Sapphire  Sapphire  Sapphire

Birthday Age
May 20 23

Gender Height Weight
Female 3' 0" 42 pounds

Species Profession
Esper (Carbunkle) Diva

Hair Color Eye Color
Blue Purple

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Dominant Hand Alignment
Left Neutral Good

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Weaponry Armor Accessories Items Creatures 

Magic TypeExperience
(To be announced)

Full Name Sapphire
Nicknames Fie, Sapph, Sapphers, Sapphie; Mair, Marilyn, Mary (fake first name, used where it's needed, mostly when touring)
Hobbies Sapphire has many hobbies, including acting, dancing, singing, and so on.
Likes Her various activities (acting, dancing, singing, etc.), hanging out with her friends, and (especially) being with her boyfriend, Carbuncle.
Dislikes Those who try to make her screw up during her performances, or those who insult her friends, or her brother, Diamond, or her boyfriend, Carbuncle.
Weaknesses Like all Espers, he is vulnerable to having his Magic Energy completely drained — Since he is a creature of pure magic, if he is drained of all of his Magic Energy and does not have it restored in time, he will black out, lose his consciousness, and fall to the ground. If he is not given Magic Energy-restoring item soon after, it could very well result in his death.
Abilities Like all carbunklian Espers, Sapphire has a permanent magic-deflective aura cast upon her (which is created by the gemstone on her forehead), is naturally creative and multi-talented, especially in the field of music (singing, playing instruments, acting, dancing, etc.), can make almost anyone's voice harmonize well with her own, is inherently considered "cute" by most creatures, and is very agile. Also, due to the structure of her body, she can alter the sound of his voice at will (only needing to work on the accent and tone of the voice to make it sound authentic - this improves with practice), has a strong headbutt, has the use of retractable claws, and can jump high and kick hard.

(Due to the natural sociability and love of music the carbunklian class of Espers are known for, they will commonly form ad hoc groups to see how well the group sounds together - If they sound good, they may regroup together at a later time; otherwise, they will go their separate ways. Groups can be permanent, but this is a very rare occurrence. Usually these groups will be composed entirely of members of their own Esper class, but some groups include non-carbunklian Espers, and a few even have non-Espers.)
Personality Like all carbunklian Espers, she is a rather sociable creature, and her mood can range from playful to serious depending on the situation at hand - When she's not around other carbunklians, she is usually hyper, talkative, slightly ditzy, and very friendly.
History She has lived most of his life in the Esper world. At one point, she wanted to pursue her dream of becoming a famous diva. She was very talented in her field and had no trouble gaining fame in the Esper world...But she also wanted to become famous outside of it as well. She didn't want to leave her home, though, as she lived with her brother there...But then Carbuncle came along. Carbuncle and Diamond decided to work together, becoming the band "Diamond and Carbuncle"; Sapphire decided to tag along and help out her brother and new friend when they needed it. The band became a hit in the Esper world over time...Not to mention that Sapphire developed a crush on Carbuncle (though she waited for Carbuncle to reveal his crush on her first before saying anything). Eventually she, Carbuncle, and Diamond decided they were famous enough here, and wanted to become famous outside the Esper world as well. She went along with them, left them momentarily to work on becoming a famous diva, and later rejoined the group when they got back, and continued along as they were.
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