The Adventures of Ragnarok and Excalibur

Chapter 9

Dances with a Wolf

In another place on the southeastern part of the World of Ruin, known as Mobliz, the Esper, Fenrir, who looked like a wolf, was challenging Odin to a fight, and the duo comes to put an end to it.

"I'll put an end to you!" Fenrir exclaims.

"Not on your abnormal life!" Odin retorts.

"Okay, fellas, break it up, break it up!" Excalibur remarks angrily.

"Excalibur? Ragnarok?" Odin and Fenrir say in a confused manner.

"Yeah, we're here to stop this stupid fight!" Ragnarok said.

They stopped the fight, but were a bit brutal with it.

"I hope no one was hurt badly," Ragnarok snickered.

"Me, too, ha, ha!" said Excalibur.

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