Timotheus  Timotheus 
"Persistent Pervert"

Birthday Age
May 7 21

Gender Height Weight
Male 5' 10" 150 lbs

Species Profession
Human Pesterer / Thief

Hair Color Eye Color
Blond Blue
(Concealed by shades)

Neatly combed, comes up to his shades

Black shades, blue/white gradient tie decorated with hens, navy long-sleeved shirt, brown leather belt with a gold buckle, flared jeans, and brown shoes

Dominant Hand Alignment
Right Chaotic Neutral

(None) (None)

Weaponry Armor Accessories Items Creatures 

Magic TypeExperience
(None; Cannot use magic)

Full Name Timotheus Reittier Lupuse
<tih-moh-thEE-us rih-TEA-air loo-PESS>
Nicknames Lup, Lupuse, Tim, TimMAY!, Timo
Hobbies Making 'dirty' innuendos, pestering people, and bothering/flirting with women (one may wonder if he is a masochist, since he gets beaten up by them constantly and keeps coming back for more...).

His truly favorite activity is to find a woman in low-cut clothing and make them wear something that has diamonds...And then staring at where the diamonds are, responding with an innuendo involving the woman's 'exposure of cleavage'.

Likes Being a pest, cleavage (of all sorts), diamonds, getting attention, innuendos, and bothering/flirting with women.
Dislikes Constantly being turned down by the women, though it is clear as to why this always happens...
Weaknesses Will stare at the chest of anyone who wears a diamond necklace over low-cut clothing (especially if the person is a woman who is also exposing her cleavage), is easily beaten up by women (though he actually LIKES that...), and has a soft spot for pets, particularly cats.
Abilities (None)
Personality Lupuse is naturally an obnoxious person who has nothing better to do than be a pest. Some may assume it is his purpose in life...

His obnoxiousness and bothering/flirting with women makes him a prime target for getting beaten up (many times he ends up being kicked between the legs). But he always, to everyone's amazement, makes a miraculous recovery, only to strike again, cause more trouble, and get beaten up even more...

History It is assumed that Lupuse came from a small village in western Pennsylvania, and somehow made it here, possibly by a dimensional portal...He has traveled to many places, finding things to do or people to bother.
Quote "Low-cut clothing...Diamonds...A perfect recipe for...CLEAVAGE!"

(Anything he has stolen from the places he's visited.)

(Anything he has stolen from the places he's visited.)

(Anything he has stolen from the places he's visited.)

(Anything he has stolen from the places he's visited.)

A creature whose name is a phonetic approximation for Freakish Little Psychotic Elfin Chicken, which is exactly what it seems: It is a three-legged, tiny, strait-jacketed, elven-eared-and-capped chicken. Many assume that this was the result of what happened when Lupuse messed around with the genetic engineering equipment in Excalibur's Lab.

As for Effilpeck, though it may not look like much, its unpredictable behavior and small size can be an annoyance to whoever it is sent against. Compared to a normal chicken, it is smaller than normal, and usually resides in one of Timotheus' pockets. Also, due to the (slightly) unstable structure of its DNA, it can change its size at will, becoming as big as a normal young chicken, or as small as an ant.

(Anything he has stolen from the places he's visited.)

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