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(From June 7, 2002 to October 25, 2002)

Updates from November 3, 2002 to April 27, 2003

October 25, 2002
  • I've moved the section in the "About Me" page regarding my computer and its programs to the "Page FAQ / Disclaimer" page, and have also altered it slightly to match the format of that page...

    ...But wait, there's more! Now, every program listed in that section is linked to the site that features it, so if you want to try the programs out yourself, you won't have any trouble finding them ^_~

October 17, 2002
  • Well, my parent's '87 silver Corsica rolled over to its 200,000th mile on Tuesday =)
  • Not much else to say here...The CSS coding has been given a few minor changes (such as all links within table cells are now in bold, and separators have been added), and the layout of the site has been altered (just a bit) to reflect the changes. That's about it =P

September 5, 2002
  • 5th Quarter at ITT Technical Institute is over...Only three more to go =)
  • The RP Characters icons seem to be acting up in IE...I've changed the coding and now they'll work in Mozilla, but not in IE =(

    (Then again, considering it only worked in the Favorites menu in IE, did anyone really bookmark any of my characters' pages? =P)

  • I have also removed the "Favorites Icon" question in the FAQ/Disclaimer Page, as it was kind of a dumb question to ask/answer, anyway =P

August 30, 2002
  • I have put in the description for a "title" tag in first viewer-submitted screenshot in the Funny Screenshots section that somehow didn't get filled in...That picture should be working now.
  • My bio has been updated with a few very minor changes...A major one, however, is the new "Computer Info" section ^_^
  • Here's an interesting link I found while surfing the Web: It's a Shockwave Flash video that is a Tribute to Final Fantasy...It involves the characters of various Final Fantasy games, and, IMO, was very funny =)

August 11, 2002
  • It took some thinking over, but I finally got professions listed for all four of my RP characters (and added a bit more info on Effilpeck in Timo's bio) ^_^
  • I've also made a few (mostly unnoticeable =P) changes to the Page FAQ / Disclaimer page.
  • Plus, a new page (which has replaced the pretty-much-obsolete "Poll" page) has been added: It's called "Wolfey's Wishlist", and will serve as a list asking for help with some things that I'm unable to do by myself ^_^;
  • I think I got something working for those of you who have browsers that can't render frames (to be honest, though, I have yet to actually see a case where someone has to use a browser like that =P)...If the page looks odd to you, E-Mail me about it and I'll see if there's anything that can be done to fix the problem.

July 31, 2002
  • I've messed around a bit more with the coding for most of the pages, as well as the CSS file used throughout the site, so all non-IE browsers should be able to properly render the layout of this page a bit better now ^_^

July 1, 2002
  • Well, it's not much, but take a look at the "Miscellaneous" page...I've added a movie file (ASF format) that my Dad sent to me awhile back...It's a real funny commercial, so go take a look at it ^_^

June 25, 2002
  • I've started 5th Quarter at ITT Tech last week...New setup, too: I go for roughly an hour more each day, but I get a whole day off - I only have to go from Monday to Wednesday instead of Monday to Thursday...Which means the 2nd school week's over for me after tomorrow ^_^
  • I've also added two more links on the Links page. It's not much, but it should be enough to hold you over until I get some real good content on the site (yeah...Like that'll ever happen =P).

June 12, 2002
  • BIG Update: Aside from compatibility with Internet Explorer browsers, the site should now look right in all non-Internet Explorer browsers too, and even Babelfish to boot =D I've finally found coding that seems to work correctly with other browsers, including Netscape 4 and above. I have to give a big thank-you to Empy Claw for helping test this for me until I found a solution that worked ^_^

June 7, 2002
  • I've just finished 4th Quarter at ITT Tech (halfway done! ^_^), and have all of next week off =D
  • The Links page has been given three updates (two major, one minor). One, "Roleplaying Sites" has been split up: All Roleplaying websites are still in that category, but all message boards have been moved to a new category (appropriately titled "Message Boards"). This is so that message boards (RolePlaying and non-RolePlaying) without a website can still have their message boards listed here. Two, aside from the fact that I have added new comics (and removed inactive/finished ones), I am now listing each comic's update schedule right below the comic's link (using one-letter abbreviations for each day, each day separated with a hyphen), so you can see how often new comics come out. Three, I made a couple of minor changes to the statements in the "Visitor's Links" and "Link Up!" sections.

Updates from December 12, 2001 to May 28, 2002

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