Ragnarok  Ragnarok 
"Gladian Genjuu"

Birthday Age
April 27? 1,036+?
(Rumored to be as old as Time itself...)

Gender Height Weight
Male 6' 4" (Human)
7' 0" (Esper)
168 pounds (Human)
231 pounds (Esper)

Species Profession
Esper (Sword) Mage / Knight

Hair Color Eye Color
Blond Blue

Short, neatly combed, has two small sections sticking out over his forehead

Full suit of gold/black armor, gray belt with red gem in the center of its clasp, sword sheath attached to belt from behind, royal purple shroud covering his legs down to his knees, gold half-cape with royal purple bordering the bottom of it covering his legs to his boots (partially covered by shroud), white boots with royal purple going side to side from ankles

Dominant Hand Alignment
Left Lawful Neutral

Legendary Dimensional

Weaponry Armor Accessories Items Creatures 

Magic TypeExperience
Legendary100 %
Dimensional100 %
Osmotic100 %
Atomic90 %
Curative90 %
Shapeshifting75 %
Fire70 %
Time65 %
Lightning45 %
Status40 %
Wind35 %
Earth20 %

Full Name Ragnarok Armageddon Gotterdammerung
<rag-NAH-rock AHR-muh-ged-uhn gurt-ehr-DEHM-ehr-oohng>
Nicknames Rag, Raggy
Hobbies Anything that he can find to do in his spare time...
Likes Being with his friends (and especially his fianceé, Illumina).
Dislikes Anyone that insults his friends, and especially those who insult him, his friend Excalibur, his fianceé Illumina, or any of his Esper kindred.
Weaknesses Like all Espers, he is vulnerable to having his Magic Energy completely drained — Since he is a creature of pure magic, if he is drained of all of his Magic Energy and does not have it restored in time, he will black out, lose his consciousness, and fall to the ground. If he is not given Magic Energy-restoring item soon after, it could very well result in his death.
Abilities Ragnarok can use any magic that he has learned over time (not just Ultima), but it is not as powerful if he is in his human form. Being more of an attacker than a defender, Ragnarok is naturally best suited to using offensive and status-changing spells, but if he can practice with it enough, he can use defensive, curative, and status-healing spells with the same skill as his offensive/status-changing spells. A unique skill of his when in his Esper form is MetaMorph, which can rearrange the atoms of an object into a completely different object.

Currently, four of his most powerful, and most feared, spells that he is known to use are: Meteo, which causes a flurry of meteorites to rain down, causing serious damage to whatever they hit; Ultima, which creates a sphere of concentrated, pure magic around the targets, severely damaging anything within the sphere; Armageddon, which combines the powers of Meteo and Ultima into one deadly attack; and Judgment Day, which causes the target's own molecular structure to break down, killing it instantly.

After taking one of Dragon's classes, Ragnarok has also acquired the ability to shapeshift into other forms, but even though he knows about most of the powers of shapeshifting, he currently can only shift into the simpler, lesser-powered forms, the exception being an odd half-shift he changed into during the class, which he is eventually going to try and make use of...

Personality Ragnarok is a person who acts serious and does not fool around when there is something important to do. However, he is known to be somewhat carefree if around his close friends, and especially Illumina Colisio, his fianceÚ.

He is a leader of various causes, especially those that may involve people that he knows. He is also kindhearted to most people (especially his own friends), and a very powerful fighter as well — Those who have fought with him before [and survived] know just how powerful he is...

History Ragnarok supposedly came from an apocalyptic area in the space-time continuum (also known as the Fourth Dimension). After finding a way out of that area in the Fourth Dimension, he somehow landed on a life-filled planet...

...Where he landed was where a great war was taking place (The War of the Magi; the leaders of this war had the power to change creatures into Espers, which explains Ragnarok's race). In the war, Ragnarok had been turned into a Magicite shard, which acted as a prison in his case. After the war ended and the world [eventually] came to peace, an anomaly had surfaced in part of the space-time continuum, causing a dimensional portal to open up. Excalibur had come through that portal. He had noticed a Magicite shard sitting on the ground, and decided to free the creature within it. After being freed from his Magicite shard, Ragnarok was grateful to Excalibur for allowing him to be able to move freely again and continue his journeys, no longer trapped in the Magicite. Excalibur then chose to join Ragnarok on his quest to find his Esper kindred.

During the quest, both of them had stopped at the Dragon's Neck Coloseeum to see if any of Ragnarok's kindred were being used as betting items...But something much more valuable was put on the line: Excalibur's sister, Illumina (in the form of an inanimate sword at that time), was one of the betting items. Ragnarok chose to fight the demon, promising to sacrifice himself and become a Magicite shard if he lost. He won, and so Illumina was reunited with her brother, Excalibur. Illumina was grateful to Ragnarok for saving her, and Ragnarok fell in love with her soon after. Like Excalibur, Illumina had also chosen to join Ragnarok on his quest (that, and be with her newly acquainted fiancÚ...).

