Illumina  Illumina 
"Darling Dynamo"

Birthday Age
March 9? 228+?
(Younger than her brother?)

Gender Height Weight
Female 5' 8" 210 lbs (Now)
105 lbs (Original)

Species Profession
(Stays in human form)

Hair Color Eye Color
Orange Teal

Flows down to her midsection and flares out at the end, and two large sections of it (splitting into four) stick out over her face

White barette, light green cotton babydoll T-shirt, sky blue cape with gold stripes bordering it (attached to shirt with white shoulder pads), flared jeans (with designs embroidered above the cuff), black shoes

Dominant Hand Alignment
Right Chaotic Good

Holy Poisonous

Weaponry Armor Accessories Items Creatures 

Magic TypeExperience
Holy100 %
Poisonous100 %
Useless45 %
Status10 %

Full Name Illumina Fraundorf Colisio
<ih-LOO-mih-nuh FRAHN-dorf cahl-ih-SEE-oh>
Nicknames Lum (can be pronounced as either "Luhm" or "Loom")
Hobbies Cooking, and helping with any kind of physical labor (which she has no trouble in doing).
Likes Bringing up people's spirits, having fun (she is much more hyperactive in this case), helping others, listening to her favorite music group "Diamond and Carbuncle", taking part in various [and usually unladylike] contests (her favorite being any contest involving belching), flexing any and all of the muscles in her body to make her appear to have a much larger build than she should be physically capable of having (it's rarely seen; If you do happen to see her do this, it's probably when she's in the presence of a strong person such as a bodybuilder, a type of person she likes to intimidate), [literally] throwing people around, and being with her friends (and especially her fiancé, Ragnarok).
Dislikes Anyone that insults her friends, and especially those who insult her, her brother Excalibur, or her fiancé Ragnarok; having her hair messed up; speaking like her [superintelligent] brother.
Weaknesses Any type of Unholy magic, due to her race; Lightning/electricity, since her midsection and entire skeletal system have been fused with crystalline Adamantium, making her a decent 'lightning rod'; Drinking deadly chemicals and poisons is the least known weakness of hers Although they will not cause her any harm (they will actually heal her), she will become extremely drunk off of them, and will have very little control over her actions until the chemicals/poisons are eliminated from her body.
Abilities Her great strength, her Holy magic, her midsection is invulnerable to any physical or magical weapons, her bones are indestructible, and she can drink deadly chemicals and poisons with no ill effects (other than behavior associated with drunkenness). She also has an ability that is inherent of the Angels to heal herself completely with no sign of scarring or injury, athough this requires the speed of healing to occur at a much slower rate than usual.

Her invulnerable midsection, abnormally high weight (which is a severely stark contrast to her slender figure), unbreakable bones, and great strength resulted from a freak accident with clothing imbued with a Strength-enhancing aura, a piece of crystalline Adamantium, and an early version of the Dimensional Transportation System in Excalibur's lab.

Personality Illumina is a happy, cheerful, energetic, and fun-loving woman who, when not currently in the process of having fun, tries to get people into the spirit of things. She is also curious of what some things do when messed around with (which is what caused the "freak accident" in Excalibur's lab).

For fun, her favorite thing to do is [literally] picking up someone (in some cases, Timotheus), and throwing that person around...In most cases, she is facing in Timotheus' direction (if he's not the one being thrown), and he is promptly knocked down in the process when Illumina throws these people.

History She was an angel sent down from above to monitor the activity on a planet known only as the World of Balance (which later became known as the World of Ruin); her brother had a similar mission. She had taken the form of an inanimate sword in order to keep a low profile in this world, but had been captured and placed in the Dragon's Neck Colosseum as a betting item to be won by whoever could defeat the demon that was guarding her.

She was rescued from the Dragon's Neck Colosseum by the Esper Ragnarok (accompanied by Excalibur), who would have sacrificed himself to save her, had he lost the battle with the demon. Shortly after being rescued, she fell in love with Ragnarok because of the courage he had shown by him risking his life to save her, and the two have been together ever since. She also chose to join Ragnarok and Excalibur on their journeys.

One day, Excalibur had asked Illumina to help him with experimentations on crystalline Adamantium, and she did. During this time, a freak accident had occured with Excalibur's equipment, and that had a direct effect on Excalibur and Illumina; the end result for her was that she had gained an immeasurable amount of physical strength, her midsection was now invulnerable to any physical or magical attacks, and she became immune to the effects of deadly chemicals and poisons (rather than making her ill or killing her, they will only cause her to become drunk). But, as a result of that freak accident, her weight had doubled, even though her physical figure remained completely unchanged.

