A Pure Esper, Powerless?

"I've done it! I've learned the spell 'Protective Seal'! Now to go back and get rid of Ragnarok once and for all!" Anti-Ragnarok says.

"Protective Seal? What kind of a spell is that to cast on your rival?" Big Cheese asks Anti-Rag.

"Protective Seal disables the entire defense status of a creature for the duration of the battle. I am going to kill him once and for all!"

Back over where Ragnarok is...

"Something isn't right. It's too quiet around here. I suspect Anti-Rag is up to something," Ragnarok thinks.

Back at Anti-Rag's base of operations...

"And now, the final items needed to bring Ragnarok to his knees...Rude Noise, come in Rude Noise! Bring the items that were used to delay the Pizza Cats from one of your previous battles!"

They come and bring the items: a feather, a tuna canister, a ball of yarn , and a radio under a card table, and then they leave.

"Now, to give these items hypnotic powers..."

Anti-Rag charges the items with a certain hypnotic spell.

"Now, to get close enough for 'Protective Seal' to work...Warp!"

Anti-Rag warps over to fight Ragnarok.

"Hmmm...I sense Anti-Rag is nearby...Wait a minute...He's here!"

Ragnarok meets Anti-Rag to fight him once again.

"I'm ready for you this time, Ragnarok!"

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah! Protective Seal!"


"I've just disabled all of your defenses. Now prepare to be...hypnotized!"

He pulls out a feather first.

"I've seen this before. You may be an Esper, but in that form, you have the same weaknesses as any feline... You would like playing with loose, harmless objects like this feather..."

He then pulls out the tuna canister.

"Smelling the aroma and then eating stuff like this tuna..."

Finally, he pulls out a ball of yarn.

"And playing with a ball of yarn, like any other feline."

The item's hypnotic effects start up. Ragnarok is hypnotized. He is starting to act like an actual feline, playing with the feather, the yarn , eating the tuna, and sleeping under the card table while the radio is playing music.

"Ha! That should keep you busy! Now to do away with the others!"

"Not so fast, Anti-Rag!" A voice from close by says.

"Yeah, free him, or face the Aurora Umbrella..."

"You'd better free him or face my Beam Flash!"

"And the power of my purity spell, Pearl!"

"What the? It couldn't be! There are four of them!"

"Let him go or face the powers of...Eh?" Illumina says.

Another black TimeGate opens.

"Everyone, get out of here now!" A blonde-haired woman says. "Warp!"

Anti-Ragnarok and the woman are Warped out, and the spell wears off (remember, if the spell caster goes from a certain distance from the spell and the spell is still in effect, it wears off).

"What happened?" Ragnarok says, confused.

"You were playing with a feather, a ball of yarn, eating tuna, and sleeping under a card table," MasaMune says.

"I was doing WHAT?!"

"He's right, Ragnarok," Excalibur says.

"If anyone had a camera or camcorder, my days as being a sword-shaped Esper will be over. Good thing no one did, heh heh."

"Who warped him out?" Atma Weapon asks.

"I think it was one of the Returners, Celes Chere," Ragnarok says, "just like last time, when she Warped Kefka away."

Back at the base of operations...

"What happened?" Big Cheese asks Anti-Ragnarok.

"That stupid Celes Chere Warped me back here and made the spell wear off, and then she found a black TimeGate and went back through it," Anti-Ragnarok answers.

"Ooh, I'm going to..."

"No, Big Cheese! Don't do it!"

Big Cheese blows up, sending Anti-Rag into a wall.

"Wow, that one hurt. I'll get you Ragnarok! Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even this week, month, year, decade, century, or millenium, but one day, I will destroy you forever!"

Back where Ragnarok and the others were...

"So I actually ate that tuna? Played with the yarn and feather? And slept under a card table?"

"You did, Ragnarok." MasaMune says.

Ragnarok faints.

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