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November 3, 2004

November 3, 2004 at 12:00 AM

As of yesterday, it's over - That was closer to half a month, really =(

Oh well...It was good experience for me: It was the first job I've had in three years, I got paid for it, there's the chance I may be called back if they need my help in the future, and they said they'll be sure to give me a good reference for any other job I may be applying for.

Speaking of jobs: I got a call yesterday evening from someone who might have a job for me, if all goes well =)

October 13, 2004

October 13, 2004 at 12:00 AM

Though I don't usually list the job interviews I've went in for, I've got a good reason for listing this one:

Yesterday, I went down to the Armstrong County Courthouse to take a typing test for a (temporary) position there - If I got this job, it would be the first time I've been (formally) employed in a little over three years. I went in, they got the test set up, and once I was finished, I was told to expect a call later that night, or sometime tomorrow (today, as of this entry), if I got the job.

Early this morning, I got a call from someone at the Armstrong County Courthouse - I got the job (and to make it even better - I also found out that they were very impressed with my speed during the typing test ^_^)!

It's only for a month (since it's for the election), but at least I have a job now! =D

August 29, 2004

August 29, 2004 at 12:00 AM

Slowly, but surely, the new template's coming ever closer to completion. Also, it's been renamed just recently - if the link was broken before (due to a previous renaming before this one, that I didn't update the link for), it should work now. Once I get the last few bugs worked out of it, I can finally update what's already on the site to use the new layout, and I can get back to adding new and interesting stuff to my site =D

April 27, 2004

April 27, 2004 at 12:00 AM

Happy (21st) Birthday to Me!

As of 10:23 EST this day, I am officially 21 =D

If you're curious to know what happened today:

  • Grandma and Aunt Sherrie took me out to eat lunch at Pizza Hut / Pasta Bravo. We had a nice meal there, and at the end of the meal, a few of the waitresses surprised me by giving me a cake - As well as singing a birthday song to the tune of "That's AmorĂ©" - Which I wasn't expecting ^_~
  • Later on in the day, Pappy took me over to the fire hall to vote (my mother works there during the elections). Given my party affiliation (No Party - And I was told I was the first one who came to vote who had that affiliation; Only three other people who voted today also had that same affiliation =P), I couldn't vote for any candidates, although I could vote on specific issues - Which means I looked at, and voted on, only one thing on that entire ballot =P

    (Kinda funny that the one time it fell on my birthday, it'd be on my 21st...)

  • I went over to Granny's afterwards, and had a nice supper there (stuffed shells and a few other things), plus another cake, and the traditional "Happy Birthday" tune ^_~
  • Then, Dad brought me home...And once my mother got home from the fire hall, the three of us, in celebration of my 21st birthday, split a beer - A third of the can apiece ^_^

    (That's not all I drank, by the way...A few hours later, when they were asleep, I went back up to the refrigerator and got a full can of beer for myself - And finished it off rather quickly ;P)

Work on the new template is coming along well =) It has taken awhile, but I should have it ready sooner or later...I just need to fix up a couple more things before I start converting the site to use the new layout =D

January 26, 2004

January 26, 2004 at 12:00 AM

I've updated my Photos page with all the pictures of Tango that I took with the digital camera, but never got around to putting on the page (Two more are left, but I do not have them available for uploading right now). No descriptions have been added to the new ones, due to reordering all Tango's photos so they're in the right order, and because (as the "Important Notice" at the top of the page states) I'm going to be restructruring that page anyway (along with the rest of the site).

The "Contact" and "Links" pages have been updated with new data, and the "Funny Screenshots" and "Photos" pages have had their formatting changed to make it look nicer.

I've been working behind the scenes on this one: A new template for my website! =D

Not only does it look far better than my old layout (IMO =P), but it also DOESN'T USE FRAMES! It also complies with W3C standards for HTML and CSS, too, something I'm striving for in this new layout =)

Feel free to contact me (via E-Mail, IM [if I ever get back on =P], or PM [on the message boards I frequent]) with your comments and suggestions regarding the new template. I especially want help from those of you who have done website design using standards-compliant HTML/CSS coding (preferably XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS Level 2), and can get the page to look good in all modern web browsers (including the three I'm testing with: Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla 1.6, and Mozilla Firebird 0.7).

