"Logical Lupus"

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Full Names
Timoteo Pavel Wulve
  • Pronunciation: <tih-moh-TAY-oh> <pah-VELL> <woolv>
  • His real name.
  • Used everywhere.
Fenrisúlfr Conrí Wulv'Dhenn, III
  • Pronunciation: <fehn-rihs-AHLF-ur> <kahn-REE> <WOOLV-dehn> [<thuh> <thurd>]
  • His roleplaying alias' name.
  • Used only in roleplaying settings.
  • Pronunciation: <woolf-EE>
  • His main nickname.
  • Used everywhere.
  • Pronunciation: <fehn-RIHR>
  • His roleplaying alias' nickname.
  • Used only in roleplaying settings.

General Information


"That's not what I meant..."


April 27




Freelance Computer Technician

Physical Appearance








5 ft 8.5 in (68.5 in) / ~1.74 m


165 lb / ~74.84 kg

  • Overall:
    • Hair length is medium.
    • Hair thickness is medium.
    • Appears to have had his fingers run through it.
      • Done to increase its volume and to give it a slightly messy appearance for style.
  • In the front:
    • Combed towards his face.
    • Nearly reaches his eyes.
    • Within his line of sight, but does not block his view.
  • Near the front:
    • There are two wide tips:
      • They appear to be connected at the base of where they meet - the right side of the left tip and left side of the right tip.
      • They are dyed along their edges - the dyed portion resembles a capital "W".
    • There is one narrow tip:
      • It is behind the two wide tips, but back far enough to avoid splitting through them.
      • It sticks up out of the way of any other piece of hair on his head.
  • In the back:
    • Combed towards his neck.
    • Comes down approximately mid-neck, enough to touch his jersey collar if he leans his head back slightly.
  • Dark brown overall.
    [#582000 / RGB(88,32,0)]
  • Gold on the edges of the left and right tips.
    [#FFD700 / RGB(255,215,0)]
  • The narrow tip of hair refuses to stay down for long if combed.
  • Overall:
    • Figure is slender and masculine.
    • Build is slender.
    • Fur length is medium.
    • Fur thickness is medium.
  • On each side:
    • Fur length is medium-long.
    • Has three pointed tufts.
      • Each tuft bends downward slightly.
  • Brown overall, for the tufts on each side of his face, for the outside of his ears and for his neck.
    [#907850 / RGB(144,120,80)]
  • White for his sclerae and muzzle.
    [#FFFFFF / RGB(255,255,255)]
  • Teal for his irises.
    [#008080 / RGB(0,128,128)]
  • Black for his pupils and nose.
    [#000000 / RGB(0,0,0)]
  • Peach for the inside of his ears (optionally, if present).
    [#F8C880 / RGB(248,200,128)]
  • Overall:
    • Fur length is medium.
    • Fur thickness is medium.
  • Shoulders to (but not including) wrists:
    • Figure is mostly-slender-to-slightly-curvy and mostly-feminine-to-slightly-masculine.
  • Upper arms:
    • Build is mostly-slender-to-slightly-chubby.
  • Forearms:
    • Build is slender.
  • Wrists and hands:
    • Figure is slender and masculine.
    • Build is slender.
  • Brown overall and for his wrists.
    [#907850 / RGB(144,120,80)]
  • White for his hands.
    [#FFFFFF / RGB(255,255,255)]
  • Black for his pads (optionally, if present).
    [#000000 / RGB(0,0,0)]
  • Overall:
    • Body type is triangle-/pear-shaped.
    • Figure is curvy and feminine.
    • Build is mostly-slender-to-slightly-chubby.
    • Fur length is medium.
    • Fur thickness is medium.
  • Chest:
    • Bust size is medium-large.
  • Waist:
    • Build is chubby.
      • His body fat somewhat conceals the feminine figure of his waist.
  • Hips:
    • Size is medium-wide.
    • Build is chubby.
  • Butt:
    • Size is medium-large.
    • Build is chubby.
  • Brown overall.
    [#907850 / RGB(144,120,80)]
  • White for his ventral fur (from his chest to his stomach).
    [#FFFFFF / RGB(255,255,255)]
  • He tends to hide the fact he has a feminine chest, usually by wearing something to reduce its apparent size or by tugging at the chest area of his clothing (to make it appear loose around that area).
  • His waist:
    • Shows noticeable changes in appearance, depending on the amount of constriction applied to it:
      Very Loose Loose Normal Tight Very Tight
      • Slight bulge
      • Pushes against waistband
      • Bulges over waistband
      • Looks ready to spill out
      • Sticks out a bit
      • Spills out over waistband
      • Sticks out
      • Spills out over waistband and part of zipper
      • Sticks out a lot
      • Spills out over waistband and entire zipper
      • May be partially exposed under shorter untucked shirts
      • Slight bulge
      • Pushes against waistband
      • Bulges over waistband
      • Looks ready to spill out
      • Sticks out a bit
      • Spills out over waistband
      • Very slight bulge
      • Doesn't push against waistband
      • Bulges over waistband
      • Looks ready to spill out
      • The amount of constriction will be an average of the tightness of his clothes and his position:
        Clothing and Positions
        Very Loose Loose Normal Tight Very Tight
        • Towel
        • Loose-fitting:
          • Underwear (cotton without elastic waistband)
          • Jeans (half a size too large)
        • Snug-fitting:
          • Underwear (cotton with elastic waistband; nylon/spandex)
        • Loose-fitting:
          • Pants (drawstring-waistband)
        • Snug-fitting:
          • Jeans (proper size)
          • Pants (elastic-waistband)
        • Slightly-tight-fitting:
          • Jeans (half a size too small)
          • Pants (one size too small)
        • Tight-fitting:
          • Jeans (one-and-a-half sizes too small)
          • Pants (two sizes too small)
        • Standing up
        • Lying on back, stretching
        • Lying on back
        • Sitting/lying back, at an incline
        • Sitting down
        • Leaning forward
        • Lying on side
        • Bending over forward, backward or to the side
    • Feels unusually soft, so much that it gives the illusion of being pure fat with nothing else behind it.
