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April 27, 2003

    Happy 20th Birthday to Me! ^_^

  • I'm no longer a "teen" - Two decades old as of today =)
  • For Easter, one week ago, I got a Netgear FS605 5-port Fast Ethernet switch, and so I have finally managed to replace the old hub I've had that's been slowing down the connection between both my computers all this time =P
  • For my birthday, I got clothes, money, a USB extension cable (Belkin brand), and (the big present) a Fujifilm USB Drive (256 MB). Now I won't have to rely on CD-RWs as much as I do now =D
  • The "About Me" page has been given minor updates (Can you guess what one of them would be? =P), the Page FAQ has new devices listed, the ages for my characters have also been updated, and the bottom frame has had some of the link names changed.
  • New links have been added to the "Links" page.
  • Last, but not least...I've now got a TagBoard! Now you can leave messages on the site for others to read ^_^ And rather than squeeze it onto the main page (which is cluttered enough as it is =P), I've put it on its own page. Enjoy =)

April 13, 2003
  • I've done four things for this update: Adjustments have been made to the "RP Characters" section of the wishlist,
  • Some links on the Links page have been updated to reflect their site's change of address,
  • Numerous minor changes have been made to the "Personality" section of my carbunklian characters' bios, and
  • The whiteboard has been recolored to match the site's colors (I never even noticed that until I looked at it shortly before adding this update O.o), and the page's layout has been slightly adjusted.

March 15, 2003
  • Finished up 7th Quarter last week...The fifth of March, to be exact. One more quarter to go! =D
  • Not much else has changed: Just a minor adjustment to the stylesheet used for this site, new programs (and updated version numbers) on the FAQs page, a few more links on the Links page, and one or two additions/changes to Carbuncle and Diamond's bios.

February 24, 2003
  • Heh...Left for awhile, and I'm back again ;P
  • I've made some minor changes to the Page FAQ/Disclaimer page, the Links page, and the RP Character pages for Carbuncle, Diamond, and Sapphire.
  • I got a new film card reader/writer...And this time, I'm not locked into one type of card: It's a SanDisk ImageMate 6 in 1 Card Reader/Writer. Not only can I use multiple card types simultaneously, I have a card reader/writer that actually works on my new computer now =D

January 10, 2003
  • I've redone the colors for the site...Now it's more like I wanted it to be: After all, being that the wolf in my little logo is brown, I thought the site should be colored brown as well ^_~
  • I have also fixed the captions on the Photos page for the "Tango (After Haircut)" pictures. Now they should show up correctly ^_^

January 1, 2003
Happy New Year!
  • Heh...My first update of 2003, typed up just minutes after watching the ball drop =)
  • And...I finally got my DVD player (a Toshiba SD-310V), the final item in my list of Christmas presents that I wanted! Man, I didn't think the quality would look this good on a DVD player...It was well worth the money ^^

December 29, 2002
  • Wow, I've been gone for awhile =P But I got a great Christmas present...A new computer =D

    Here are the specifications:

    • Built by Armstrong Microsystems (same as my old one); OS is Windows 2000 Professional (w/SP3); Processor is a Pentium 4 at 2.4 GHz; Amount of RAM is 512 MB; Video Card is 64 MB; Hard Drive is 120 GB, and; Monitor is 19" flat screen (er, flat CRT, to be specific...A true flat panel monitor is too much for me =P). The resolution on the monitor has been set to 1,024 × 768 pixels, with a 32-bit color depth. It's a great computer =)

  • I also got a new cable modem (a Toshiba PCX2200, which I've noticed is significantly faster than my old modem for no reason O.o), so the $5.00 cable modem lease fee from Adelphia is no more (^_^), and a NetGear Router...With these two things (as well as a NetGear Hub I have kept around from a previous networking attempt with my old computer and the no-longer-in-use Gateway), I finally got my two computers networked...Not only that, both computers can now access the Internet at the same time =D
  • I also got some other nice stuff for Christmas too, including a great pair of heat-retaining gloves, and four Bathroom Reader books (trust me, these are all very interesting to read =) ). All that's left to get is the DVD player...Once I get that, I'll finally have all my Christmas presents ^_^
  • Lastly...Happy holidays to all of you visiting my site, and have a Happy New Year! ^^

November 24, 2002
  • I have made a small change to the FAQ by providing a more accurate date (relatively speaking, of course =P) for when I chose to connect to the 'Net ^_~
  • I have added another section, "Program Sites", to the Links page (in addition to removing their respective links [but not text] from the FAQ) - Just try and guess what's included in that section =P

November 15, 2002
  • It took awhile, but I've finally finished it: All directories accessible from this site are done with all-lowercase letters, to make it easier to access parts of the site =)
  • I've also decided to promote three lesser characters of mine to the status of normal characters - Take a look at the Characters page to see who they are ^_^

November 3, 2002
  • This week's gone nice:
  • Rented F-Zero X for the week (been awhile since I played it), and on the day I had to take it back, I managed to win all 20 cups (all cup classes from Jack to X, and all difficulties from Novice to Master)! Sure, it was only for one character (Samurai Goroh in the Fire Stingray, colored blue instead of the classic pink from the previous game), but once you get all the cups for one character, everything in the game's unlocked...So I don't really have a reason to rent it again, unless I want to get all the cups for all the characters and set records on the Time Attack mode, which I just don't have the time for ;P
  • As you may have noticed, I've altered the site a bit: Table borders have been removed, image borders are now beveled, and (if you look at the HTML code) all lists finally have all their respective closing tags =D
  • New comics were added to the Links page, and all of the tables featuring my link banners have been changed so your browser has an easier time resizing them ^_^

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