January 5, 2004

January 5, 2004 at 12:00 AM

...Rest in Peace, Tango Paul Wolfe...

I hate to have this as the first update of the year, but...My dog, Tango, who has been with my family for almost ten years, was put to sleep early this morning ='(

Due to kidney failure, the last days were not good for him, and given all that he has gone through (including hypoparathyroidism-related seizures - These could only be prevented with daily calcium gluconate injections, as well as TUMS...And both of these had taken their toll on his kidneys after all this time), we decided to put an end to his suffering. I was told he went through the procedure without suffering...And he won't have to deal with the shots or anything else like that anymore - He's in a better place now...

...Rest in Peace, Tango Paul Wolfe...

December 25, 2003

December 25, 2003 at 12:00 AM

Merry Christmas!

Got a lot of stuff yesterday and today: Clothes (surprise, surprise =P), a leather jacket, a new pair of shoes (even though, IMO, my current ones are just fine), a few books (including a new Bathroom Reader, issue #16 ^_^) a wastebasket with a paper-shredder attachment (hopefully it won't fill up so fast, now ^_~), various kinds of candy (which I'm sure my parents will finish off before I can even try it ;P), a few other gifts, and most importantly...

A Color Laser Printer! =D

I've wanted one for quite awhile, and now I've finally got one: If you're curious, it's the HP Color LaserJet 2500L model, and, although I haven't had much time to mess around with it (since I've been at my relative's houses for most of the day), it'll be well worth it =D

As for the (now) old inkjet printer I have (the HP 2000Cxi model), I'll be hooking that up to the old computer, so that I don't need to boot up both computers just because the printer was hooked up to the other computer...And I'll have to see if it's possible to get that one repaired sometime, as it's been acting up lately: I've put it through a lot of work in the time I've had it, the only real "maintenance" done on it was cartridge and printhead replacement (to be honest, though, not much can be messed around with in that particular printer), and sometimes it will make unusual noises when it tries to print, which has been the case ever since it accidentally pulled in a small ream of paper through it earlier this year (if it makes those unusual noises, I'm sure it will lock up sometime during the printing process and force me to turn it off - once I leave it off for a few minutes and then turn it back on, though, it acts just fine, as if it never had a problem in the first place).

Although it's been busy this past month, everything went pretty well...And all I have left to say now is - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and I hope everyone here has a:

Happy New Year!

December 21, 2003

December 21, 2003 at 12:00 AM

Looks like I'll be having a change of plans - Rather than wait to get all the stuff set up and then move, I'm going to move the site to the new address right now. This way, I won't have to keep track of both sites, and can devote more of my free time (once the Christmas rush is over ;P) to getting to work on it. The new address is:


I will no longer be updating the Tripod-hosted site, so please update your bookmarks and website links to the new address above (if you stay on this page, you will be taken to the new address automatically in three minutes).

Also, I am undergoing a change of name: Excluding historical references (e.g. the origin of my Internet nicknames) and non-renamable accounts (e.g. my E-Mail address, my message board accounts) made before this change, I will no longer go by the name WolfeDen3. I will now go by the name Wolfey. If you have any references to the name WolfeDen3 on your site (excluding my E-Mail address, which will remain the same till I get the new one ready), please change them to Wolfey. Also the name of the site will be changing from WolfeDen3's Website to Wolfey's Website, so please change the name of the link as well, if you've listed it on your site...And if you're using the banner images, updated ones with the new name are available at the new address.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I'll be seeing you at the new address! =D

December 7, 2003

December 7, 2003 at 12:00 AM

I apologize for not updating in such a long time =(

Work on the new church around here, as well as many last-minute errands, have left me with little time to work on my site (as well as other things). Once things settle down (which will hopefully be soon), I'll be able to update here again ^_^

Also...When I can get back to work on my site, I'm going to prepare to move the site to a new address (which will have quite a few advantages over my site here at Tripod). I'll tell you what it is when I've got everything ready =D

August 12, 2003

August 12, 2003 at 12:00 AM

Ugh...I've been unable to get online for almost two weeks due to a hardware problem, and that's put me way behind schedule - I have a lot of catching up to do on the message boards and everything else I visit as a result of it! X( Here's the story:

Around last Tuesday, my cable modem was acting up, not connecting to the Internet at all. I thought it just needed the usual rarely-needed "reboot", so I unplugged it for a few minutes, and then plugged it back in. Every other time I did this, the modem would be working good as new (if not, then the cable connection is out and I just have to wait - this is even rarer, though, and it's usually up and running again in, at most, a few hours)...

