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This page lists all of the chemicals, gemstones, and inventions created in Excalibur's laboratory. Names in parentheses are for items not given an official name as of yet. Names in italics are for items currently in the works.

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(Curative White Chemical)
Snow white in color, this chemical was created by Excalibur to annul the effects of the (Poisonous Black Chemical), if given to the victim in time. It can also heal most wounds cleanly and without scarring (although it causes extreme pain in the process), as well as internal injuries (although it gives the consumer a bad case of gas).

Blue in color, this chemical is created by capturing a small amount of the magical aura given off by an Esper, changing its state to that of a gas, and condensing it into a liquid. It has no known use except in producing Esperonium.

Dark green in color, this chemical is created by mixing Esperium and Serpentium in a vacuum chamber. It will give whoever consumes it the qualities of an Esper, including any of their strengths and weaknesses, until it is filtered out of the body.

(Poisonous Black Chemical)
Jet black in color, this chemical will dissolve nearly any surface it touches. In gaseous form, it can slowly dissolve a creature's body in only a few seconds, unless the creature has an immunity to poisons and acids. It is said that someone other than Excalibur had created the chemical, most likely by pouring other chemcials in at random.

Dark yellow in color, this chemical is created by extracting the venom of snakes, removing the poison in the venom, and isolating the compound in it that allows it to be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. It has no known use except in producing Esperonium.

A silvery liquid, contained in an atomizer, that allows whatever it is sprayed on to absorb anything that comes in contact with it. The material can then be filtered out and reused when the absorption process is complete. This chemical, along with the help of a few Espers and some crystalline Adamantium, was involved in the creation of Illumina's invincible cape.

(Polymorphic Optical Substance)
A substance that Excalibur has used in his glasses to allow them to perform the functions of other types of protective eyewear, and can also be used for things from overlaying maps to aiming weapons.

Polychromatic Diamond
A special type of diamond that seems to reflect all the colors of the rainbow within it, and shines a brilliant white when looked upon at the proper angle. It was created with the fusion of a natural diamond with flawless clarity, and a piece of Rainbow Shell. It was made specifically for the purpose of amplifying any kind of light that hits its surface. It is part of the PCLC and is used for focusing, and amplifying the strength of, the laser's light, so that it can cut through its target.

(Strong Glasslike Alloy)
A material that Excalibur has used for the outer shell of his lab. It can withstand great amounts of pressure, is very hard to break, and will usually stay in one piece after breaking.

Synthesized Adamantium
A synthesized form of the strong, lightweight metal known as Adamantium.

Synthesized Crystalline Adamantium
A synthesized form of the superstrong, heavy metal known as crystalline Adamantium.

Anti-Gravity Microchip
A microchip that allows whatever is hooked up to it to defy the laws of gravity and float in the air. It has been used in powering the anti-gravity thrusters on the outside of Excalibur's laboratory.

Anti-Gravity Thruster
A type of thruster that can allow large objects to defy the laws of gravity and float in the air. Excalibur has many of these placed on the outside of his laboratory to give it the ability to float in the air.

Anti-Toxin/Radiation Microchip
A microchip to allow whatever is hooked up to it to repel anything toxic, caustic, corrosive, or radioactive. Excalibur has this embedded in his lab coat as a safeguard, in case something goes wrong in his laboratory.

(Lock-Picking Device)
A device no larger than a miniature PDA, this can pick many types of key-based locks. Excalibur is working with bio-metal he received from Dragon in order to upgrade the device to be able to pick more types of locks.

Dimensional Lifeform Locator
A device that can locate any person or thing in any place at any time with near-perfect accuracy. The possibility of locating the target will depend on the data input into the machine, and whether the location of the target can be scanned by the machine. It has been used in tracking Sibelius during one of Crysta's quests.

Polychromatic Laser Cutter (PCLC)
A device that can cut through almost any substance in existence. It does this by focusing light through a fiber optic line, dispersing and magnifying it by a complex setup of prisms, and finally concentrating it through a polychromatic diamond. It is also the only device known to be able to cut through crystalline Adamantium.

Transportation Orb
A fairly large, reflective, floating orb, it will transport whoever puts their hands on it to the location programmed into it (usually a second transportation orb linked to the first one).

(Energy Absorption/Relase Capacitor)
A type of capacitor that can absorb whatever type of energy that comes in contact with it, and can release it on command. It can be made to fit various types and sizes of devices.

Dimensional Transportation System (Beta Version 2.31)
An early prototype of a dimensional transportation system that Excalibur had been working on. It has many severe flaws, including the fact that it creates a small "dimensional vacuum" when used, pulling in whatever may be near it and keeping it there until the machine is shut off. It also gives off a unique type of radiation which usually merges together the contents of whatever had been pulled into the machine, but only if there is no protection from the radioactivity, and only if whatever is in the "vacuum" comes into direct contact with something else that enters the "vacuum". The exact method of how it merges things together is unknown, however. The Dimensional Transportation System had eventually been refined to correct these problems and is now used throughout Excalibur's laboratory; It is also the base technology used in his Transportation Orbs. An accident with this machine had caused strange changes to Excalibur and Illumina, and, to prevent further mishaps with the machine, Beta Version 2.31 of the Dimensional Transportation System has been deactivated.

Esperonium Counter
A device used to determine the percentage of Esperonium in a creature The device has a minor flaw: It will register those with Esper blood as having Esperonium in their systems, even though they have no use for the chemical. This device had been destroyed after a creature who was not satisfied with his results had severely abused the device, rendering it unstable and causing it to explode.

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