    • Is usually kept covered, but is unintentionally exposed every so often he stretches. While the exposed portion will usually be a small strip, his entire waist may be exposed with some shirts.
  • His hips are actually wider than his waist, which is noticeable in the "very loose" and "loose" cases.
    • Due to how his body fat is distributed, his waist will still look wider than his hips in most cases.
  • Overall:
    • Figure is slender and masculine.
    • Build is slender.
    • Fur length is medium.
    • Fur thickness is medium.
  • Underside:
    • Fur length is long.
    • Fans out at three points, each point resembling a wide half-crescent or an inverted dolphin's dorsal fin.
  • Brown overall.
    [#907850 / RGB(144,120,80)]
  • White for the tip.
    [#FFFFFF / RGB(255,255,255)]
  • Overall:
    • Length is long.
    • Fur length is medium.
    • Fur thickness is medium.
  • Thighs:
    • Figure is curvy and feminine.
    • Build is chubby.
  • Calves to (but not including) ankles:
    • Figure is mostly-slender-to-slightly-curvy and mostly-feminine-to-slightly-masculine.
    • Build is mostly-slender-to-slightly-chubby.
  • Ankles and feet:
    • Figure is masculine.
    • Build is slender.
  • Brown overall and for his ankles.
    [#907850 / RGB(144,120,80)]
  • White for his feet.
    [#FFFFFF / RGB(255,255,255)]
  • Black for his pads (optionally, if present).
    [#000000 / RGB(0,0,0)]
  • His feet are slightly smaller (between 1 and 1.5 shoe sizes) than those of a similar height and body type.
Color Palette
  • Black: #000000 / RGB(0,0,0)
  • Dark Brown: #582000 / RGB(88,32,0)
  • Teal: #008080 / RGB(0,128,128)
  • Brown: #907850 / RGB(144,120,80)
  • Gold: #FFD700 / RGB(255,215,0)
  • Peach: #F8C880 / RGB(248,200,128)
  • White: #FFFFFF / RGB(255,255,255)
  1. This shows his overall appearance, hair color and style, and facial tuft appearance.
    • Do not use this for his body proportions: they are distorted, as the drawing was originally based off of a videogame sprite.
    • Use this for the appearance of his facial tufts.
    • For his hair:
      • The black streaks represent messiness - it is not a different hair color.
    • The white fur:
      • Of his hands:
        • Should stop before his wrists (which remain brown, like his arms); only his hands should be white.
      • Of his torso:
        • Should start slightly below his collarbone.
        • Should end at the horizontal "crease" between his navel and crotch.
          • The "crease" is approximately halfway between those two points; it would be slightly below the top of the waistband in jeans that sit at the waist.
          • The "crease" is mostly hidden by the stomach itself, but partially exposed at the edges. The hidden portion of the "crease" would only be visible if he is lying down or lifting up his stomach to expose it.
      • Of his feet:
        • Should stop before his ankles (which remain brown, like his legs); only his feet should be white.
  2. This shows the thickness of his two front hair tips, as well as the thickness of the dyed portion of his two front hair tips.
    • Each tip should be about half as wide as his face.
    • The tips should be long enough to reach the top of his eyes.
  3. This shows a list of the builds used to describe his own build. [Possibly NSFW]
    • Refer to this chart for any descriptions of his build that use the words "slender", "curvy" or "chubby".
  4. This shows the areas of his body that are masculine, feminine or in-between.
    • The transition between areas is as smooth and seamless as possible.
  5. This shows the areas of his body that are slender, chubby or in-between.
    • The transition between areas is as smooth and seamless as possible.
  6. This shows his overall shape: a slender figure overall, but chubby from the waist to the thighs.
    • Do not use these proportions for his waist to thighs - use reference #5 ("This shows his body type from his waist to his thighs...") for that.
    • Do not use the bust size displayed in this picture - use reference #6 ("Bust/Cup Size...") for that.
  7. This shows his shape from the waist to the thighs, as well as the side boundaries of his ventral fur color.
    • Use these proportions for his waist to his thighs.
    • Do not use these proportions for his overall appearance - use reference #4 ("This shows his overall shape...") for that.
    • The lower boundary of his ventral fur should end at the horizontal "crease" between his navel and crotch.
  8. Bust/Cup Size Comparison Chart [NSFW] / Bust/Cup Size Conversion Table
    • These show his bust/cup size.
    • Based on the chart and table, he has a medium-large bust size and is most likely a "D" cup.
      • In the chart, this includes characters from Carmesí to Cirix.
  9. This shows the upper boundary of his ventral fur color. {Panel 1, Middle Character}
    • It should start at (or slightly below) his collarbone.
    • It should go in a straight, horizontal line.
  10. This shows how his waist will appear, depending on position and constriction.
  11. Stomach "Crease" and Lower Ventral Fur Boundary #1 / Stomach "Crease" and Lower Ventral Fur Boundary #2
    • These show what is meant by the horizontal stomach "crease", which is also the lower boundary of his ventral fur color.
      • "#1" shows where it would be located on a slender waist.
        • There is a gap between the bottom of the stomach (where the "crease" is located) and the top of the legs.
      • "#2" shows where it would be located on his waist.
        • The arrows point to the location of the "crease".
        • The two rightmost pictures show how the "crease" would be hidden if he had a chubby waist with a drooping stomach. He would have to lift up his stomach in order to expose the "crease".
  12. Waist (from Front) #1 / Waist (from Front) #2 / Waist (from Front) #3
    • An average of these three pictures shows what his waist should look like from the front.
  13. This shows the shape of the points on the underside of his tail.


