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Equivalent Error Explanations; Framework Fusion

March 16, 2008 at 3:59 PM

(This was originally part of the previous entry, but I decided to split it off into its own post.)

Awhile back, I realized that my blog displayed only a basic "Error 404 / File Not Found" error for its pages. I finally got around to fixing it up to display the same information that my current "Error 404 / File Not Found" page has - for those visiting the blog section of my site, that means you can now see the address being looked for, the referring address, notes on what you can do to find what you're looking for, and links back to the previous page, blog and site =)


That covers the "update" part - now for the "important" part: I'm looking to combine the separate pieces of my site (a WordPress blog, Tripod-hosted guestbook and hand-coded pages) into one unified piece with the help of a multipurpose CMS - in this case, Drupal. I've been using it at my job for the rebuilding of their site - so I know what it's capable of - and it would be perfect for use with my site. I'll also finally take advantage of the prototype template I mentioned about a long time ago, which will be reconfigured to take advantage of Drupal's theming system.

One thing that could be a problem is that I've heard about issues regarding using Drupal on a Dreamhost-hosted site, and I'm wondering if that may cause problems here, especially since I'm neither the owner of this domain nor (more importantly) this webspace and don't want to cause problems because of that. However, those issues may be regarding high-traffic, multiple-user sites, and my site is neither (definitely not the latter and I doubt the former ;P). Version 6 will be used in this case - I could've started out with 5, but I want to take advantage of 6's improved caching, which may be crucial given what I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph. I'll put it on the site to see how well it holds up and, if it does OK, I'll get to work on doing what I should've started a long time ago:

Working on the (badly-needed) massive overhaul of my site! ;)

The Blog Is Back!

September 5, 2007 at 6:11 PM

I'm not dead yet - just busy, as usual =P I'll have a regular blog post ready sometime later this month.

Anyway, you might have noticed the blog looks different from what it was before - in fact, it bears a striking resemblance to my main site. That's because I finally got off my butt and worked on fixing it up =)

Here's what I did:

  1. Backed up all files and database information regarding WordPress.
  2. Created a fresh installation of WordPress locally, using XAMPP.
  3. Compared the database fields between the fresh installation and the one I had on my site.
  4. Dropped all of the tables in the fresh installation's database and imported the contents of my site's in its place; any field not originally present in the fresh installation was excluded.
  5. Replaced a few links pointing to my site and blog in the database to point to the local copy of them instead; otherwise, entries would not show up or I would be redirected to my site's blog when viewing the administration pages.
  6. Took a look at the local copy to ensure that everything was working properly.
  7. Erased all WordPress files on my site and dropped all of its tables from my database.
  8. Uploaded the WordPress files and imported the database information from my local copy, changing the site links in #5 back to what they originally were.
  9. Downloaded a theme (Barecity) to replace the one I originally had (Steam), and tweaked it to match the layout of my site; I kept the font used earlier on my blog.
  10. Reinstalled most of my plugins; I am no longer using a few of them, and one (Filosofo Comments Preview, which provided the "Preview" button) is giving a fatal error when trying to activate it.

Aside from that one plugin, everything is working again (even Spam Karma!), and its layout matches up with the rest of my site now, which is very nice =D

Also, to help protect against spam, old blog entries will have comments closed. This includes any entry which has been around for over one year without comments, or one month from the last posted comment (provided the entry is already a year old; otherwise it will remain open until the later of the two dates). Should you have the need to comment on one of those entries, feel free to let me know and I'll reopen comments on it for one month from the last posted comment after the entry was reopened.

For those of you reading this, I have a few questions:

  1. Regarding "Filsofo Comments Preview", if anyone reading my blog uses it:
    1. Did you get a fatal error when trying to activate it?
    2. If so, is there a way to fix this - or something I should check - so I can get it working again?
    3. If not, or if you use a different plugin to provide a "Preview" button, could you tell me what you use? I know I have the "Preview Your Comment" field available (which shows what your comment looks like as you're editing it), but it requires JavaScript to run...and I prefer to have a backup if JavaScript is - for any reason - not available to the user.
  2. Regarding the "Creative Commons" license in the footer: This might be a stupid question, but does that cover everything on my site, everything in my blog, or just the blog template? I'm not sure if this is something I should worry about resolving, or if I just misinterpreted it and am worrying about nothing...

That's all I can think of for this entry - just wanted to let all of you know I'm still here =P

Systematically Managing Content

March 11, 2007 at 2:30 AM

Sorry for not posting in awhile - I've been pretty busy lately ^^;


Looks Like I’ve Got More Work to Do…

November 26, 2006 at 12:02 AM

I've been working on redesigning the county website (which will be switching to a CMS, rather than be updated by hand) since the 13th of this month. Unlike my previous jobs, this one's pretty much been the same work every day so far, so I'm not going to describe it here. Once I got the computer set up and added a few programs (including a local copy of the CMS they'll be using), I've just been working on modifying the template's code (adding/removing various plugins in the process) since then, until it's ready for use on the actual site =)


Back to Work, a (Nearly) Complete Character Page, and Ragnarok…in 3D!

