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Updates from September 2, 2001 to November 18, 2001

August 30, 2001
  • Man, I can't believe I got all of this done so quickly: For one thing, just a day after I had mentioned in the last update about wanting my book back so I could (eventually) put it up here, my mother comes home with one of the copies (and as luck would have it, it was the one with grades marked on the back of the last page: That means it was the FIRST of the three created and therefore the true original...The master copy, if you want to call it that =D)...
  • I updated the Contact Me page with an "important" notice...
  • ...Officially changed my name on ICQ (and the Midgar Swamp) to Wolfey, if you haven't already been notified of that =P ...
  • ...Downloaded Internet Explorer 5.5...
  • ...Found out how to cut down the page size a bit...
  • ...Added colored scrollbars to the site (for those of you with IE 5.5 ^_~)...
  • ...And last, but not least, will be finishing the 1st of 8 quarters here at ITT Tech next week =D

August 21, 2001
  • Done a lot of changes recently: I've added a few categories to the "About Me" page, added a "Best Contact Times" category on the "Contact Me" page (so you know when I might be online), put up the site's first viewer-submitted Funny Screenshot (sent in by Fergard), added another photo of my dog (before haircut), and added two short stories about Lavos that I wrote a few years back...But that's not all: I'm even putting up a few sets of Bomberman-related cursors I made a few years ago, in case you want to see them =)
  • Man...If I could just get one of the three remaining copies of a book I did in 6th grade, I'd give all of you faithful viewers a special treat: The very first story between two of my (now made for) RP characters. It's the story that started it all...

August 15, 2001
  • At my Dad's request, I've finally changed the color scheme of my computer's desktop and such to something much easier to view...Now no one using my computer will have to strain their eyes trying to read black text on a dark blue background here ever again, which was the situation for over three years here ^_~
  • Seeing as that I've borrowed a PC version of a Final Fantasy game I haven't played yet (Final Fantasy VII), I haven't been online as much...Though I did add a MIDI I found that's from the game...
  • The current poll has been closed, and it still has a low turnout...Oh well, that's to be expected with some of the polls on this site =P

August 4, 2001
  • Since I'm strapped for content as it is at this time, I rummaged through some real old files I left on my hard drive and, for once, the site has its first item to go on the Miscellaneous Page: A list of some Samurai Pizza Cats fanfics I wrote a long time ago, featuring who would eventually become a couple of my RP characters ^_^
  • I added another graduation photo, as well as changing Timotheus Lupuse's middle name from "Revay" to "Reittier", since I decided his original middle name was kinda stupid...

July 21, 2001
  • My graduation party's today, for me and two of my cousins ^_^
  • I changed the poll, it's similar to the last one, but concerns another section of the site...

July 17, 2001
  • Didn't have much to update today...I just added a lot of MIDIs to the Music page for now, and closed the current poll.

June 30, 2001
  • I added another MIDI, the original version, not the remixed "Invasion of the Gabber Robots" version, of the introduction for Zero Wing (thanks to JeffreyAtW for for pointing out this glitch on my Music page).
  • I also changed the poll, asking a somewhat serious question about how the page looks (a similar, though less serious one will be put up as the next poll).

June 25, 2001
  • Just started college a week ago today (the 18th). Much better than I thought: There's VERY little homework right now, although the lectures tire you out quickly...Hopefully the hands-on work will be starting sooner or later so I won't be sitting on my rear for practically four hours...
  • I've added a few more links to the Links page, and made a slight change to the Contact Me page. I've also added the Updates Archives, so you can see older updates that were made to the site, and added a link back to the main page on most of the pages here.
  • ...Also: Is there anything in particular that you might want to see on this site in the future? I'm out of ideas on what to put up, so if you can think of anything the site could use, just E-Mail me.

June 6, 2001
  • Man, it's been awhile since I've updated...I've had to go from place to place the past couple of days...Hopefully now I can start the remainder of my 16-day summer vacation.
  • I've added a new WebCam picture, as well as pictures from my Baccalaureate and Graduation to the Photos page.

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