Preferred Clothing
  • Loose shirts and pants, to conceal his feminine proportions and give himself a more masculine build.
Common Accessories
  • These are things that he will always wear with his current outfit, except in certain circumstances or where otherwise noted.
  • Overall:
    • Large enough to cover his eyes and eyebrows from the front.
    • Wrap around slightly to cover his eyes and eyebrows from the side.
  • Rims:
    • Slightly thicker than regular sunglasses.
    • No legs.
    • Rounded at the corners.
    • Single piece with no noticeable seams.
    • Completely surround the lenses.
  • Each lens:
    • Shaped like an inverted trapezoid, but curved (forming an arc) on the lower half of the side opposite the nose.
    • Inside appears to be clear.
    • Outside appears to be opaque.
  • Blue (metallic) for the rims.
    [#0000FF / RGB(0,0,255)]
  • White (metallic) for the lenses.
    [#FFFFFF / RGB(255,255,255)]
  • The mirrorshades:
    • Are not corrective glasses - he wears contacts for that purpose (due to slight nearsightedness).
    • Are meant to bear a slight resemblance to the domino mask worn when using the Blue Mage job in Final Fantasy 5.
  • His eyes are kept hidden behind them:
    • If looking at his face from the front or side, they cannot be seen.
    • If looking at the gap between the glasses and his face (at just the right angle), it is possible to see his eyes from the top or the bottom.
      • This usually requires him to be looking straight up/down or be much higher/lower than whoever is trying to see his eyes.
  • He wears them for four reasons:
    • For show;
    • For protection (in case anything is about to hit him in the eyes);
    • To look at things out of the corner of his eye (without anyone else noticing his eyes); and
    • To avoid having to make eye contact with others (because he has some trouble with this and doesn't want that quality to be noticed).
  • He prefers to wear them as often as possible, but will take them off if:
    • He is asked to remove them;
    • They have a high chance of getting broken;
    • The lenses fog up; or
    • He wishes to show respect towards someone.
  • Overall:
    • Worn on his left wrist.
  • Head:
    • Display has five lines:
      • First:
        • Weather and moon phase.
      • Second:
        • Day of the week.
      • Third:
        • Year, month and day, in the "YYYY-MM-DD" format.
      • Fourth:
        • Time.
          • Automatically synchronized to atomic time.
          • Larger in size than the other lines.
      • Fifth:
        • "Notes" line, for personal use.
  • Band:
    • Silicone/rubber.
    • Twice the width of "awareness" bracelet bands.
    • No seams.
    • Watch head is attached to the top side.
    • "Abaertyn" symbol and "Timoteo Pavel Wulve" are debossed on the side opposite the watch head.
    • Very loose:
      • The gap between the band and his arm is large enough for him to easily slip his fingers through, with room to spare.
      • It tends to slide around when he moves his arm.
  • Blue for the band, side buttons and display background.
    [#0000FF / RGB(0,0,255)]
  • White for the outer side of the watch face and display text.
    [#FFFFFF / RGB(255,255,255)]
  • Yellow for the inner side of the watch face.
    [#FFFF00 / RGB(255,255,0)]
  • Red for the face buttons.
    [#FF0000 / RGB(255,0,0)]
Personal Outfits
"Cool Blue"
  • His default outfit.
  • Worn in casual settings.
  • Overall:
    • Sports jersey.
    • Loose-fitting.
    • Double-layered mesh.
  • Front:
    • Shows the "Abaertyn" symbol.
  • Back:
    • Shows his nickname "Wolfey" (in small capitals), with the number "236" below it.
  • Collar, sleeve hems and lower hem:
    • Each has three stripes.
  • Shoulders:
    • Have designs that look like shields with rounded corners.
      • They are meant to resemble shoulder guards.
  • Sleeves:
    • End one-third to one-half of the way between his elbows and wrists.
  • Blue for the body and sleeves.
    [#0000FF / RGB(0,0,255)]
  • Yellow for the outer stripes of the collar, sleeve hems and lower hem, and for the outline of the shoulder designs.
    [#FFFF00 / RGB(255,255,0)]
  • Red for the inner stripes of the collar, sleeve hems and lower hem, and for the inner portion of the shoulder designs.
    [#FF0000 / RGB(255,0,0)]
  • White for the "Abaertyn" symbol (excluding the "W" mark) and text.
    [#FFFFFF / RGB(255,255,255)]
  • Gold for the "Abaertyn" symbol's "W" mark.
    [#FFD700 / RGB(255,215,0)]
  • He likes this shirt because it keeps him cool, is loose and hides his figure.
  • The sleeves are long enough that, if he stretches when wearing it, his stomach will be completely exposed.
  • Overall:
    • Shorts.
    • Made of the same material as his shirt.
  • Waistband:
    • Drawstring.
  • Pockets:
    • Two.
    • Located on opposite sides of his shorts.
    • Each has a hidden zipper, to help secure its contents.
  • Khaki.
    [#F0EEC0 / RGB(240,238,192)]
"Royal Blue"
  • Worn as a battle outfit in roleplaying settings.
  • Worn as a costume in non-roleplaying settings.
  • He will not wear anything from the "Common Accessories" or "Other Clothing and Accessories" category with this outfit.
    • The only exception is his watch, which will only be worn if he is wearing this outfit as a costume.
  • Overall:
    • Based on the hat worn by those of the Blue Mage class in Final Fantasy: Tactics A2.
      • The strip and feather have different colors.
  • Blue for the hat.
    [#0000FF / RGB(0,0,255)]
  • Red for the strip.
    [#FF0000 / RGB(255,0,0)]
  • Yellow for the feather.
    [#FFFF00 / RGB(255,255,0)]
Domino Mask
  • Overall:
    • Based on the mask worn by those using the Blue Mage job in Final Fantasy 5.
    • There is no noticeable gap where his eyes can be seen.
  • Eyepieces:
    • Large enough to completely cover his eyes.
  • Blue for the base.
    [#0000FF / RGB(0,0,255)]
  • White for the eyepieces.
    [#FFFFFF / RGB(255,255,255)]
  • Overall:
    • Based on the robe worn by Galuf when using the Blue Mage job in Final Fantasy 5.
  • Blue for the robe.
    [#0000FF / RGB(0,0,255)]
  • Gold for the trim around the bottom edge.
    [#FFD700 / RGB(255,215,0)]
  • Overall:
    • Based on the cape worn by Butz/Bartz when using the Blue Mage job in Final Fantasy 5.
    • Nearly touches the floor.
    • Wide enough that he can fully cover his body with it.
  • Blue for the outside of the cape.
    [#0000FF / RGB(0,0,255)]
  • Red for the inside of the cape and the inside of the shoulder guards.
    [#FF0000 / RGB(255,0,0)]
  • Gold for the outside of the shoulder guards.
    [#FFD700 / RGB(255,215,0)]
  • Overall:
    • Based on the pants worn by Butz/Bartz when using the Blue Mage job in Final Fantasy 5.
  • Legs:
    • Stop shortly after touching the top of the shoes.
  • White.
    [#FFFFFF / RGB(255,255,255)]
  • Overall:
    • Men's dress shoes.
    • Based on the shoes worn by Butz/Bartz when using the Blue Mage job in Final Fantasy 5.
  • Blue for the shoes.
    [#0000FF / RGB(0,0,255)]
  • Gold (metallic) for the clasp.
    [#FFD700 / RGB(255,215,0)]
Other Clothing and Accessories
  • This includes anything else he may wear.
  • Colors for the glasses will be the same as his mirrorshades.
    • For regular glasses, the lenses will be clear on both sides.
Half-Rimmed Glasses
  • Overall:
    • Legless.
    • Half-rimmed.
    • Use corrective lenses.
  • They are worn in the event he doesn't have (or, for whatever reason, can't wear) his contacts.
Little Glasses
  • Overall:
    • Small version of his half-rimmed glasses.
  • They are worn if he can't find his contacts or his glasses.
Little Mirrorshades
  • Overall:
    • Small version of his mirrorshades.
  • They are worn only for show.
Long Pants
  • Overall:
    • Identical to his mesh jersey shorts, except that they reach down to his feet.
  • Legs:
    • Large enough to cover his feet.
    • Tend to hang back a bit at the end, leaving the front half of his feet exposed.
  • Worn in place of his shorts, if the weather is cold or if his shorts would be inappropriate apparel.
Men's Jeans
  • Overall:
    • Standard denim jeans.
    • Slightly tight around his waist.
  • They are worn only if they are the only appropriate apparel available.
  • He prefers to go barefoot, but may wear sandals or shoes in certain cases.
  • Overall:
    • Standard sandals.
  • Blue for the sandals.
    [#0000FF / RGB(0,0,255)]
  • Gold for the straps.
    [#FFD700 / RGB(255,215,0)]
Tennis Shoes
  • Overall:
    • Standard tennis shoes.
    • Velcro straps instead of laces.
  • Blue for the shoes.
    [#0000FF / RGB(0,0,255)]
  • Gold for the straps.
    [#FFD700 / RGB(255,215,0)]
Color Palette
  • Blue: #0000FF / RGB(0,0,255)
  • Red: #FF0000 / RGB(255,0,0)
  • Gold: #FFD700 / RGB(255,215,0)
  • Yellow: #FFFF00 / RGB(255,255,0)
  • Khaki: #F0EEC0 / RGB(240,238,192)
  • White: #FFFFFF / RGB(255,255,255)
Common Accessories
  1. Mirrorshades: Colors and Design / Mirrorshades: Lens and Rim Shape / Mirrorshades: Rim Thickness
    • They should be the size (and proportion) of normal-sized sunglasses, but slightly wider at sides, where they wrap around.
    • The white lenses are meant to resemble eyes without irises or pupils.
    • They are legless.
    • The lower halves of the rims (away from the center) should be a gradual curve, without a slight "bump" in the middle.
    • The thickness should be uniform, rather than wider at the outer sides.
  2. This shows the design of his watch.
Personal Outfits
  1. "Cool Blue"
    1. This shows the overall appearance of his outfit.
      • The shirt should look "loose", especially for the sleeves and at the bottom of the shirt.
    2. This shows the logo that appears on the front of his shirt and on the band of his watch.
    3. This shows the design of his shirt.
    4. This shows the design of his pants.
    5. This shows the actual appearance of the shoulder designs on his shirt.
      • The designs are meant to look like shields with rounded corners (resembling shoulder guards).
      • The wide end points toward the neck and the narrow end points toward the arm.
      • This view is from a top-down perspective.
    6. This shows the size and location of the shoulder designs on his shirt. {Panels 1 and 2, Leftmost Character}
  2. "Royal Blue"
    1. Outfit Appearance (Final Fantasy V: Sprites Only) / Outfit Appearance (Final Fantasy V: Sprites and Rendered Images; Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Sprites and Drawing)
      • These show the overall appearance of his outfit.
        • From Final Fantasy Tactics A2, this includes the hat.
          • The strip is red.
          • The feather is yellow.
        • From Final Fantasy V, this includes the mask worn by all characters; the robe worn by Galuf; and the cape, pants and shoes worn by Butz/Bartz.
Other Clothing and Accessories
  • (None)