But not this time - It connected, but v-e-r-y s--l--o--w--l--y, finally going out again shortly thereafter...I repeated the process a few more times (unplugging other equipment as well), and it didn't help to fix the problem at all. I waited until Friday to see if it would be working by then, and it wasn't - I then had some technicians from Adelphia come over to check the cable line to see if that was the problem. After they had done things like testing the line, changing the connection splitters from the lines downstairs (to close any open ports - that is, keeping noise from said open ports from going back into the line, to avoid a reduction in connection quality), and setting up a test modem of theirs (which worked perfectly on the old computer, but not the new one - The important thing is that the connection worked this time), they had determined that their line was OK - Which meant that something else (the modem, router, switch, or network card) was the faulty part...And I couldn't do anything about it till Monday =(

After waiting till Monday, I called Armstrong Microsystems to talk to them about the problem I had, and they sent over one of their technicians (who was actually someone in my Computer Science class at Lenape Tech) to check out the problem. After awhile, it was confirmed that the modem was the problem (the switch and router were working just fine), and so she called back to them to see about getting it replaced - I ended up having to have the modem sent back to Toshiba to get a replacement, which I didn't receive until yesterday (even though it should have been here by Thursday, four days earlier)...

...And the one they sent back came with the modem only - It didn't have the papers, the CD (which wasn't really needed, since I didn't uninstall anything), the thing to hold it vertically (which I liked, as that's how I mounted it - I can still keep it vertical without that thing, but it's going to tip over sooner or later), and most importantly, the AC adapter (*)! >_< I had to wait an hour or two for my Dad to get an adapter, which I had to put in a different surge supressor because it was slightly larger than the old one and wouldn't fit in the one I use for this computer. Then, just when I go to call Adelphia to get the modem activated...They're closed. I had to wait till today to call them and finally get it activated.

((* - UPDATE: Today, at 3:15 PM EST, I got another box, which came with everything else that was supposed to come with the modem - The CD, the thing-to-hold-it-vertically, the USB cord [which I forgot to mention before], and the AC adapter! ^_^ The only thing that didn't come with it was the papers, but I never used them anyway ^_~))

Next time this happens, I won't hesitate to consider the modem (and not the cable line) to be the most likely source of the problem, and I won't hesitate to get it replaced, either - I'll probably just go out and buy a new one instead of sending back my current one, given how long it took to get all the parts so I could get back online...

I'm just glad this whole ordeal is finally over now! =D

And now, some good news - Since I turned 16, I never bothered to get my driver's license (though I did get my learner's permit...Which I let run out, and haven't went back to get another one since then, as I haven't been driving in the last few years ^^; ), I went to get my photo ID Friday =) It's a good thing I got it that day, too - If I didn't, I'd have to wait till Wednesday to get it (the center to get photo IDs at is only open Wednesday through Friday), and I'll need it this upcoming Wednesday as proof of identification for something job-related...Who knows, I might finally get a job this time! ^_^

I've also taken some of my "time off" to take care of a couple of things: I deleted some no-longer-needed files; archived entire folders of stuff I want to keep, but no longer use, into Zip files, making it a lot easier to manage the remaining folders, and; made some alterations to certain files that my parents and I use often, for things like church bulletins and Lions Club data, to really speed up getting the work done for them - In the case of one set of Lions Club files, I combined the data from thirteen separate files into a single file! =D

In some site-related news, I have recently made updates to all things carbunklian: Carbuncle's glasses have been changed from lime and rectangular to light blue and circular, and the color of Diamond's headband has been changed from dark red to dark grey, so they'd look better (as well as more unique in comparison to the other characters) - Their pictures, as well as the "Carbunklian Appearances" document, have been updated to reflect these changes. Also, all their pictures have had a few pretty-much-unnoticeable flaws removed as well (it was bugging me to have them there =P). And finally, the three of them have a few more nicknames on their character pages (now rearranged by type, and then by letter) ^_^

