Excalibur  Excalibur 
"Sapient Scientist"

Birthday Age
March 14? 228+?
(Older than his sister?)

Gender Height Weight
Male 6' 0" 140 lbs

Species Profession
(Stays in human form)
Scientist / Psionicist

Hair Color Eye Color
Light Green

Small sections of it flow over his face, gradually becomes longer (and almost reaches his shoulders) towards the back of the neck
Short and neatly combed (he also retains his original hair color and this hairstyle when in angelic form)

Metallic glasses with wide square rims, black cotton T-shirt, white lab coat, black leather belt with a gold buckle, black dress pants, black dress shoes

Dominant Hand Alignment
Ambidextrous Neutral Good

Holy Curative

Weaponry Armor Accessories Items Creatures 

Magic TypeExperience
Holy100 %
Curative100 %
Status95 %
Dimensional90 %
Time70 %
Warp65 %
Poisonous25 %

Full Name Excalibur Pallas MerVian
<ex-CAL-ih-bur PAL-las mer-VEE-in>
Nicknames Cal, Caleb, Exy
Hobbies Formulating theorems, creating new inventions and chemicals in his lab, performing experimentations in his lab, and countless other hobbies that he does not expose to the public.
Likes Showing off his new chemicals and inventions to the public, and explaining various theorems he has formulated over time.
Dislikes Anyone that insults his friends, and especially those who insult him, his friend Ragnarok, or his sister Illumina.
Weaknesses Any type of Unholy magic, due to his race.
Abilities His psionics (mostly using telekinesis and psychokinesis), his ability to use Holy magic, his seemingly endless amount of knowledge (a lot of it being scientific), his knowledge of almost every language within the known Universe (and if he doesn't know a language, he can learn it quickly), and his advanced healing ability from studying Curative magic. He also has an ability that is inherent of the Angels to heal himself completely with no sign of scarring or injury, athough this requires the speed of healing to occur at a much slower rate than usual.

His wacky hairstyle and hair color, not to mention his psionic abilities, resulted from a freak accident in his lab when working with his Polychromatic Laser Cutter and an early version of the Dimensional Transportation System.

Personality Excalibur, naturally being a genius, is a knowledegable person and will act intellectually most of the time. He is also nonjudgmental of people, believing that everyone is equal.

He uses his knowledge wisely, and if he knows the science of something, he will explain it in basic layman's terms to people who do not understand scientific jargon, and in that same scientific jargon to those that do.

History He was an angel sent down from above to monitor the activity on a planet known as Earth; his sister had a similar mission. He had taken the form of an inanimate sword in order to keep a low profile in this world, and had ended up in a lake inhabited by a woman known as Vivian; he was later retrieved from the lake by two other people, Arthur and Merlin, and became Arthur's weapon in battle. Shortly before Arthur's death, he had been thrown back in the lake. Not too long after that, a dimensional portal had opened up, pulling Excalibur into it.

He ended up in the World of Ruin, and found a Magicite shard laying on the ground. That Magicite shard contained the Esper Ragnarok. He decided to free Ragnarok from his Magicite prison, and Ragnarok was grateful to Excalibur after being freed. He had decided to join Ragnarok on his quest to search for his Esper kindred.

They had eventually went to the Dragon's Neck Coloseeum, to see if any of Ragnarok's kindred were being used as betting items there. Excalibur was shocked at what one of the betting items was: It was his sister, Illumina, in the form of an inanimate sword. Excalibur had asked Ragnarok to help and save her, and Ragnarok chose to do so. He would sacrifice himself and become a Magicite shard if he lost to the demon. However, Ragnarok won the battle, and so Illumina was reunited with her brother. The three of them had chosen to continue on their quest.

Seeing as that he was skilled in chemistry and creating inventions, and wanting to help Ragnarok on his quest, Excalibur chose to build a giant laboratory, after building robots to help him with the construction of it. The end result was a lab that housed a countless number of rooms, with all kinds of things that a scientist or an inventor could only dream of having.

One day, Excalibur had (with some help from a robot assistant) brought in blocks of crystalline Adamantium to be used for his experiments...Excalibur had asked Illumina to help him with the experiment, and she did. During this time, a freak accident had occured with his equipment, and that had a direct effect on Excalibur and Illumina; the end result for him was that he had gained psionic abilities. But, as a result of that freak accident, the structure of his hair had been altered in such a way that it became polychromatic and had completely changed in style.

After a long time of creating inventions, Excalibur managed to find out how to null the effects of gravity on large objects Again, with the help of his robot assistants, he had fitted the outside of his lab with many anti-gravity thrusters, and had created what some people would have mistaken as a flying city, had they not checked the interior of it.

Shortly after he got the lab to float in the sky, he found out from Illumina that Ragnarok had been pulled through a dimensional portal during his battle with Entanebx, and Excalibur decided to find out how to control the portals, after building a device to locate lifeforms located anywhere in any dimension. He successfully managed to do both of those things, and transported himself and Illumina (and shortly after, the lab as well) to the Kingdom of Windor, where Ragnarok was located at.

(Events beyond this part of the history are incomplete. Stay tuned for further details.)

Quote "If something happens to you, always give it a thorough examination: The blessing you have may be cursed, but the curse you have may be blessed."

Halo (hidden as Miniature Disc)
His angelic halo, hidden in the form of a miniature, white CD-ROM. He always keeps it hidden in his lab coat (or whatever he is wearing at the time) unless he needs to make use of it. When taken out of his lab coat and charged with Holy magic, it shows its true form as his halo, which he uses as a Holy-elemental laser cannon.

(He prefers to fight psionically unless he is either unable to attack his target in that way, or is physically drained too much to continue use of his psionic abilities at the time, in which case he will either use weapons or magic to attack.)

Lab Coat
A lab coat that Excalibur is rarely seen without. Not only does he keep important pieces of equipment (or chemicals) in it, but it has also been coated with a special material that repels any poisonous or corrosive chemicals, as well as having technology implemented in it to shield him from any type of radiation that may be present nearby.

Square-rimmed glasses that Excalibur has never been seen without. Though (to the disbelief of others) he already has 20/20 vision, he keeps them around because he has implemented technology in them to do many things, from zooming in on someone, to displaying maps on them, to activating programs on his computer. As an added bonus, they also go with his outfit to make him look like the genius he is.

Custom Palmtop
A palmtop that Excalibur had custom-built for himself. Like the normal palmtops he has elsewhere, it can run almost any computer program for any operating system, it can be used as a videophone, and has been implemented with technology that allows him (and others) to be transported to wherever he may need to go (in most cases it is used to transport to and from his laboratory). His custom-built palmtop has a few more features as well: It can display enlarged holographic maps for navigation; It can link itself to other devices of his, primarily the DLL (Dimensional Lifeform Locator), which is used to help pinpoint the location of any living organism that is being searched for, and; It can also remotely transport items from one place to another.

(Any and all other miscellaneous devices and chemicals in his lab.)


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