  • Topside (when closed):
    • Shows the "Abaertyn" symbol, facing towards the viewer.
      • Engraved.
      • Coloring is present in the engraved area.
  • Base (when opened):
    • Looks like a solid piece.
      • It appears to have no keys, controls or connections/openings.
  • Underside:
    • Shows the "XL Sword" logo.
      • Engraved.
  • Blue (metallic) for the laptop.
    [#0000FF / RGB(0,0,255)]
  • White (metallic) for the "Abaertyn" symbol (excluding the "W" mark).
    [#FFFFFF / RGB(255,255,255)]
  • Gold (metallic) for the "Abaertyn" symbol's "W" mark.
    [#FFD700 / RGB(255,215,0)]
  • Dark blue (metallic) for the "XL Sword" logo.
    [#0000A6 / RGB(0,0,166)]
  • Nanotechnology is used throughout the laptop to its fullest extent, which gives it the following features:
    • Very light - it can easily be carried with one hand.
    • Very quiet.
    • Does not generate any detectable amount of heat.
    • Uses little electrical energy.
    • Can quickly be recharged in a number of ways.
  • The base:
    • Will automatically:
      • Form the necessary keys (shape, size, position and symbols) and controls (touchpad, buttons, trackball, sliders, etc.), depending on the task(s) being performed.
      • Form the necessary connections/openings when a cable, card or disc is pushed against any of its sides.
    • Can be stretched out (or compressed), depending on the number of keys and controls needed for a task.
  • The screen can be:
    • Adjusted to appear blank to anyone not looking at it directly, for the privacy and security of the viewer.
    • Stretched out (or compressed), to change its current size and resolution.
    • Rotated to any angle.
    • Used like a touchscreen or tablet.
    • Flipped over and slid on top of the base, to allow it to be used it as a handheld device.
    • Detached and placed in a monitor stand.
  • The operating system on this laptop is a fictional one, with the qualities of both current and futuristic operating systems, rather than being an actual operating system itself.
  • In most cases, he will have this adjusted to either the size of a netbook (when carrying it around) or the size of a standard laptop (during general use).
  • Also included are various gadgets for use with his laptop, including (but not limited to):
    • A mouse.
    • A game controller
    • A camera/camcorder.
    • A compact portable storage device (much like a USB flash drive).
Virtual Reality Equipment
(Headset and Gloves)
  • Headset:
    • Electrodes and wires stick out of the top.
    • Attached to the visor.
  • Visor:
    • Wraps around his face enough to cover his eyes.
  • Gloves:
    • Tied in with the system for the headset, to allow user participation where applicable.
  • They are very light.
  • They are only two parts of a larger set, which include a full-body suit and life-size gyroscope.
  • Used to immerse himself in a virtual realm, one which is completely three-dimensional. Inside this realm, he can do various things, including:
    • Relaxing,
    • Playing games; and/or
    • Educating himself.
  • Can be used on their own, with no other equipment. However, this limits what they can do. More functionality is provided when they are connected to equipment with access to virtual reality programs (such as his laptop).
  • Near the top:
    • Adjustable, curved slot.
      • Prevents the headset from falling off, when worn over his ears.
  • Pads:
    • Shaped like Reuleaux triangles.
    • "Silent sound" logo appears on the outer sides.
  • Controls:
    • Dial:
      • Used to adjust the volume.
    • Buttons:
      • Used to change music tracks (where applicable).
    • Covered socket:
      • Allows a headset microphone to be connected.
    • Built-in retractable cord:
      • Allows the headset to be plugged into any device with a headphone jack.
    • Memory card slot:
      • Covered.
      • Supports various types of memory cards.
      • Allows the headset to be used separately from any other piece of equipment.
  • They can be adjusted for a custom fit, placed behind or on top of the head and can be folded up to take a minimal amount of space.
  • They electronically cancel out (to an extent) all background noise.
Travel Case
  • Handle and wheels:
    • Collapsible.
      • Used for ease of travel.
  • It holds his computer equipment and regular clothing.
  • It is actually not a single big case, but multiple smaller cases - they can be joined together or separated depending on how much he needs to take with him.
  • Overall:
    • Separated into five sections.
    • Cylindrical pieces (below the shorter cylindrical piece) gradually decrease in circumference towards the bottom of "Deuce".
  • First/top section:
    • Gem:
      • Shaped like a sphere.
      • Opaque.
      • At the top of "Deuce".
      • Connected to the hemispherical piece.
    • Hemispherical piece:
      • Narrow end is connected to the gem.
      • Wide end is connected to the shortest cylindrical piece.
    • Shortest cylindrical piece:
      • Very short in length.
      • Connected to the hemispherical and shorter cylindrical pieces.
      • Serpentine creatures are attached to it on opposing sides.
    • Serpentine creatures:
      • Two.
      • Each has three rings hanging around the lowest part of their bodies.
    • Shorter cylindrical piece:
      • Short in length.
      • Connected to the shortest cylindrical piece and longer cylindrical piece.
    • Longer cylindrical piece:
      • Medium-long in length.
      • Connected to the shorter cylindrical piece and the topmost spherical piece.
  • Spherical pieces:
    • Four.
    • Each separates a section of "Deuce".
  • Second, third and fourth sections:
    • Cylindrical pieces:
      • Medium in length.
  • Fifth/bottom section:
    • Cylindrical piece:
      • Long in length.
      • Upper and lower halves are different colors.
      • Slightly rounded on the bottom.
  • Red for the gem and eyes of the serpentine creatures.
    [#FF0000 / RGB(255,0,0)]
  • White (metallic) for the hemispherical piece, the shorter cylindrical piece and the rings.
    [#FFFFFF / RGB(255,255,255)]
  • Blue (metallic) for the dorsal side of the serpentine creatures, cylindrical pieces and the top half of the top and bottom cylindrical pieces.
    [#0000FF / RGB(0,0,255)]
  • Gold (metallic) for the ventral side of the serpentine creatures, bottom half of the top and bottom cylindrical pieces and the spherical pieces.
    [#FFD700 / RGB(255,215,0)]
  • Its length is adjustable, from as small as a rod/wand up to its original length as a staff.
  • Unless the situation calls for lengthening/shortening it, he will carry this around with its length adjusted to that of a cane.
  • The serpentine creatures can also be moved around (independently or simultaneously) at their base.
  • He always carries this around when wearing his "Royal Blue" outfit.
Color Palette
  • Dark Blue: #0000A6 / RGB(0,0,166)
  • Blue: #0000FF / RGB(0,0,255)
  • Red: #FF0000 / RGB(255,0,0)
  • Gold: #FFD700 / RGB(255,215,0)
  • White: #FFFFFF / RGB(255,255,255)
  1. This shows the appearance of the "Abaertyn" logo on his laptop.
  2. This shows the appearance of the "XL Sword" logo on his laptop.
  1. This shows the appearance of "Deuce", in its three main forms (staff, cane and rod/wand, respectively).
    • Use as a reference for the overall appearance and colors of "Deuce".
    • Do not use as a reference for the serpentine creatures or textures.
  2. This shows the appearance of the upper half of "Deuce", in its cane form.
    • Use this as a reference for the serpentine creatures and textures.


