A Decisive Battle

"Ah! I have completed it! The Magicite Kimono, Phoenix Armor, and the Paladin Halberd!" A color-inverted sword says.

"The Magi-what, Phoenix-something and the whatchamacallit?" Big Cheese questions Anti-Rag.

"The Magicite Kimono, which gives the powers of an Esper to whoever wears it, the legendary armor of the Phoenix, which bestows the powers of the Phoenix to the wearer, and the Paladin Halberd, which contains the powers of the mighty Paladin in it's alloys..."

"So, how are they going to help?"

"Simple. Not only will I be able to get rid of Ragnarok and his sword pals who were given the Esperonium, but, with your help, all of us together can get rid of the Samurai Pizza Cats!"

"Great! But, how are you going to use it? You're a sword. Swords can't use weapons. Swords ARE weapons."

"You're right. FormChange! Form of an Anti-Samurai Pizza Cat!"

Anti-Rag changes into an evil version of a Pizza Cat, with the Paladin Halberd equipped in hand.

"What about your other things you created?"

"Oh, those! Put on the Magicite Kimono and get Jerry to don the Phoenix Armor. Let's get going."

"Gets boring around here. What are we supposed to do?" Atma complains.

"Uh oh, I hear something. Could be you-know-who," Illumina says.

"What! Again?!" Ragnarok complains.

All of the Espers and the Samurai Pizza Cats get ready for battle.

"Hey, what's with the weird armor?" Illumina questions Big Cheese.

"This 'armor' is Anti-Ragnarok's newest creation: the 'Magicite Kimono'! Meteor!"

"And this is the full power of the Phoenix Armor!"

Jerry does multiple fiery jump kicks on the Good Guys.

"And now, face the most powerful weapon of all, the Paladin Halberd!"

Anti-Ragnarok uses the Paladin Trident and shoots a beam of lightning aimed at Ragnarok, but at the last second, Ragnarok casts 'Wall', and the bolt bounces back and just misses Anti-Rag.

"Two can play at that game! MetaMorph! Better off Magicite Kimono! MetaMorph! Better off Paladin Halberd!"

Ragnarok wears an exact duplicate of the kimono and equips a copy of the Paladin Halberd.

"Oh yeah? Face the combined powers of the Paladin Halberd with the power from the Magicite Kimono! Pearl!"

A wave of purity hits all of the enemies, knocking them down.

"Not so fast! Ultima!"

The Samurai Pizza Cats and the Espers are hit by an energy field that pulls up everything from the ground and grows every second, then a flash appears, and they are in critical condition.

"I must not fall in battle! Cure 4!"

They are all healed from the curative spell.

"Since when did Seymour learn Ultima and Illumina acts like a general that won't give up?" Ragnarok thinks.

"I've got an idea! Guido, give me your umbrella!"


"Just give me it!"

Atma Weapon takes the SunSpot Umbrella and magically fuses the bottom of it with his Aurora Umbrella, making a lance-like item out of it.

"Time for a little tornado."

Atma spins around extremely fast, and somehow causes a tornado from the usage of the SunSpot/Aurora combination. The enemies are pulled into the tornado, and then Atma Weapon jumps out, unfusing the umbrellas as he lands.

"Now to send them back where they came from, but not before I knock them out. Sleep! Warp!"

They are put to sleep and Warped back to where they were.

"Well, I guess that takes care of that, and I won't be needing these anymore. What a pity that I only used them once."

Ragnarok destroys the copies of the Magicite Kimono and the Paladin Halberd.

When the Bad Guys wake up, Anti-Ragnarok is in for it.

"Ohh...What happened?" Jerry mutters.

"Felt like I was put to sleep," Big Cheese says.

"We WERE put to sleep, and not only that, before we were warped back, the tornado destroyed my halberd, and we also lost the battle."

"Oh, that makes me so mad..."

"Not again..."

Big Cheese explodes, shooting Anti-Rag through the roof and then he crashes into the ground about 3 meters deep.

"Ooh, that's gotta hurt," Jerry whispers to Seymour.

Back where the Espers and Pizza Cats are...

"Well, that takes care of them for awhile," Ragnarok says.

"Yeah, now what?" MasaMune asks Ragnarok.

"Well, we could always...Sleep!"

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