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Site Overhaul Checklist

March 16, 2008 at 3:48 PM

This page will be used to keep track of the progress of the site overhaul that was mentioned in the "Equivalent Error Explanations; Framework Fusion" post.


  • March 16, 4:50 PM: Created this page to track progress of the site overhaul.
  • April 2, 1:05 PM: This page is now open for comments. Feel free to post your suggestions, (constructive) criticism, etc. regarding the site overhaul.
  • April 2, 1:12 PM: The page titles in the "Menu" section are now in bold for readability. The "Using a "files" folder outside of Drupal" roadblock description has been updated.

Content Management

  • Pages: Hand-coded
  • Blog: WordPress
  • Guestbook: Guest Gear (part of HTMLGear, externally hosted by Tripod)
  • Drupal (version 6) will be used to manage all of the separate sections under one CMS
  • Sections like the "Characters" pages, guestbook, etc. will have their own content types
  • All files not required for the site to run (in this case, everything except Drupal and anything which must stay in the root directory) will be moved under a central "files" directory, subdivided by basic type ("Images", "Documents", etc.), then by a more specific type ("Pictures", "Photos", "Templates", etc.) and finally by which section of the site they are for (if a section of the site has enough of a certain type, such as "Characters")
  • Will make the pages easier to maintain, as they will all use the same backend
  • Will make site maintenance easier, as only a few files and folders will be in the root directory (CMS, site files, site icon, etc.) instead of having everything spread across many folders
  • Will avoid the loss of guestbook signatures, since the current guestbook is not hosted on my site


  • My pages, blog and guestbook all use slightly different versions of the same theme, due to their different frameworks; only their color schemes are the same
  • The prototype template will be rebuilt to fit Drupal's framework, as well as take advantage of its theming system
  • Since all of my content will be using the same framework (rather than three different ones), they will all be able to use just one version of the same theme; this will greatly simplify management (and troubleshooting when necessary), as well as make sure there is a consistent theme across the site


  • Home / Blog
  • FAQ
  • About Me
  • Contact Me
  • Whiteboard/Tagboard
  • Funny Screenshots
  • Pictures
  • Photos
  • Characters
  • Miscellaneous
  • Wishlist
  • Links
Likely to be Dropped
  • About Me: Was based on my "Characters" template, and some information is out of date; it will either be reduced to a few important fields (name, age, etc.) or removed entirely
  • FAQ: The questions listed are not "frequently asked"; it will be removed for the time being, until I get questions that are asked frequently enough to justify restoring it
Will be Dropped
  • Funny Screenshots: I have lost interest in creating them; I will hand over the rights to my own funny screenshots should anyone want to use them
  • Miscellaneous: I have lost interest in creating fanfics, parody songs, etc.; the Bomberman 64 cursors and "The Adventures of Ragnarok and Excalibur" will be moved to other parts of the site - "Wolfey's Workshop" for the former (they can still be useful), and the "Characters" page for the latter (as it has historical significance in regard to the site)
  • Site Counter: I have lost interest in keeping track of how many visitors I have; I would much rather read messages, blog comments or guestbook signings from my visitors than see how many have visited
  • Tagboard: Has been overrun by spammers, and is no longer worth maintaining
  • Whiteboard: Has had (relatively) low usage, and I have lost interest in moderating what is posted
  • (Main)
  • The Logical Lupus
  • Wolfey's Workshop
  • Resumé
  • Portfolio
  • Images
  • Characters
  • Wishlist
  • Contact Form
  • Links
  • (Main): The unified update system, combining "Home" and "Blog" into one
  • The Logical Lupus: Aka "Wolfey", my new SONA; he will take the place of Ragnarok, my previous SONA, and also be cross-listed under "Characters"
  • Wolfey's Workshop: Supersedes the "Miscellaneous" page; will list templates, guides, etc. - anything which can be of use to people
  • Images: The "Pictures" and "Photos" sections, combined into one to simplify management
  • Contact Me: Will contain the current methods of contact (excluding those that I no longer use), but will now also have a contact form in the event you can't contact me by any of the methods listed on that page
  • Links: New ones will be added, broken/no-longer-interesting ones will be deleted, and redirected/renamed ones will be updated; the links in my blog's sidebar will be moved to (and merged with) that page


  • Using a "files" folder outside of Drupal: This can be done, but Drupal requires the path to be preceded with "/..", which (slightly) bloats link length and causes issues with Internet Explorer 6; currently wondering if it is possible to do this without requiring "/.." at the beginning of the path


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