One day, Ragnarok found out that he would have to fight a mirror of himself in the future: Through an unseen dimensional shift which closed itself soon after, an evil twin of Ragnarok, known as Entanebx, had managed to slip through the dimensional shift. He, along with Excalibur and Illumina, had traveled to the town of Mirage, said to be connected to Entanebx's new lair, the Cleft of Dimension. Ragnarok eventually left the group to fight Entanebx alone. The fight was intense; Eventually, both Ragnarok and Entanebx has casted spells of opposite attunements at each other—The result was a dimensional portal that had pulled in Ragnarok into yet another dimension (Entanebx, however, was too far away from the portal to be pulled in).

His destination from that portal was the Kingdom of Windor. Completely new to his surroundings, he once again began searching for his Esper kindred, who may have been pulled through dimensional portals like these into other parts of the world, and finding things to do in his spare time when he is not searching.

Excalibur and Illumina were not forever lost, though: they had eventually rejoined him after Excalibur found out how to control the dimensional portals, and also after finding Ragnarok's whereabouts. The three of them also met up with Skyler, a risk-taking adventurer, but more importantly, one of Ragnarok's Esper kindred.

Ragnarok had joined Skyler in a quest to ask for the Esper World's Elder's forgiveness of his sister, Crysta. One of the many people who helped Ragnarok and his friends on the journey was a young summoner from Mist, known as Garn. Hotaru (along with five of Ragnarok's Esper "brothers") joined up with the group in order to help with the quest. Once they had succeeded in allowing Crysta to be forgiven and return to the Esper world, Garn had been told about the sword he had (Bahamut was the only one who could translate the words engraved on the blade, the Sword of Judgment), and what power it contained...And after noticing the power he could obtain from the Espers, he betrayed the group and began turning a few Espers in the Esper World into Magicite, including the head Elder, Zyrcor. He then called himself by his actual family name, Beriah, mentioned something about Entanebx before he left, took back Crysta's staff (which was actually Entanebx's), and used it to knock Ragnarok unconscious.

The group (minus the five Espers who joined up earlier; they stayed in the Esper World to get things back together as best as they could, and then went their separate ways) headed back to Windor for now; Excalibur and Illumina took Ragnarok back to the lab. While Excalibur and Illumina were working together to bring Ragnarok back to consciousness, the others in the group had tried to figure out why Beriah and Entanebx had come here in the first place; Only Ragnarok would know why...But, he was obviously not in any condition to answer this question at the time. After Ragnarok was revived, but before they could ask Ragnarok, Windor had been set on fire. Beriah had come back, and this time, Genghis was with him (along with a numerous amount of monsters summoned from the Cleft of Dimension).

After killing the monsters sent against the group, Beriah and Genghis had retreated back to the Cleft of Dimension. Eventually, Ragnarok and the others found other people that could to help them enter the Cleft of Dimension, but once they entered, it created an opening through which Entanebx could finally escape the Cleft of Dimension, and wreak havoc on Windor (starting Windor's third war in the process) while the group was looking for Entanebx. They all split up into groups and began searching for him.

While battling many monsters in the Cleft of Dimension, Ragnarok's group came upon Genghis. Before they could find out anything about him, though, he fled the area, and the group chased after him, only to find Beriah. They fought with Beriah, eventually freeing him from the power that had corrupted him; He then joined them to help fight against Entanebx and Genghis.

They eventually found a way out of the Cleft of Dimension, and when they got back, they helped out with rebuilding the parts of Windor that Entanebx had destroyed during the war. It appeared that there was once again peace in Windor since Entanebx had apparently left the area, and during that time, a wedding was held for two of its members, Lady Marrah and Raven. Entanebx returned to cause trouble, though: He possessed Raven and then killed Mikosi, and then fled to a tower he had created for himself. Ragnarok and the others headed to the tower to find Entanebx and Genghis, and end this once and for all.

Making their way through the tower, they eventually came face-to-face with Raven. They proceeded to fight him until they could separate his body from Entanebx's control. After that was taken care of, Entanebx and Ragnarok fought, and while Entanebx was distracted with the fight, Illumina threw her barrette/halo at him, knocking the staff out of his hand and leaving him powerless. Ragnarok then took the staff, chanted a spell in an archaic language of the Espers, and broke the staff, returning to him his once-lost power, his attunement to Dimensional magic, and showing him views of what happened in the earliest parts of his life, from his origins in the space-time continuum to the goddesses turning him into an Esper.

Entanebx then told Ragnarok who he and Genghis really were: Genghis was the real interdimensional twin; A second dimensional merge had occured shortly before the first merge had closed, splitting Genghis himself into two, one of them being left without any power and had to thieve it from Ragnarok...That being was Entanebx. He also said that Crysta's staff, the one that gave her the ability to use magic, was actually his...Which meant that Crysta's power was really derived from Ragnarok's, and considering that both of them could use the same types of magic, it made perfect sense to both of them. Shortly after, Genghis appears, and after saying how worthless Entanebx was, he kills him. Genghis then tells Ragnarok that he had trained himself in other powers since that dimensional split, and is now unstoppable. Ragnarok, not believing a word he said, charges after him, but finds out it was just an image of Genghis. Genghis then disappears, and the group leaves the tower, looking for Genghis.