  • He is curious, friendly and very intelligent, but is also shy. He is an optimist and tries to find good in the bad, but may be somewhat pessimistic if he's not in a good mood.
  • He tends to be a perfectionist and doesn't stop working on something until it is just how he wants it (or until he is told to stop because it's good enough). He is also resourceful, although certain methods of his resourcefulness may seem odd to others.
  • He likes to study things to see how they work (or, if doing a job, how to properly perform it) and to find improvements where possible.
  • There are indications that he may have Asperger's Syndrome, due to how he tends to act.
  • He always wants to be nice to others and tends to be very forgiving...but he's also somewhat naïve and can be manipulated. Depending on the case, he may be able to pick up on this, allowing him to catch on to it in time to prevent the manipulation from going too far.
  • At times, it may seem like he doesn't care about others, as if he can't show empathy - this is not intentional, as he is incapable of being able to properly show that emotion. In his opinion, he considers this to be something of a double-edged sword.
  • His attitude and work ethic tends to reflect that of whoever he is currently around, especially with work-related matters: he likes being around those who are nice to him and will be nice to them in return - in addition, he will do his job well and with more effort than what he was asked to do. He does not care to be around those who are mean to him and will try to stay away from them (but will avoid being rude in doing so) - in addition, he will only do the work he was told to do and nothing more; in rare cases (especially for work that he's not suited for), he will cut corners to get away from this kind of work (and that kind of person) as soon as possible.
  • For as smart as he is, he always tends to mentally try and do too many things at once, some of it being his work and some being the work assigned by others. This tends to make him appear a little absent-minded, losing track of the things he's been asked to do while trying to take care of the things he's already in the process of doing.
  • Others have said he's attractive and considers it truth, but he doesn't let that go to his head - if anything, he doesn't care too much about his appearance, but makes sure he looks OK if going out somewhere.
  • He rarely takes his shirt off, since he's very shy about his figure and doesn't want to be teased about it. One exception is in places like a Jacuzzi, a pool or at the beach - so many others are shirtless in those places that he can blend in with them, allowing him to enjoy being in those places enough to not care about being teased.
  • In terms of physical strength, he is rather weak, due to a lack of exercise and wanting to get out of hard physical labor as much as he can. He claims this is because the heat he feels when doing hard work wears him out quickly, along with feeling that he can get much more work accomplished by performing many less-strenuous tasks instead.
  • He doesn't socialize with others much (again, due to shyness), tending to keep quiet and to himself. However, if others are talking about something in his field of interest, he may become quite involved with it and with those who are talking about it. His level of socialization with others is directly related to how long he has known them; he can be fairly social with others he doesn't really know, but this is very rare. He also secretly studies how others act: not only does this help out with his own social awkwardness, it also helps him understand the feelings and emotions (especially subtle ones) of others - this is something he has always had trouble understanding.
  • With all the arguments/debates he has had to listen to in his life, he wants to avoid arguing/debating with anyone unless absolutely necessary. Even then, he tries to be on the neutral side (or as close as he can get to it) in these arguments/debates, as he wants them to be over as soon as possible.
  • He tends to stay away from others who talk/argue in a loud voice, as he has heard this for so many years that he is sick of listening to it.
  • He is usually quiet but, when he does speak, he tends to talk fast. This is due to the fact that, on numerous occasions, others have spoken right over him when it was clearly his turn to speak. He prefers chatting online to speaking in person due to this, as it puts him on equal footing with whomever he is speaking to; he also feels more comfortable when doing so, since he is not speaking to them in person.
  • If someone tries to flirt with him or point him towards someone he should flirt with, he feigns a lack of interest - while he may actually have a genuine interest in flirting with them, he feels that humiliating himself (due to his shyness) is too risky to justify doing so.
  • Though he is interested in more than just physical qualities, he loves the sight - and especially the feeling - of bare stomachs. That part of the body is extremely attractive to him, making it likely that he has alvinolagnia (a stomach fetish).
    • He finds bare stomachs to be the most attractive when the navel is also exposed. Unpierced and pierced navels are equally attractive to him.
      • For pierced navels, he only finds them attractive if there is a single piercing; he considers multiple navel piercings to be unattractive.
    • He tends to stare at them when the opportunity arises - especially in cases where someone's shirt is just long enough to cover their waist, but exposes it when they stretch - but tries to do so in such a way as to avoid drawing attention to himself.
    • The types of stomachs he finds attractive (from most to least) are:
      • Soft: they jiggle/bounce when moving around, have a "plush" feel to them and come in various shapes and sizes (affecting the way they can jiggle/bounce, as well as how "plush" they feel). He prefers to see this type of stomach on someone with a slender or chubby body type.
      • Toned: their "creases" feel interesting, they have a "solid" feel to them and they are relatively rare. He prefers to see this type of stomach on someone with an athletic or muscular body type. Not to be confused with "hard" stomachs (which are not flat and bulge outward).
      • Hard: they have a "mostly solid" feel to them (and tend to be practically spherical in shape). He prefers to see this type of stomach on someone with an otherwise slender body type; however, regardless of body type, this type of stomach must be the result of a "temporary" situation (i.e., it is either the result of consuming a lot of food/drink/air/etc. or - to a much lesser extent - the result of being pregnant). If this type of stomach is not the result of a "temporary" situation, he considers it less attractive than a "slender" stomach. Not to be confused with "toned" stomachs (which are flat and do not bulge outward).
      • Slender: it was the type of stomach to which he was initially attracted. However, it has become so common that he lost a lot of interest in it. He prefers to see this type of stomach on someone with a slender body type.
  • He also seems to have an attraction for clocks (analog only), but hides this from others due to it being something rather strange, especially when - prior to being in his new body - he was never attracted to them at all...
  • He is a picky eater/drinker: while he may occasionally try something new (or, rarely, lose interest in a food/drink he used to enjoy), he prefers to eat/drink things he has enjoyed since childhood.
  • He tries not to eat/drink in excess, usually because he is not hungry/thirsty. However, it is also because the chemical mixture he took has made it impossible for him to determine how full he really is - he can consume far more than normal individuals (almost as if his stomach were a bottomless pit) because of this.
    • Since he cannot determine his level of fullness, he often eats/drinks until his stomach looks slightly - yet noticeably - larger than it did prior to his eating/drinking. If he loses track of what he has been eating/drinking at the time, he may consume so much that his stomach ends up looking extremely bloated (to the point where he can no longer cover it with a regular shirt; if he is wearing pants with a button waistband, the button may - depending on the type of button in use - force itself open or fly off of his pants).
  • He is reluctant to eat things like vegetables and anything with a potent odor, but will only refuse to eat them if their smell and/or taste are too potent for him to stand. In this case, he will show enough respect to finish what's on his plate (excluding that which he can't stand to eat) or until he feels he's full, whichever is less.
  • He enjoys things like pizza, seafood, junk foods and fruit, tending to eat quite a bit of these things. In this case, he will usually eat until he is slightly past the point of fullness. However, if the food is really good, he will pig out on it.
  • The food of one land in particular, due to the ingredients used, is the lone exception to this rule: he likes anything and everything he can get in that place, even that which he wouldn't otherwise eat.
  • He enjoys things like caffeinated beverages, grape juice (both regular and, especially, white) and strawberry milkshakes (his personal favorite). He often drinks caffeinated beverages, as he is somewhat addicted to the caffeine.
  • He is reluctant to drink water, as he doesn't like its smell or taste. This is based on his past experiences from tap water he has tried at other places.
  • He is also reluctant to drink alcohol - to him, it's either too weak (beer), he can taste the vinegar in it (wine) or it's far too strong (tequila - not even a sip will cause him to cough uncontrollably until he can get some water). However, he will drink it on certain occasions (namely toasts). The amount of alcohol he will have is no more than a can of beer (or its equivalent) or whatever he can stand to drink without coughing or feeling sick, whichever is less.
  • He doesn't smoke, as he cannot stand the smell.
  • The only drugs he will take are ones prescribed/administered to him (due to illness or surgery) or over-the-counter ones. In either case, he will only take them for the purpose (and in the dose) recommended to him.
  • He tends to over-analyze a lot and is extremely picky when it comes to detail. While he may also focus obsessively on one particular thing or take the time to organize things that no one else cares to organize, he is not obsessive-compulsive: in some cases, he really wants to get something done (or working), but - in other cases - he is just doing something out of boredom. If he can't find anything to keep him occupied, he might daydream or, if tired enough, fall asleep.
  • When he is talking about something, he may speak at a fast pace - in some cases, he may speak so fast that one may need to ask him to repeat himself. This is due to his past experiences when talking with others: he was often interrupted in the middle of a conversation, yet was not allowed to finish it even after the interruption was resolved. As a result, he speaks fast in order to finish what he wanted to say, without interruption. Also, he tends to be overly descriptive when he asks or talks about something, as he is not good at describing certain things in only a few words.
  • If he's working on something, he tends to tune out everyone and everything else, sometimes to the point where he appears to be in a "trance". To snap him out of this "trance", he may have to be interrupted (by tapping him on the shoulder and/or speaking to him).
  • He tends to hide whatever he is doing/reading/watching from others, before they can see what it was. This is due to past events, where someone saw what he was doing/reading/watching and then loudly announced it - something he greatly dislikes. As a result, he often tends to be falsely accused of looking at or doing certain things.
  • Loud noises (including others' conversations/arguments) are something he hates, since they break his concentration when trying to think or work. If the noise gets too loud for him, he will - depending on the case - cover his ears, put on his headphones, or leave the area until the noise is back at an acceptable level.
  • He's fairly agile, has a good sense of timing and is flexible enough to squeeze through some tight spaces - these things help him do certain tasks more skillfully than anyone would have expected from him. Unfortunately, he's also a bit clumsy - he may bang into things by accident (if he's not paying attention) or slip on certain surfaces (depending on the moisture of his feet and/or the surface). In rare cases - especially if he has been walking around a lot - one of his ankles may suddenly bend (in a direction away from the center of his body), causing him to trip and fall in pain. Although that ankle will hurt for a few moments, it has not suffered any real damage - he just has to stay off of it for a few minutes before resuming what he was doing before the fall.
  • If he is deep in thought and not sitting/lying down at the moment, he may pace around aimlessly for a while (as if he was in one of his "trances"). Sometimes, for no real reason, he will also momentarily walk with his heels in the air (on the ball of his foot) or with his arms behind his back (with each hand grabbing onto the forearm, right after the elbow, of the opposite arm). He knows he's pacing around and makes sure not to trip or run into anything; even so, he doesn't really pay attention to where he goes, sometimes traveling up or down a flight of stairs into other rooms while in thought.
  • Due to having a very poor sense of fashion - his "Cool Blue" outfit is a perfect example of this - he tends to need a bit of help with finding matching sets of clothing.
  • He hates getting dirty. If eating something messy, he may put something (like a napkin or plastic bag) on one of his hands - this is to keep that hand clean and avoid having to wash it. Also, he may be seen washing his hands after doing certain non-dirty tasks, usually due to the smell of whatever is on his hands.
  • When having a conversation, he may occasionally (and unintentionally) say something that ends up being very embarrassing for him (but humorous for others). Usually, this is due to him being the last one to figure out the meaning of certain jokes (long after everyone else found out their meaning). However, he may also interpret a metaphorical interpretation as a literal one, along with mispronouncing a word because he doesn't know how to correctly pronounce it.


