*As you enter this area of Wolfey's Website, you see a few small, furry creatures run by with some musical equipment, and decide to follow them. You end up in a small room with three furry creatures and four people who appear to be human.*

Carbuncle: Hey there...What're you doing here?

"I came here to view character bios."

Sapphire: Say what?

Diamond: Yeah, what do you mean by "character bios", anyway?

Excalibur: Hmm...I can safely assume that our visitor here has come here after visiting the Characters link on Wolfey's Website, since it features information on his RolePlaying characters. Our visitor simply wishes to find out more about us by coming here."

Illumina: Yeah, what my bro said. So, are you going to tell us who you are?

"Uh...Better yet, you go first...I want to know who you are before I introduce myself."

Ragnarok: As you wish. Now, then, who is going to begin the introductions?

Sapphire: Ooh, ooh, let me go first!

Now this is a guy who'd eas'ly clean your clock,
That ominous and valorous:

Ragnarok: Greetings.

Diamond: I'll go next.

And here's the man with who you'd likely refer,
The consequent, intelligent:

Excalibur: Welcome to the Character page.

Carbuncle: My turn...

There's a lady here we know is truly vigor'ah,
Ravishing and hard-hitting:

Illumina: Hello!

Timotheus: *Shoves Carbuncle out of the way* Move it, shorty...Let me do my part.

(Singing, badly off-key)
I try to help out, I try to stop a fuss,
I don't taunt or flaunt 'cause I'm:

Timotheus: Heh heh heh...

Carbuncle: (Disgusted, holding his ears as if in pain) Awful, truly awful...Both in rhyme and in voice...

Illumina: Ha! What a hypocrite! That's exactly the opposite of what you are, Timo...

Timotheus: (Annoyed) Hey! I may not be good with words, but at least I don't try to act like some pompous, high-sounding jerk!

Illumina: High-sounding? High-sounding?! I'll give you high-sounding!

*Illumina grabs Timotheus by the collar of his shirt, moves her one leg backwards, and kicks Timotheus right between the legs. He then lets out a high-pitched scream in pain before falling unconscious, and Illumina drops him on the ground.*

*You step away from Illumina and the now-unconscious Timotheus.*

"Oh-kaay, then...Who're you three? Yeah, you, the little...Cute...Furry things..."

*You start to be overcome by a feeling of wanting to hug the 'cute, furry things'...*

"Ahhh, I can't take it anymore!"

*Carbuncle wonders why you're acting weird all of a sudden, and then it hits him...But not before you give the him a good, long hug. He starts pushing you away in an attempt to free himself.*

Carbuncle: Gaaah! Let go of me!

*You do as he says, and put him down on the ground...Although his fur is a little messed up from the scuffle...*

Carbuncle: Please don't do that...I hate it when people hug me like that...


Carbuncle: *Brushes his fur back into place* It's OK...Anyway, my name is:

Carbuncle: Hi.

Diamond: I'm his partner in the music business, better known as:

Diamond: Hey there.

Sapphire: Dime's bro and Carby's gal here - Just call me:

Sapphire: Yo!

Illumina: Oh, by the way, there's an artwork page that has drawings featuring us, done by artists who wanted to let others know how we look...Well, that is, if those people couldn't meet us in person like you did, anyway. Oh well...

Ragnarok: There's also an interesting story to take a look at...It's called 'Strength and Psionics', and tells the story of how my fianceť and her brother got their powers.

Excalibur: If you ever decide to come by the lab, you may want to take a look at this list of inventions that I have created...This way, you will know which of my devices to be careful around. If you are lucky, I may even let you help out with testing some of the experimental devices on that list.

I also have a notice here from Wolfey, which I am required to read to all visitors here: "These characters are the copyright of their creator and cannot be used without the creator's permission."

*You see Carbuncle mess around with some of the music equipment there, and it starts to play a song, somewhat quiet since the volume was turned down...And is turned off shortly afterwards. You wonder what it is.*

Ragnarok: *Notices you looking at the equipment, and says,* That was my song being played on the equipment, if you were wondering about that.

Illumina: "We hope you enjoy everything you see here! Uh...OK, we told you about us — Now it's your turn."

*You tell the group about yourself.*

Ragnarok: You seem to be a truly interesting person; Maybe we will speak again to each other in the future. But anyway, as Lum had said, we hope you enjoy your visit while you're here.

"All right, I will, then."

*They leave, and when you're done looking around, you leave. A few minutes later, someone comes in, looking around, and worried...*

Wolfey: Oh, crap, I'm late again...The creator's not going to be- *Notices Timotheus, who is still unconscious on the floor, and shakes his head in disapproval.* Geez, doesn't he ever learn? *Tries to pick him up, but isn't that strong, and instead grabs Timotheus by the arm and drags him outside of the room.*

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