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This page features polls that you can vote on (once per day, to avoid flooding the page with false results). Sometimes the poll will ask something serious and could change the way the website is set up, or it could just be a poll that asks you what your favorite color, song, food, etc. is.

There is not a poll available at this time. Come back later, and I may have a new one up by then.

NOTE: For polls that will have a major impact on the site, the results will not be taken into effect if less than ten people (excluding myself) vote before the deadline. Instead, I will save the results of the previous poll and call back on that poll at a later time, being sure to factor in the results it got the first time it was up.

Most Recent Poll Results (Poll #7):
If They Have One, Should I Replace Text Links with Site Banners On My Links Page?
Put up those site banners!
The text links are better...
1 votes (33 1/3%)
2 votes (66 2/3%)

3 vote total

And I wanted to experiment with a link page using banners...Then again, I can't find banners for quite a few of the pages, so maybe it's better to stick with the text links for now...

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