After arriving at Genghis' lair, Genghis tells Ragnarok that he was expecting him, and Ragnarok tells Genghis that his time has come...But Genghis turns that statement around on Ragnarok, knocking out everyone but Ragnarok, Excalibur, and Illumina, and sealing Excalibur and Illumina in an Unholy-elemental barrier, draining their energy. Ragnarok and Genghis fight; Ragnarok takes a great amount of damage while Genghis remains unscathed. Excalibur and Illumina, trapped in the barriers, talk to each other, trying to find a way to destroy the barriers, as well as help out Ragnarok.

By the time Excalibur and Illumina break through the barriers, Ragnarok has been critically wounded...Once Genghis finds that Excalibur and Illumina have broken through the barriers, he critically wounds them with a constant wave of Unholy-elemental spells, then attempting to finish them off with his strongest Unholy spell, Demonic Bomb. They plan out one more thing shortly before the spell hits them, creating a blinding flash of light in the process...Nothing is left of either of them when the light dies down. Ragnarok then can't believe that Excalibur and Illumina are dead; Genghis can, however, and drains the rest of Ragnarok's magic power, causing him to collapse on the floor.

He then concentrates on another spell to finish off Ragnarok, but is hit by the spell of Holy, breaking his concentration. Confused as to where that spell came from, Genghis looks up and sees two angelic figures floating down from above...They both transfer magic power to Ragnarok, reviving him, and both Ragnarok and Genghis find out that Excalibur and Illumina were angels in disguise this whole time. Excalibur and Illumina then break apart the barrier that kept Genghis from taking any damage, revive the other members of the group that had been knocked out earlier, and battle Genghis.

When Genghis has finally been weakened to the point of death, not believing it could happen, Ragnarok tells him to believe it, and that his time has come. Before Genghis can reply, Ragnarok casts a high-level Osmose on Genghis, transforming him into a Magicite shard, and continues to cast it until the shard shatters, killing Genghis. Ragnarok assures the group that Genghis is no more, and Excalibur and Illumina revert to their human forms. Ragnarok then looks around, thinking he heard something, but shrugs it off, assuming it was just himself. With Entanebx and Genghis vanquished at last, they return to Windor.

Later, Ragnarok found out that during his quest, the Miscellaneous Magic-User's Guild, better known as the MMG, had itself come under attack, and had been left without its two leaders (Kitra Rivan, the GuildMistress, had been killed; Amrick Hightide, the Co-GuildMaster, had left). He, along with Excalibur and Illumina, headed out to the MMG to help rebuild the guild. Ragnarok, being a natural at the use of magic, took on the job of Co-GuildMaster, with Lika (originally Crysta, before she had left the MMG for awhile) as the GuildMistress. He has also traveled to two other towns, Mundi Noctem and Krisnal, and visited them when he was not at Windor (or running the MMG). The workload at the MMG got to him eventually - He was not used to all the paperwork of this particular job.

Quote "The Apocalypse is imminent...You do not know when it will come, as it has repeated through the course of history...Through past...present...and ultimately, in the future..."

A sword carried in his sheath that harbors his very essense and, other than its size, is identical to his Esper form. When taken it out of the sheath, only the hilt is visible initally, but the blade will materialize immediately afterwards. He can also retrieve the sword quickly if he loses possession of it, no matter how far away it is from him.

Even though it has a physical form in this case, it can also attack targets with no physical form with the right alterations. It also is, in a sense, indestructible: It cannot be destroyed by physical weaponry, and all other means of destruction will only disable the use of it until Ragnarok 'repairs' the blade with a little more of his magic energy.

Weaknening Ragnarok to the point where he must conserve every last drop of his own magic energy to survive, however, will force him to dematerialize the sword's physical form (and disable his use of it) until he recovers...But, once he recovers enough magic energy, the sword will reappear, and he will be able to use it again.

Mage's Staff
A staff which greatly heightens the casting powers and abilities of its wielder.

(Ragnarok has no weapons as an Esper, save for his form, which is, quite obviously, a sword.)



HyperEthers (×5)
Ethers which completely refill all magic power of the consumer.

MMG Medallion
A silver medallion the size of a palm suspended on a fine silver chain, it shows his co-ownership of the MMG.

Dragon's Token
A token given to Ragnarok by Dragon, after completing his Shapeshifting Magic class. It will allow him to call upon Dragon for aid if needed, but only once, for the token will destroy itself after a single use.


Ragnarok MIDI
A MIDI file of Ragnarok's theme, created by JeffreyAtW.

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