Funny Screenshots

Here are various screenshots (unedited and edited) which I have found to be humorous in one way or another.

If you want to submit a Funny Screenshot to be put up on my website, just send me an E-Mail with the picture, the game (and system) the screenshot is from, whether or not you edited it to make it into a Funny Screenshot, a caption for the picture (if you want, I can make one, though there's no guarantee it will sound right - My captions for viewer-submitted screenshots will have a (!) at the beginning of the caption), and (most importantly) your name.

NOTE: I take no responsibility for the content of any submitted caption, as, after all, they aren't my words =P

My Screenshots
He's saying to make "creative" use of something...But what?
(EarthBound, SNES) ...From the looks of it, yes!
(Final Fantasy IV, SNES) And what is this "power"...?
(Final Fantasy IV, SNES) Seems even FF characters want a copy of this magazine...
(Final Fantasy V, SNES) This is truly a phallic weapon, from what the description tells you.
(The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, SNES) Super Mario RPG's Toad rips off a line from James Bond.
(Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, SNES)

Too bad this weren't a *real* job ability...
(Final Fantasy V, SNES)

Viewer's Screenshots
(!) Uh, don't ask how these people got in *this* position...
(Hitman, PC, sent in by Fergard) (!) What IS it with these chickens, anyway?
(Lunar: the Silver Star, SNES, sent in by BobCFed08) Tonight, on a very special "Ellen"...
(Daggerfall, PC, sent in by BobCFed08) Shall I just sweep this out?
(Daggerfall, PC, sent in by BobCFed08) We want...A SHRUBBERY!
(Daggerfall, PC, sent in by BobCFed08) Innkeeper: "That'll be 35 gold pieces and my soul. You've bartered down to that."
(Daggerfall, PC, sent in by BobCFed08) Mad cows disease? What gives you that idea?
(Daggerfall, PC, sent in by BobCFed08) You are now entering Circe's Island.
(Daggerfall, PC, sent in by BobCFed08) This is your pot.
This is your stash of pot in a pot.
This is your pot of pot floating in the air after smoking some pot.
Any questions? (Daggerfall, PC, sent in by BobCFed08) Don't worry, ma'am, we'll get your cat down...
(Daggerfall, PC, sent in by BobCFed08) Kids these days, always saying some wise-ass crap...
(Daggerfall, PC, sent in by BobCFed08)

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