Aptom and Locky's Father: Chapter 1--The Stray Esper

Ragnarok (thinking): So Aptom was never an Esper...But why did he seem so familiar? I wonder if it had anything to do on my...home world.

MasaMune: What's wrong, Rag?

Ragnarok: I...I am wondering if Aptom DOES have some kind of relationship to the Espers. He seems so familiar, yet I do not know why.

MasaMune: Why not ask him?

Ragnarok: You know what? That is a pretty good idea. (Getting ready to leave to find Aptom) If anyone is wondering where I am, tell them I am searching for Aptom.

[Ragnarok goes on the long journey, until he finds him, along with someone else]

Ragnarok: Hey Aptom!

Aptom: Ragnarok? Why are you here?

Ragnarok: I have to ask you something important.

Aptom: OK. What is it?

Ragnarok: Your magic...It seems familiar to what was on my home world. Do you know anyone you are related to that may have had the same magic abilities?

Aptom: Only two. Locky and...my deceased father.

Ragnarok: Locke? Locke Cole? I doubt it. He's human...And a thief.

Aptom: Not Locke Cole, I meant my younger brother Locky.

Ragnarok: So THAT is the person you are with...Almost looks like he's a king, wearing something that looks like Guido's armor and Edgar's cape.

Locky: It does, doesn't it? By the way, who in the world are you?

Ragnarok: I am Ragnarok, one of the three remaining Espers from the dimension of the third Final Fantasy.

Aptom: Only three?

Ragnarok: Yes, three. After Kefka's defeat, all of the Espers were destroyed, but somehow me, Phoenix, and Palidor survived.

Locky: Oh yeah, who is Edgar?

Ragnarok: He is the king of Figaro. He also has a younger brother, Sabin Figaro, who traded the throne for his own freedom.

Locky: OH.

Ragnarok (to Aptom): Your father is dead?

Aptom: Yes. I do not know how or why, but he is dead.

Ragnarok: Do you know anything about him?

Aptom: He did. He mentioned something about being a stray...

Ragnarok: A stray?!

To Be Continued...

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