His soul had been separated from his physical, human body long ago, due to a freak accident. This pulled his soul into another world, along with leaving his body in a state unsuitable for supporting life (due to the intensity of the separation). For a few years, he lived as a spirit in that world, hoping that one day he would not only return to his own world, but also return in his own body.

During that time, he helped a small group of creatures on their quests and became close friends with them. They decided to return the favor - for all the times he helped them - and help him go back to his own world in his own body. First, they discovered a way to fuse a soul and body together; after that, they found out how to transport his body to their world. His original body was determined to be too damaged to repair, but enough research could be performed on it to make a pseudo-clone that would support life (once his soul was fused back into it).

While getting the necessary items and ingredients to perform the procedure, the group met up with two anthropomorphic wolves. The first, a prince of his homeland, but did not want to take over for his father, the king. He really wanted to become a great thief...but had also dreamed of becoming human someday. The second was a mage, scholar and the first wolf's only real friend (and vice versa). When the first wolf found out about what the group was planning to do, he saw to it that his friend would help get him the (cloned) human body, so his dream would finally come true.

The procedure for fusing a soul and body together was one step away from being finished for the human, who requested to be transported back to his world immediately following the procedure's completion. All that was left was to take his soul (contained in a crystal, in order to successfully complete the procedure) and fuse its contents with his physical body. However, before the procedure could be finished, the second wolf brought the first wolf's body and soul (also contained in a crystal) to the group - the second wolf learned of the procedure earlier and performed it on the first wolf by his request. The second wolf said that something happened to the first wolf, that separating his body and soul until now was the only way to save him, and that it is of utmost importance that he returns the first wolf - alive - to his homeland as soon as possible.

The group decided to help the second wolf and, when they weren't looking, he switched the crystals containing the human's and first wolf's soul before they returned to complete the procedure (first for the human and then for the wolf). As a result, when the procedure was finished for both of them, the human's soul ended up in the body of that anthropomorphic wolf and that wolf's soul ended up in his human body (also being the wolf's - now in a human's body - first great act of thievery).

When the wolf (now with the human's soul) found out what happened that day, he decided to go after the human (now with the wolf's soul) to find out why he switched the crystals (and, in turn, their bodies). During that time, he has traveled between many more worlds, changed his name and appearance (to avoid being mistaken for the human-with-wolf's-soul) and took up work in a trade that he did as a human long ago.

Eventually, the human-in-wolf's-body met up with the group again, finding out two major drawbacks to the procedure: the first one was the creation of a dimensional shift - this had temporarily split their world into two dimensions, which rejoined just as quickly as they had split. However, someone - the alternate-dimensional version of the caster - had made it through, causing problems for that group until he was killed by the original caster.

The other drawback was that they could not risk switching them back: if they attempted to go through with the procedure again, it would most likely kill the caster - along with both the human and wolf - in the process. As a result, they will have to live in each other's body for the rest of their lives - this is good news for the wolf-in-human's-body, but bad news for the human-in-wolf's-body.

Finally, the human-in-wolf's-body finds the wolf-in-human's-body (now going by the nickname of "Loop"), learning of his motives for the switch and the truth behind what happened on that day. Angered at the human's selfishness for stealing what was to be his body - forcing him to live in a different body for the rest of his life - a fight ensued between them. Fortunately, it did not last for long: not only were they both physically weak, but they had also eventually realized that they were only really harming themselves, rather than each other. They finally manage to put aside their differences and become friends. After this, they went their separate ways...but will end up bumping into each other constantly in the future.

Although he lost his original body and can no longer go back to his own world, he gained the chance to have a life now, something he hasn't had since that accident so long ago...

Roleplaying Information


Blue Mage (Technique Assimilator)

