The Adventures of Ragnarok and Excalibur

Chapter 6

Underwater Travel

Another treasure was found underwater, but was never retrieved. The treasure was the Economizer, an item that cuts the amount of magic used to one magic point.

"I've heard that not one single human ever unearthed the treasure because of a shark and a disruptor that made them have to go to the bathroom. Every single time a human went to grab the treasure, they had the uncontrollable urge to use an outhouse," Ragnarok said.

"Ragnarok, you're forgetting that we're not mammals, we're swords! We don't have to use an outhouse. In fact, we don't have to be speaking about this!" Excalibur retorted.

"I doubt," Ragnarok whispered, "that sharks can even chew metal! Let's get the Economizer!"

They both travel underwater to get the treasure, and succeed.

"That was too easy!" Ragnarok exclaimed.

"I'll keep it, since you got to keep the Gem Box," Excalibur remarked.

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