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Updates from December 1, 2001 to May 28, 2002

November 18, 2001
  • *Checks off the last item on his little FF VII checklist* It's done, it's done, it's done! I've done everything I've wanted to do on the game, and no longer need to play it...That means I'll be back to my original schedule of posting and getting on ICQ/AIM a lot =D
  • Links: The link for the "Download: LIFE" page has been moved from Visitor's Links to Web Comics.

November 7, 2001
  • Still working on getting those alternate scenarios in FF7...Seems I've been held up with things here and so I've had very little time to finish those things up in the game -_-
  • RP Character Artwork: Red Chocobo has sent me an interesting picture of Illumina...This time, Lum's showing off her angelic wings ^_^

    As of November 9, 2001, I finally fixed something in my own drawing of Ragnarok's Sword / Esper form that was bugging me all this time...The red gem in it has been redrawn, and now it looks like the octahedron it was always meant to be =D

    Not only that, but the page has been completely redesigned, and now has a list of the artist's names and websites at the top, followed by a quick-links section to each character. From there, you can find the drawings of each character, listed in chronological order of the first artist to draw the character.

November 1, 2001
  • Finished FF7 about a week ago (getting everything in the game as well ^_^), and now I'm going back to previous save files of it to see all of the alternate scenarios in the game had I made different choices in it...Once that is done, then I can consider the game finished =D
  • Links: A new section, Visitors' Links, has been put up. This will allow you, the visitor, to not only view links submitted by other visitors, but also allow you to add your own links as well.
  • The Wolfey Poll: The current poll has been closed, the results have been listed, and a new poll has been put up.

October 15, 2001
  • Well...Didn't do too much today, but I'm nearly finished with Final Fantasy VII...Master a few more Materia, destroy the Ruby and Emerald Weapons, get the three Master Materia (thereby completing my collection), and finally, head back to the final level to take on the last boss of the game...
  • The Wolfey Poll: The current poll has been closed, the results have been listed, and a new poll has been put up.

October 13, 2001
  • You may have noticed a slight font change to the site if you've visited recently...I've been messing around more with CSS and found out that using it will greatly reduce the amount of space my pages take up, while providing the content in the same way it did before the tags were there ^_^
  • Also, a new change to the site: From now on, any official update to the site will be marked with the page's title in bold, followed by a description of what's been changed.
  • All Pages: The CSS coding has been changed to include a setting for the font tag; All pages have had their default "font" tag removed, so that this new tag will take effect.
  • SPC Fanfics #2 and #7: Seeing as that these are the only two Fanfics with more than one chapter, a link has been added at the end of both Fanfics that will lead to Chapter 2 of their respective story.
  • RP Characters Pages: Layout, as well as link colors, have been changed to an all-blue scheme, so that the site looks better. Table borders have been reduced to a thin, 2D line, and their cells have been given padding, for easier readability.

October 3, 2001
  • Heh...Remember how difficult it was to view through my character bios, as well as the links pages, because they were so large? Well, I've worked overtime on that problem to create the perfect remedy: Those pages now have their own little "quick-links" section near the top of the page...You can just click on a link, and it'll take you straight to the category it links to...I guess slaving over that till I got it complete turned out to be worth it, eh? ^_^
  • And for that matter, I should note I've reorganized those pages as well: The RP Characters main page has a very slight change to the dialogue, the character bios now list "Possessions" as its own section on them, and the links page has had a few links added to it, as well as getting a much-needed recategorization of the links...

September 30, 2001
  • Did a few more updates: A new button has been created for the site, the small site button's graphic has been redone, the Archives page has been updated to a format that will be easier to work with, and finally, the statement at the bottom of the index page now reflects the change in best browser choice for the page...

September 25, 2001
  • This should hold you over for awhile... ^_~
  • I've added one MIDI file to the Music page, updated coding for the scrollbars on both parts of the site (the track of the scrollbar now shows up with its own color instead of two colors meshed from other parts of the scrollbar...It looks so much better now =) ), and finally got up a new poll ^_^

September 21, 2001
  • Kinda running out of ideas for things to put up on the site right now...All I've really done is update Lum's bio ("Hair" and "Weaknesses" sections ), Rag's bio ("RolePlaying Forums Used In" section), and added four more links to the Links page.

September 8, 2001
  • Due to the fact that I feel that the Music page is pretty much useless, it has been demoted to a section on the "Miscellaneous" page, and the MP3s list has been done away with...I never really liked having that there anyway...
  • ...To fill that space, however, I now have my own Groupboard =) Now you'll have something to do on the site once you're through viewing everything else here ^_~

September 2, 2001
  • Got a medium-sized update today...First off, I added a frame at the bottom of the RP Characters sub-site that has links to pages within that part of the site (a LOT like the current layout here, eh? =P). I have also renamed "Ragnarok's Character Page" and "Ragnarok's Artwork Page" to "RP Characters" and "Character Artwork", respectively, as well as making a few changes to the little "scene" that goes on in the RP Characters page...
  • I have (slightly) updated the description on how to submit a picture to the Funny Screenshots page (as well as adding a notice in regards to the quotes that go with the pictures), and have (greatly) updated that page with a lot of new pictures (all sent in by BobCFed08).

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