Magical Attunements


Technique Assimilation
  • An ability that allows him to learn and use the techniques of others.
  • He can learn a technique:
    • Directly, by being hit with it; or
    • Indirectly, by studying it long enough to understand its mechanics.
  • New techniques can be created by modifying and/or fusing existing techniques.
  • The power of his techniques is based on four factors:
    • Experience with using a technique;
    • Physical statistics;
    • Status effects; and
    • Equipment.
  • In most cases, his version of a technique will most likely be much weaker than the original one. However, those that are not based on statistics or experience will be at approximately the same strength.
    • As his physical statistics and experience in the use of these techniques increases, the power of his techniques will also increase.
Blue Magic
  • An alias for "Technique Assimilation" - it is referred to by this name in realms that support the use of magic.
  • When he learns a spell:
    • He will see the spell's "seal", which appears as a glowing and intricate design. The "seal":
      • Is different for every spell.
      • Will only be seen by him.
      • Can be used by himself or others to cast that spell:
        • This is done by drawing the "seal" on a solid surface, followed by placing both hands on the "seal" until the spell has been cast.
        • It can be cast without knowing how to use the spell.
        • It can be cast by those who cannot use (or have an insufficient supply of) magic energy. In this case, it will use some of the caster's life energy in place of the magic energy.
    • The "seal" will slowly zoom in towards his face, disappearing right before it passes his eyes.
    • Once the "seal" disappears, an unusual resonating sound can be heard in the area around him.
    • At the same time the resonating sound occurs, his left hand will be visibly surrounded with a blue, rotating triangular aura, with lighter blue rays emanating from the center of it out to the edge of the triangle.
    • A second or two later, the sound will stop and the aura will disappear, indicating that he has now learned a new Blue Magic spell.
  • When casting a spell:
    • His hands will glow. The light will:
      • Be faint and slow-pulsing when he starts preparing to cast the spell.
      • Become brighter and pulse faster as he continues to prepare the spell.
      • Be fairly bright and fast-pulsing when the spell is ready to cast.
    • He will hold his hands vertically at chest level - with his palms facing each other - and pull them away from each other (as far as possible).
    • He will clap his hands together so that they are flat against each other, which completes the casting of the spell.
    • Clapping his hands together will generate the same sound and aura as when he learns a Blue Magic spell, except that the aura will be much larger and will now surround both of his hands.
      • The sound and aura will last longer - for a few seconds - before they fade.
    • Certain spells may require that he makes additional motions before, during and/or after the casting of the spell.
Observation / Analysis
  • An ability that allows him to determine the various statistics of others.
  • The statistics include the target's:
    • Remaining life energy;
    • Remaining magic energy;
    • Current status effects;
    • Weaknesses; and
    • Other information (in certain cases).
  • When first used on a target, the information provided by this technique will be rather vague:
    • The remaining life/magic energy figures will be a rough estimate.
    • Many status effects / weaknesses will fail to be detected.
  • As he continues to use this technique on the same target, its accuracy improves:
    • The remaining life/magic energy figures will now be more precise.
    • Overlooked status effects / weaknesses will now be revealed.
  • The gem:
    • Absorbs magic energy, allowing for it to be focused and amplified - this allows his weakened versions of spells to function at full power. There are three ways in which the gem can absorb magic energy:
      • By charging, from holding on to "Deuce" while casting a spell.
        • While preparing to cast a spell:
          • Small spheres of light will be pulled from a short distance outside of the gem into its center, causing it to have a faint glow.
          • The rings hanging on the serpentine creatures will float off of them, gathering around the small white piece of "Deuce". They will then float around on both sides of "Deuce" in the formation of wings (making "Deuce" resemble a caduceus), glow and slowly spin around the base.
        • When the spell is ready to be cast:
          • The gem's glow will be somewhat bright.
          • The rings will be spinning quickly.
        • After the spell is cast:
          • The gem and rings will stop glowing.
          • The rings will stop spinning and return to their original positions on the serpentine creatures.
      • By indirect absorption, from ambient magic energy:
        • Once it reaches a surplus, that magic energy will be released as a spell.
          • If the gem has directly absorbed at least one spell since its last release of magic energy, the spell cast by the gem will be limited to the element(s) and/or status effect(s) present in any currently-absorbed magic energy.
          • If the gem has not directly absorbed any spells since its last release of magic energy, the spell it casts will be random.
        • This action does not use any of his magic energy.
        • He cannot control the spell.
        • It will start radiating magic energy:
          • Small spheres of light (now in groups) will be sent outside the center of the gem, giving off a bright, slow-pulsing glow.
          • The pulse of the glow will increase in speed, becoming fast-pulsing when it is ready to cast the spell.
        • It appears to know who to target, based on the spell being cast:
          • Allies are targeted for healing and positive-status-effect spells.
          • Enemies are targeted for attack and negative-status-effect spells.
          • It may target one ally/enemy or all allies/enemies, regardless of how many targets the original spell supports. This tends to change the spell's potency and/or success rate.
        • Absorption/reduction/nullification of a specific spell's element, along with the presence of magic-dispelling/reflecting barriers, is not taken into account when it casts a spell.
      • By direct absorption, from being hit with a spell:
        • This provides a significant amount of magic energy, which - like with indirect absorption - will be released as a spell once a surplus is reached.
          • The spell cast by the gem will be limited to the element(s) and/or status effect(s) present in any currently-absorbed magic energy.
          • Absorbing a spell that uses element(s) and/or status effect(s) present in any currently-absorbed magic energy will amplify the power of those element(s) and/or status effect(s) in the spell cast when that magic energy is released.
        • If he is preparing to cast a spell, the gem will also absorb the magic energy of his spell.
        • If he is not preparing to cast a spell, the absorbed magic energy may immediately be cast back at the target.
          • Strong, high-magic-energy spells will rarely need to hit the gem more than once.
          • Weak, low-magic-energy spells will need to hit it multiple times.
    • Can act as a lightning rod for spells, drawing almost any spell cast at this time away from the spell's intended target(s) and towards itself.
      • This is done by holding up "Deuce" so that the gem stands high above his head, followed by applying a specific type of magic energy to the gem (to temporarily increase its range of magic absorption).
      • If "Deuce" is lowered before the gem can begin to absorb the spell, the spell will end up hitting him instead.
      • Some spells will be too strong for him to absorb with the gem in this manner. In this case, the spell will continue towards its intended target(s) instead of being drawn towards the gem.
      • If it is being used as a lightning rod, it will absorb spells in the same manner as if it had been directly hit with a spell.
    • Can repel magic energy, allowing "Deuce" to function as a magic-deflecting/reflecting weapon.
      • This is done by applying a specific type of magic energy to the gem (to reverse its magic-absorption polarity, causing a magic-repelling barrier to be generated around the gem and "Deuce").
      • The gem will not be able to absorb any magic energy while the magic-repelling barrier is in place. To dispel the barrier, the magic-absorption polarity of the gem must be returned back to its original state. This will happen on its own after a certain amount of time has passed, but it can also happen:
        • By applying a specific type of magic energy to the gem (to undo the reversal of its magic-absorption polarity).
        • After a sufficient amount of magic energy has been repelled.
      • Any currently-absorbed magic energy will be released (as a spell) when the magic-repelling barrier is generated.
    • Can be used to replenish his magic energy:
      • This is done by applying a specific type of magic energy to the gem (to allow him to draw out any of its stored magic energy and absorb it as his own).
      • It has to have absorbed at least one spell since its last release of magic energy.
      • There is a slight risk of accidentally unleashing the stored magic energy on himself (as a spell) during this process, preventing him from absorbing it as magic energy.
  • The two serpentine creatures have their own magical properties:
    • Looking into the eyes of one of them will heal the viewer, but looking into the eyes of the other will poison the viewer.
      • Since they are identical, the effect is usually - and unfortunately - the opposite of what was intended.
  • "Deuce" also has non-magical uses, if the current realm does not support magic:
    • It can be used as (but is not limited to):
      • A staff;
      • A rod/wand;
      • A cane;
      • A golf club;
      • A pole (to vault over obstacles);
      • A grapple;
      • A pogo stick; or
      • A (weak) battering ram (to hit things from a short distance).
    • He can also do some fancy twirling with it to create a distraction or, if the need arises, use it as a tool to assist in escaping or solving a puzzle.
  • If he has "Deuce" in hand, he does not need to make any motions in order to cast a spell.
  • If anyone else has "Deuce" in hand, they will be able to make use of it in the same manner as him.

This was formerly a staff owned by Entanebx - or so it seemed. Its real owner, Genghis, was released from his dimensional prison, took the staff back and killed Entanebx. In time, Ragnarok had found Genghis and, in their final battle, killed him. Once that was done, Ragnarok broke the staff - this released stored magic energy in the form of memories that showed him his former life. The broken staff was kept as a memento of the fight.

Eventually, Wolfey visited Ragnarok and Excalibur during a trip back to their world. After talking to them for a bit, Ragnarok gave the broken staff to Excalibur, who repaired it and also gave it a few modifications (at Wolfey's request). The staff was recolored - it was originally just silver all over, except for the red gem, which remained unchanged. It was also retrofitted with nanotechnology to make its length adjustable (from as small as a rod up to its original length as a staff) and also allowed the serpentine creatures to be moved around at their base - both of these features have made the staff much more versatile than it was before.

When the repairs were finished, Ragnarok gave the staff to Wolfey as a gift, as well as for protection in his future travels. One thing that Wolfey did not find out was the true origin of the gem: it is from Ragnarok's former world, known under two different names - the Carmot of Metamorphosis (in their world) and Flamel's Rock (in its world of origin) - and, in every physical quality except for shape, looks identical to Ragnarok's gem (when in his Esper form). Ragnarok and Excalibur are the only two who know of this secret (which was found out during the repairs) and withheld that information from Wolfey for his own safety.

Additional Data

Physical Appearance
  • Its value includes most of his body, from the bottom of his feet to the top of his scalp.
  • Its value excludes his hair and ears.
Feminine Proportions

Originally, he had a completely masculine figure. However, he was tricked into taking a highly addictive chemical mixture, which had an unusual (and, at the time, unknown) side effect: it caused him to gradually develop feminine proportions for a significant portion of his body.

