Samurai Pizza Spekkio

"Guys, it's time to tell you something that I have held back until now," Ragnarok says.

"Who, us?" The Samurai Pizza Cats reply.

"Yes, all of you."

"What is it?" Speedy asks.

"Is it something to make our suits even more powerful?" Polly asks.

"Or is it something so I can get the pizzas done faster?" Guido asks.

"No, it is something real special...Can you guess what it is?"

"No, I give up," they all say at different times.

"Well, it's a little something I call 'Magic'."

"Magic? You're joking!" They all say, as if they think that he is crazy.

"No, I am not. I really mean it."

"How can you teach us magic?" They all ask.

"I cannot, but I know someone who can."

Ragnarok gets out a transmitter and calls someone.

"Hey, Spekkio, do you have time to give the powers of magic to three more individuals?"

"Sure, Ragnarok. Send them up."

Ragnarok opens a blue TimeGate with a copy of the Gate Key, and sends the Samurai Pizza Cats to the End of Time to see Spekkio, the 'Master of War,' as he calls himself.

Hello, fellow time travelers," an old man says. "I am Gaspar, the Guru of Time. Are you here to see Spekkio?"

"Yes, we are, but how did you know?" Guido asks Gaspar.

"Ragnarok notified me...via telepathy, of course," Gaspar says, then chuckles.

Gaspar undoes the lock on the door that leads to Spekkio.

"Hmmm...More visitors, eh?" An odd, furry white creature says.

"Are you Spekkio?" Speedy asks.

"Yes, I am Spekkio, but you can call me the 'Master of War!' ", Spekkio says, then laughs. "So, you want to learn magic, eh? First, walk around counter-clockwise along the walls three times.

They do so, and go ask Spekkio what to do next.

"OK. The short one in the white suit will have the power of lightning. You, the real tall one in blue, you will be able to cast fire elemental spells. The girl wearing red will command the ice magic." He gives them the power of magic.

"Want to try it out?" Spekkio asks the Samurai Pizza Cats.

They choose to do so, and fight for about five minutes, when the victor emerges: the Samurai Pizza Cats.

"Looks like you win. Take this."

Spekkio gives the Pizza Cats his 'Spekkio Revival Set', composed of 1 MegaElixir, 5 Elixirs, and 10 Revives.

"And remember, I am the MASTER OF WAR!"

"Then why did we beat you?" Polly asks Spekkio.


They go back to Gaspar, and he Warps them back to where Ragnarok was...

"Well? Was it any good?"

"Yes. We got a Spekkio Revival Set after beating Spekkio, and embarassed him when he said he was the 'Master of War'," Guido says.

"He's always bluffing like that. By the way, which one of you learned what?"

"I learned Lightning magic," Speedy says.

"I control Fire magic," Guido says.

"And I have the usage of Ice magic," Polly says.

"Good. Now that you've learned magic, I want to tell you something. Try using your magic with your weapons."

" Speedy, your 'Cat's Eye Slash', combined with Lightning magic, can become the 'Lightning Slash'."

"Guido, combine your Sun Spot Umbrella's firepower with your Fire magic to cast 'Sun Flare'."

"Polly, your throwing stars can have the power to freeze enemies upon contact if charged with your Ice magic."

"Maybe my friends can teach you some more spells. Good luck when learning more of them."

Ragnarok's transmitter gets a transmission.

"Hey Rag, can you get these Samurai Pizza Cats to teach me those neat tricks with their weapons?"

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