragnarok. Prepare for beaming," the distant space station's computer says.

The weapons are brought to Little Tokyo, beside Ragnarok's feet via beam link.

"OK. I, Ragnarok, will equip myself with the Magic Enhancer to enhance my magic abilities, since I am a pure Esper, and can use magic to its fullest extent."

"Illumina, you being the only female Esper (from my Esperonium), will also use the same weapons as Polly Ester."

"Excalibur, being King Arthur's famous sword, and also being covered in jewels, your weapons are the Jewel Whip, Nimbus Chain, and the Beam Flash."

"MasaMune, since you are actually two aliens from another dimension, I will give you weapons identical to Speedy's, with the exception that your weapons are called the Masa and Mune swords."

"Last but not least, Atma Weapon, being the only sword with the ability to change your size and power depending on the user's strength and energy, your weapons will be the Attack Enhancer, Energy Enhancer, and a weapon similar to Guido's, the Aurora Umbrella."

"That should be about it...Oh, I almost forgot you guys. I will add a very essential part to your armor. Since they are powered by solar energy batteries, I am going to equip them with backup power packs. If the Sun's rays cannot get to you, this part will give you twenty more minutes of power when it notices that the solar power coming to your armor has dropped to a certain level where it would originally be nullified. Otherwise, if manually started up, it will increase all of your powers by one half of their original levels for the duration of the battle, or, until the enemy leaves. I hope this comes in handy."

Back on the planet of the third Final Fantasy...

"Ah, the TimeGate has opened to see where my 'goody-goody' side went." Anti-Ragnarok says.

He soon hears an annoying laugh close by, and he has heard this laugh before.

"Kefka? But, I thought you were killed."

"Yes, but it seems that one of my minions survived and somehow brought me back to life," Kefka says.

"How about joining me in getting rid of my 'good side' that seems to have fallen through this same portal?"

"Hmmm...The Espers have given thirteen individuals magical powers...They helped them defeat me...Well...In that case...I SHALL GET MY REVENGE!"

"Follow me."


They go through the TimeGate, ending up a few meters from where his 'good side' is.

"Stop! You will be destroyed this time, my good twin!"

"What the- but how? How did you get here?"

"Easy. That TimeGate opened up again, and I just went through it. You think I'm stupid or something? I am just your opposite, and just as smart."

"Well, I will make sure you cannot bother me again, Anti-Ragnarok."

"Hey, let me help."

Speedy equips the Ginzu sword, powers up the other one, and performs the "Cat's Eye Slash," aimed right at Anti-Ragnarok and Kefka. Ragnarok casts Ultima at almost the same time, aimed at the same target, but, since magic mixes if two spells or magical attacks are too close together, the magic spell and magic attack combined, forming a spell that would be similar to a magic spell that Ragnarok would call "Phaëton's Ultimate Flare."

"Uhhhhh...I need help...That spell...drained energy..."

"Goodbye for now, Ragnarok...We will meet again...Eh?"

"What the- eight Pizza Cats, and a sword that does not even look like it has the right colors on it?! I have never seen those five before! Who are they?" Seymour 'Big Cheese' says, confused.

"Oh no, get out of the way before you are caught in the field of my Warp spell! Too late!"

"Anti-Ragnarok, Kefka, and Big Cheese are sent back to Seymour and Jerry's base of operations."

"Wow, never knew they would come by," Ragnarok says.

"Who are these two called 'Anti-Ragnarok' and 'Kefka'?" Guido asks.

"Kefka? Some general who worked for Emperor Gestahl, went crazy when he saw how powerful these Espers were, and tried to use them to take over the world. Anti-Ragnarok? Through some kind of space-time distortion, I was duplicated, but only my bad side, and everyone else was, too...The duplicate was put with the spirit opposite to their own, to put it briefly. Luckily, It only affected humans and pure Espers...Oh, I'm gonna die laughing when I come back and see a good Kefka helping everyone!"

"But what about Big Cheese and Jerry Atric, as well as their new allies, Anti-Ragnarok and Kefka?" Speedy questions Ragnarok.

"Well, Speedy, we'll just have to fight them another day..."

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