Bordam Daravon

By Some Castaways
Parody of Bad, Bad Leroy Brown by Jim Croce
Lyrics by Wolfey

Well the North side of the Underworld
Where the Tower of Babil's on
Just don't go there
But if you do, beware
Of "Proffessor" Bordam Daravon

Now Daravon's job is important
Translating dialogue in video games
He's been known for many zany quotes
Even crazier than what he proclaims


And he's Bordam Daravon
Anything he says can sound like an oxymoron
'Cause he's a real bel esprit
Even more of it than Ted Woolsey

Now I said Daravon's a translator
Bad mistranslations are his knack
No matter how good his redone lines were
They were always off the beaten track
He's translated Final Fantasy Tactics
And Pokémon Yellow Red and Blue
Even FF1, which has been undone
By a certain line in FF2

(Repeat Chorus)

Some bad lines in his translations
Many which were somewhat concealing
Like in FF Tactics
When someone's good for a job
They'd say "I got a good feeling!"
Even Daravon's said some dumb things
And these have happened almost every year
Like "Goldeneye is an eye tat is golden"
And "This was the darkened Items won't appear."

(Repeat Chorus)

When FF2 had one line left to translate
Bordam bein' avant-garde
Coined the legend'ry quote in gamin' history
Known only as "You spoony bard!"

(Repeat Chorus)

'Cause he's a real bel esprit
Even more of it than Ted Woolsey

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