She later went on a quest with Ragnarok and Excalibur to destroy Ragnarok's evil dimensional twin, Entanebx. Awhile after that, she wondered why Ragnarok had never returned...And later found out that Ragnarok had been pulled into a dimensional portal during his battle with Entanebx. She had rushed back to Excalibur and told him what happened, and Excalibur decided to create a laboratory to make an invention that would help them find Ragnarok. Excalibur had eventually managed to create a device to locate lifeforms anywhere in any dimension, and also figured out how to control the dimensional portals. They had transported themselves to the Kingdom of Windor, where Ragnarok was transported to via that dimensional portal. At last, Ragnarok and Illumina were together again.

(Events beyond this part of the history are incomplete. Stay tuned for further details.)

Quote "You've gotta be more relaxed, start taking it easy, get out more often, try new things...Trust me, it'll be fun!"

Halo (hidden as Barrette)
Her angelic halo, hidden in the form of a white barrette. When taken off her head and charged with Holy magic, it shows its true form as her halo, which she uses as a Holy-elemental chakram.

Sym Claw
A claw that will cast Poison on the victim if they are hit with it.

(She prefers to fight physically, and bare-handed, unless she is unable to attack her target in that manner, in which case she will either use weapons or magic to attack.)

Aetiuuon Cape
A sky blue cape with gold stripes bordering it. It was made by Excalibur, with the help of the Espers Carbuncle, Diamond, Golem, and Zoneseek, as well as the use of crystalline Adamantium and a metalloid-gas alloy known as Aetiuuon. This cape will reflect any magic-based attack, and will deflect (or reflect) any physical attack. Because of the Adamantium used in the cape, it is extremely heavy (for a cape) and only a physically strong person can wear it and retain their original mobility.

Pearl Gown Wardrobe
A wardrobe consisting of a cream-white ball gown (with pearls and diamonds sewn into it), a brilliant set of white makeup, a set of Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet, and Ring (all pearls in them are set in 14K gold) that shines with brilliance, and a set of cream-white heels with pearl clasps. All the pieces of this wardrobe hold the powers of Holiness, and allow the wearer to cast low- and mid-level Holy spells.

Sapphire Ball Gown
A beautiful ball gown, blue in color, with sapphires and diamonds sewn into it. It is absolutely beautiful, and would be beautifully accented by a set of Ruby Jewelry. This dress holds the powers of Water. While wearing it, you will have the ability to cast low- and mid-level Water spells. Combined with the set of Ruby Jewelry, you will look stunning, and be quite powerful.

Light Green Makeup
The last piece of equipment to make a woman look absolutely stunning: Makeup. It has multiple shades of light green, all to go well with Quartz Heels, a Sapphire Ball Gown, and Ruby Jewelry. This set of makeup contains the powers of Earth. While wearing this, you will have the ability to cast low- and mid-level Earth spells. Combined with the Quartz Heels, Sapphire Ball Gown, and Ruby Jewelry, you will look like royalty...Not to mention having the powers of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth in your possession as well.

Quartz Heels
A set of beautiful pale-white-colored shoes. Beautifully accented with quartz clips, these would be gorgeous with a Sapphire Ball Gown and Ruby Jewelry. These shoes hold the powers of Wind. While wearing them, you will be able to cast low- and mid-level Wind spells. Combined with the Sapphire Ball Gown and Ruby Jewelry, you will be powerful and elegant.

One of Excalibur's palmtops, given to Illumina in case she may need to contact him. Since it uses a special operating system designed by Excalibur, it can run almost any computer program for any operating system, it can be used as a videophone, and has been implemented with technology that allows her to be transported to wherever they she may need to go (in most cases it is used to transport to and from Excalibur's laboratory).

Useless Spell Books
The Useless Spell Books Volumes 1 and 2, written by Emperor Claw. They are filled with multiple useless spells. They have everything from making pies rain from the sky, to turning yourself into a talking monkey.

Little Bag O' Uselessness
A small bag that, within is its own dimension, is filled with useless things of all sorts and an abundant amount of pure useless energy.

Dragon's Token
A token given to Illumina by Dragon, after completing his Shapeshifting Magic class. It will allow her to call upon Dragon for aid if needed, but only once, for the token will destroy itself after a single use.


Strength and Psionics
This story tells how Illumina and her brother Excalibur gained their powers.

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