His waist was affected the most, followed by the rest of his torso (chest, back, hips and butt) and his thighs - these parts look completely feminine. Away from his torso, the effects are gradually reduced - parts closer to his torso look more feminine than masculine and parts farther away from his torso look more masculine than feminine. His tail and the areas farthest away from his torso (neck, head, wrists, hands, ankles and feet) are unaffected - they look completely masculine.

"Soft" Body
  • His body fat feels far softer than it appears; even his muscle tissue feels soft. Compression (by constriction, clothing and/or position) causes it to bulge or spill out and make him look heavier than he really is.
  • He can no longer determine how tight his clothes are, unless they're cutting off his circulation. To him, tight clothing is just as comfortable as loose clothing.

The chemical mixture that caused the development of his feminine proportions also caused a significant increase in his appetite - this resulted in him gaining a massive amount of weight. He was eventually weaned off of the mixture. However, due to the condition of his body, weight loss by exercise or surgery was deemed to be too risky.

Fortunately, one of his friends - after studying the mixture - created a safe method for him to lose weight: another mixture, this one being an ingestible powder. In addition to helping him safely lose the excess weight, it would also re-tighten the areas of his body that would otherwise have remained loose after his weight loss. Once he finished taking it, no further treatment would be required to fix his body.

Before he could take it, someone got hold of the second mixture and accidentally spilled some of its contents down a drain. Since no other vials in the area contained that same mixture, the lost material was replaced with a similar-looking powder. Unfortunately, that powder was a type that could soften any kind of stone - it was used to simplify stone sculpturing and/or transportation.

Fortunately, even with the altered mixture, he still managed to lose most of the excess weight. However, due to missing some of the original powder, he remained a little heavier - and, in some places, thicker - than he originally was.

Due to being combined with the second mixture, the stone-softening powder had a side effect: it bonded with any part of his body that was affected by the second mixture. Most of it bonded with his fat tissue, with the rest bonding to his muscle tissue, ligaments and tendons. While his outward appearance remains the same and the function of these tissues is unaffected, his entire body - including the "skinny" parts - feels soft.

As a side effect of the softening, the affected tissues have become much more flexible, greatly increasing his range of motion. However, he does not show off his increased flexibility, as he is not used to - and very shy about - having the ability to move parts of his body beyond their former, pre-softened limits.

The second mixture affected his midsection the most: it now feels extremely soft, far more than what should be physically possible at its size. Due to its level of softness, it can absorb the force of blunt-object attacks - unless he is hit rather hard, he will barely feel them. In addition, he can let others sleep on it like a pillow. Finally, his stomach can now expand beyond its normal limits, allowing him to consume large amounts of food and drink without feeling full.

"Shaded" Feelings
  • When wearing his mirrorshades, his eyes usually cannot be seen by others - this can make it difficult to determine what he is currently feeling. If he is wearing them:
    • His mood can be represented by raising or lowering his hair's center tip.
    • His current emotion - and/or where he is looking - can be represented by changing the shape of his mirrorshades, as if they were his eyes.
    • Both of these are optional and are only meant to be used for dramatic effect.
Origins and Descriptions
Timoteo Pavel Wulve
  • Based on the equivalent of each part of his former real name in other languages.
  • The first name is the Italian/Portuguese/Spanish translation of "Timothy".
  • The middle name is the Bulgarian/Czech/Russian/Slovene translation of "Paul".
  • The last name is the German translation of "wolf" (spelled "wulf"), with a "v" instead of an "f" and a silent "e" added at the end.
  • Based on a mispronunciation of his real last name.
  • It ensures that others don't forget the silent "e" in his real last name, which is often unintentionally omitted.
Fenrisúlfr Conrí Wulv'Dhenn, III
  • The first name is taken from Norse mythology.
  • The middle name is of Irish origin.
  • The origins of his last name and suffix are unknown, although he has mentioned that they are meant to sound "regal"; others assume that they are just for show.
  • For personal reasons, he refuses to reveal how he came up with this name.
  • A variant spelling of "Fenrisúlfr" in Norse mythology.
  • Based on the name of a character from a story, which may have inspired one of his favorite sci-fi movies.
  • To make it more interesting - as well as unique - he applied two simple ciphers to it.
  • In an interesting twist, half of the letters in the encrypted name are identical to - and in the same position as - the letters of the original name.
  • He uses this name for his personal symbol (which doubles as his logo) and his laptop.
  • Short for "caduceus", as its rod/wand form somewhat resembles one.
  • The name is fitting, given the "duality" in both its appearance and functions.
  • An outlined, simplified caricature of his face.
  • Inspired by the logo featured in a comic strip that he read.
  • He uses this symbol for his personal belongings, as well as a logo for his "business".
  • The numerical form of his full name.
  • It is calculated by adding together the value of each letter; these values are their numbers in sequence, from 1 to 26.
  • He uses this number - either unaltered or as part of a cipher - wherever he sees fit.
XL Sword
  • A small sword forming the letter "X", with a small sliver cut out of it that forms the letter "L".
  • This is the logo of the "manufacturer" for his laptop.
Silent Sound
  • Two sine waves, one inverted and overlapping the other (resembling a double helix segment), with two glyphs in the center.
  • The glyphs are the manufacturer's name, in Japanese - "黙" and "音" - supposedly translating to "silent sound" or "[the] sound of silence".
Dimensional Storage
  • During his travels - and because he no longer had a permanent home - he needed to find a place to store all of the stuff he had acquired. Thanks to someone he had befriended (when he was a spirit), he managed to get ownership of a portion of dimensional space.
    • It primarily serves as a storage area.
    • He also uses it as a personal residence, not tied to any particular world. This allows him to use it as a "home away from home" to get away from distractions, or as a "safety zone" for emergency situations.
  • To prevent trespassing and theft/destruction of his property, a special symbol was used to seal off access to this space.
    • This symbol is tied to his own life energy - it ensures that only he can open access to it, along with allowing him to access it from any world.
    • One of the rooms in his dimensional space also has this symbol, which serves as an arrival point when accessing it.
  • To access his dimensional space, he must draw that symbol on a (relatively) flat surface.
    • The surface must be able to retain an image long enough for him to activate the symbol.
  • Once it is activated, he will be teleported to that space, along with anything/anyone making contact with his body or the activated symbol.
    • As a safeguard, he will only be able to access it if he has enough life energy at the moment of activation - if his life energy is too low to successfully perform the activation, he will faint before it can take effect.
  • While required to access his dimensional space, the symbol is not required to leave it. Anyone with access to a method of teleportation can leave at any time, either returning to the departure point or a location of their choice.


By Myself
  • Reference Sheet: Body
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  • Physical Appearance: Clothed - "Cool Blue" Outfit
  • Outfit ("Cool Blue"): Glasses [Mirrorshades]
  • Outfit ("Cool Blue"): Shirt [Jersey]
  • Outfit ("Cool Blue"): Shirt [Jersey] - Shoulder Designs
  • Outfit ("Cool Blue"): Pants [Shorts]
  • Outfit ("Cool Blue"): Watch
  • Equipment: "Deuce" - Staff, Cane and Rod/Wand Forms
  • Miscellaneous: "Abaertyn" Symbol
  • Miscellaneous: "XL Sword" Logo
By Others
  • Katbox "Wolfey" YGO Card
  • Wolfey birthday
  • Wolfey bday present

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Physical Appearance
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  • <Mixed Sources>:
    • 1:
      • CharleyFox: Created a model of Star Fox's Krystal - hands and feet were traced from this model; feet were further modified to have five toes
      • wrytergirl: Created a drawing of my avatar ("Wolfey birthday") - shortened muzzle, shortened facial tufts, tail curvature and tail tips were based off of that drawing
      • <Myself>: Created remaining parts of this reference image - picture was originally traced from the "Reference Sheet: Sprites" image
    • 10:
      • (See referenced page for full list)
  • <Unknown Sources>: 3
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  • <Mixed Sources>:
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