Character Artwork

The artwork of my RolePlaying Characters (or things related to them) is listed below. The artist's names (and their websites, if they have one) will be listed at the top, followed by the characters, the artist's name, and then the picture. A (CA) in the beginning of the picture's caption means clipart has been used to create the image (this only applies only to my pictures).

And, if you're an artist, I'll definitely accept any character artwork you've drawn for me ^_~

Wolfey's Website
Mikosi Red Chocobo
The HeroMachine

Ragnarok | Excalibur | Illumina | Timotheus | Cameos / Misc.

Ragnarok's Sword / Esper form, by Wolfey Ragnarok's Human form, by JeffreyAtW Ragnarok Chibi Doll (with sword!), by Kitra Ragnarok Bust, by Kitra Ragnarok Sprite, by Kitra Ragnarok (Black and White), by Mikosi Ragnarok (Black and White, Full Size), by Mikosi Ragnarok (Random Colors), by Mikosi Ragnarok, by HeroMachine

Excalibur, by JeffreyAtW Excalibur Bust, by Kitra Excalibur Sprite, by Kitra Excalibur, by Mikosi Excalibur (Pre-"Freak Accident" Style), by HeroMachine

Illumina, by JeffreyAtW Illumina Bust, by Kitra Illumina Sprite, by Kitra Illumina (Old Style), by Mikosi Illumina, by Mikosi Illumina (Full Size), by Mikosi Illumina with Angelic Wings, by Red Chocobo Illumina, by HeroMachine

Timotheus, by Wolfey Timotheus Sprite, by Wolfey Timotheus (On Steroids? =P), by HeroMachine

Cameos / Misc.
Windorian Friends, by JeffreyAtW (Ragnarok cameo) (CA) F.L.P.E.C., by Wolfey (CA) Hen Tie, by Wolfey

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