Short Stories About Lavos

Here are the two stories I have written about Lavos and a couple of students. As I said, they are short (and stupid, don't remind me =P), and I've also kept them formatted with the original fonts used in each story ^_^

The "Day of Lavos" Through an 8th Grader's Eyes
One night, at 1:23:45 A.M., 1999 AD, a student from 8th grade was telling some other kids a ghost story about how Lavos, a porcupine-like creature with a "mouth" for a head, nearly destroys the earth. At 1:24 A.M., he heard something. To his surprise, it was Lavos! He ran for his life, trying to tell the others that he exists! As soon as they found out, they called 911, trying to tell the police that there was a monster wrecking havoc on the earth. Everyone that heard about it panicked! Our world was destroyed, and who knows what the next planet he is going to destroy is...


The Person Whose Soul was Stolen by Lavos
Once upon a time (roughly around 5:00 PM, June, Saturday 13, 1996), a person thinks about the great beast Lavos. The next day, when he is at school, he talks about it the whole day, and is sent to the principal's office. He gets in-school suspension, then out-of-school, and finally, he gets expelled. He still thinks about Lavos to this very day...


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