September 28, 2006 at 11:23 PM

Thanks to a call I received earlier in the week, I'll be working in the Courthouse again, in Voter's Registration, starting Monday =)

Also, the character page for Wolfey is practically done - all that's left is having it looked over a bit to find and fix any issues I didn't notice beforehand (see the page titled "Review of Wolfey's Character Page" for details). Once that's done, I'll consider this an official character page =)

Also, I've recently been messing around with a 3D modeling program called Blender and, like I mentioned in a similar post regarding Inkscape (see the bottom section), there's some interesting stuff you can make with it: One thing in particular that I've made with it is a 3D model of Ragnarok's Esper form - rendered images (in PNG format) can be found here, and the actual 3D model can be found here (you'll need Blender to see it, though). The proportions aren't exact, and I haven't figured out a way to make the spiral "engraving" on the top of the hilt, but I'd say it's pretty good anyway - I've only been using the program for a few days, after all =)

A Sick Cousin, Church Issues, A Character Update, and Unemployment

September 19, 2006 at 6:12 PM

One of my cousins on my mother's side of the family (he's the youngest of five grandchildren; I'm the eldest of the five) nearly died last week, only a few days after his 12th birthday, when he was just fine. He was taken to Children's Hospital on September 14 (I was at work at the time) when he became gravely ill due to diabetic ketoacidosis. Aside from an increased appetite earlier in the year (which was overlooked, as his parents thought this was due to adolescence), he showed no signs of diabetes prior to this, and now he will have to live with this for the rest of his life =(


Issues at the church have become worse, and quite a few people (including some that went to the two churches - back when they were still separate, and long before the new church was built - for their entire lives) have left, though they said they may come back if these issues are resolved. Plus, I have to put up with my parents arguing with others constantly over these issues. Hopefully they'll be able to resolve them before it gets worse...


Trying to be a little upbeat now: some more work on the character page for Wolfey has been done (minor template revisions, a revised watch design, and some description changes). At this point in time, it's pretty much finished, and I'm going to work on getting his backstory ready =)

Also, once again, I'm unemployed (at least until the elections), and read on to see what I did for the last few weeks of work:


[Club] Work, [Website] Work, [and Character] Work…

June 15, 2006 at 11:44 PM

The Lions Club Awards Ceremony was held on the first of June, and it went pretty well: Mom won a "Lion of the Year" award, and we were both told that the brochure we worked on looked great - depending on the case, we might be doing another one for someone else, and this time get paid for it =D

Also, I've been working on a website for another one of my uncles - I got the Smarty template system working both locally on my computer and remotely on his site's server, which saved me a lot of time when working on that site =)

Speaking of the template system: Since it worked so well for that particular project, it might give me a reason to try working on the prototype template again, and finally get around to giving my site a much-needed makeover. First thing's first, though - I'll have to work with it a little while longer, not only to learn a bit more about it, but also to make sure I don't run into any roadblocks this time around.

Finally, the Characters section of my site has someone new, at the very bottom of it. He doesn't have an official listing there (yet - certain details need worked out first), but you'll see he does have his own page...if you look hard enough, that is ;)

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2006 at 12:00 AM

I just wanted to let all of you know I'm still here - I've been rather busy lately, but things are winding down, and I'll be sure to update my blog with what's been going on here soon.This is also the first post I've made that has a timestamp set in the future, so it didn't show up immediately after I published it - if all goes well, though, it should show up at midnight, when it will now be 2006 =)

Finally, I've just upgraded to WordPress 2.0 and so far, barring some possible (minor) redirection problems, things appear to be working good - If you're seeing any problems with pages that used to work, or regressions like different text for certain pages (which probably meant that I overwrote a file that I manually changed prior to the upgrade, and forgot to reapply those changes), tell me, and I'll try to fix them as soon as possible.

I've also changed the theme to use new colors - in this case, switching out the code in the current theme's stylesheet for the code in the Tagra* theme's stylesheet - as it fits in better with the color scheme of the rest of my site.

(* - The link to this theme does not exist anymore, and has been removed.)

Happy New Year, everyone! =D

TVs, Elections, Laptops, and Site Fixes

November 21, 2005 at 4:59 PM

Wow, I haven't posted here in over a month (and I'm back to my not-so-interesting titles =P)...And quite a bit has happened:


I Am Error.

October 15, 2005 at 6:20 PM

(Can't think of a better quote for this post, given what I've been fixing lately - This one's from the NES game Zelda II: The Adventure of Link =P)

I've recently fixed two issues with the site: With a few exceptions, you can now view the contents of any of my site's directories (instead of getting a 403/Forbidden error page), and the error pages themselves should work properly now =)

Both involved minor changes in my HyperText Access file - broken links were the cause of the latter...

...And speaking of broken links - would anyone know of PHP code that can display two URLs on a page: one would be the page a user was referred from, and one would be the page the user was trying to reach? It would really help me out if I could get that implemented, as it would make broken links coming into (or within) the site a lot easier to troubleshoot.

Also, after some looking around, I've made the directory view nicer, too - I have to thank Corz for granting the use of the .htaccess code and images for these...With some minor tweaks of my own in addition to that, of course ^_~

Finally, I'm working on adding a locally-hosted guestbook (in case my Tripod one might go down in the future): It'll be a Purple Yin one, which I decided to use as it worked for a website I helped set up recently, and only required minor tweaking to get it ready. I haven't had much time to mess around with it, but as soon as I can get it set up to look/work just like my current guestbook (or as close to it as possible), I'll copy the entries over from my old one and change the links on my site to point to the new one =)

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