This is the where I will list anything I want to find out more information about, get help on changing, or have done for me (I'll make sure to repay you ^_~), that I have been unsuccessful in doing on my own.

For each item below, the header will tell where I need the help, and the information below it will tell what I need help with.

Last Updated:
Friday, March 28, 2007
Updated description for Artwork Additions, in regard to Carbuncle, Diamond, and Sapphire - I have now been given permission to keep the reference image up on the site.

Main Site
The Lupine Mascot
It seems my little "mascot" here is not as popular as the rest of the place, is he? =P Anyway, I've got two requests here: Artwork of the wolf (in your own style), and, more importantly, a name for him (I'm trying to find something that has an RP-character-like spelling, but has a pronunciation similar to how "Wolfey" would be pronounced; "Wulv'Dehn III" is the best I can come up with =P)...

There's one drawing in particular that I want done for me sooner or later: A picture of the wolf standing up like a human (as if he were anthropomorphic, unlike what his picture seems to show), smiling (it doesn't matter how), showing the "peace" sign with one hand, and having a similar style/resemblance to how he appears in the logo. I am leaving any other details about the pose up to you. I also prefer that, for how I am considering to use it, that the background remains blank, and that there is nothing else extra in the picture...OK, I'll be nice and let you include a signature if you want - it is your drawing, after all ;P

...Heh, it's funny, though: All the time I've had him around on the site, he's been unnamed. I'll probably go and put up a page showing the whole history behind him once he has a name ^_~

RP Characters
Revising Histories
I am having a lot of trouble redoing Rag's, Cal's, and Lum's history to take up less space, yet tell enough about the character that people will be able to have a complete summary of their histories (I'm terrible at removing unnecessary information for them =P).

I have recently rewritten the histories for them to take care of any missing details (making sure to finish where I left off at the end of each of their bios), but it is far too large to justify being listed in each of their history sections.

Please help me out with this, if you can (NOTE: If you choose to help with rewriting the histories, I'll send you a text file including the redone versions of them)...A completed history section is long overdue for them, and I'd really appreciate any help you can give me on this =)

Artwork Additions
Heh, I like having pictures of my characters...The problem is I have no real artistic talent (unless you count the drawings of the Ragnarok sword and Timotheus [which was "traced" off a magnified version of his sprite image =P]). Drawings of any of my characters will do, but the ones I'm particularly looking for are of:
  • A group picture of Carbuncle, Diamond, and Sapphire,
  • Individual pictures of Carbuncle, Diamond, and Sapphire,
  • A group picture of the Esper band "Diamond and Carbuncle",
  • Sprites of any of my characters (preferred sprite types would be Final Fantasy IV and above, Mega Man 7, Mega Man 9, or Mega Man X4 and above),
  • Any of my characters in a group picture.
  • Timotheus, or
  • Effilpeck.

(NOTE: If you're going to do any artwork with Carbuncle, Diamond, and/or Sapphire, ask me about it first; I have some specific details to go over regarding how they should look, and what they will be wearing...Overall, their form will be like that of a hybrid version of the FF8 [for colors] and FF9 [for overall figure] versions of Carbuncle. This image shows how each of them should (roughly) look, and this text file gives further clarification on their appearances and mistakes in the reference image when compared to the ideal appearances I have in mind for them. McT has given me permission to display it on the site, as her drawing of Carbuncle [FF9] is what I used as the basis for the reference image.

The current pictures and/or character info should be enough to create a picture from, but, if they aren't, feel free to ask me about whatever is confusing you about them. As always, thank you very much if you can draw artwork of my characters - I greatly appreciate it =D

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