July 6, 2003

July 6, 2003 at 12:00 AM

More links have been added, and all RolePlaying message boards have been merged with the RolePlaying Sites category, so I can better manage them ^_^

Also, after a long, long time of being away from Instant Messaging, as of today, at 1:20 AM...I'm back! =D

Check the "Contact Me" page if you forgot any of my screen names...They haven't changed since I left, and if I'm still on your Contact Lists (What? You mean you still haven't deleted me, for as long as I've been inactive? ;P), you won't have to worry about adding me again =P

June 27, 2003

June 27, 2003 at 12:00 AM

Not much to report for this update...A hidden "calibration year" field has been added to all my character bios (it's there so I don't screw up and list a character as older/younger than they should be =P), and some minor changes were made to the Wishlist, Carbunklian Character Appearances (text file in the "Artwork Additions" section of the Wishlist), and the Character Artwork page.

June 13, 2003

June 13, 2003 at 12:00 AM

It's Friday...But did I have any bad luck today? Not at all, and it's the other way around in my case...I just got my copy of Paint Shop Pro 8 from UPS today (they also came yesterday, but it was just to deliver stuff for the local Lions Club - Got my hopes up for nothing that day, but I knew it'd come soon if I was patient ;P)...I thought it wouldn't come in till at least the following Monday =)

Not only that, but I thought I'd be paying $79 for it after sending in the $30 mail-in rebate, as stated on their site at the time I purchased it (it's $109 before the rebate, and worth every penny, IMO)...Apparently something was changed, though, because when I called to order, and they saw I was listed in their database, the cost was dropped to $49. It's as if the rebate were worth twice as much...And I didn't have to send anything in, either! =D

June 11, 2003

June 11, 2003 at 12:00 AM

I am now officially a graduate of ITT Technical Institute...I can't really say anything else for this update =D

June 6, 2003

June 6, 2003 at 12:00 AM

My last day of school was on Wednesday... =)

...And I'll be graduating a week from then (on the 11th)! =D

Yesterday, my computer was making a whirring noise, and earlier today, I had it taken to Armstrong Microsystems to get it fixed. Turns out it was the video card's fan that was causing the problem (it had to be replaced) - I guessed it would've been the fan, but not that one O.o

Not only was the fan problem fixed, but I also made sure the Hard Drive Activity LED would be fixed as well (it never lit up ever since I got the computer, and that problem by itself was too minor to justify making a trip to the computer shop to get it repaired) - Now, after six months, I finally have that (rather minor but annoying to me) problem fixed...Everything's in working order now, and I didn't have to pay a cent for the repairs, as the computer's still under warranty for the next year-and-a-half ^_^

It seems one of my counters is no longer working, and hasn't been for some time =/ I've now removed it from my index page until further notice.

April 27, 2003

April 27, 2003 at 12:00 AM

Happy 20th Birthday to Me! ^_^

I'm no longer a "teen" - Two decades old as of today =)

For Easter, one week ago, I got a Netgear FS605 5-port Fast Ethernet switch, and so I have finally managed to replace the old hub I've had that's been slowing down the connection between both my computers all this time =P

For my birthday, I got clothes, money, a USB extension cable (Belkin brand), and (the big present) a Fujifilm USB Drive (256 MB). Now I won't have to rely on CD-RWs as much as I do now =D

The "About Me" page has been given minor updates (Can you guess what one of them would be? =P), the Page FAQ has new devices listed, the ages for my characters have also been updated, and the bottom frame has had some of the link names changed.

New links have been added to the "Links" page.

Last, but not least...I've now got a TagBoard! Now you can leave messages on the site for others to read ^_^ And rather than squeeze it onto the main page (which is cluttered enough as it is =P), I've put it on its own page. Enjoy =)

April 13, 2003

April 13, 2003 at 12:00 AM

I've done four things for this update: Adjustments have been made to the "RP Characters" section of the wishlist,

Some links on the Links page have been updated to reflect their site's change of address,

Numerous minor changes have been made to the "Personality" section of my carbunklian characters' bios, and

The whiteboard has been recolored to match the site's colors (I never even noticed that until I looked at it shortly before adding this update O.o), and the page's layout has been slightly adjusted.

March 15, 2003

March 15, 2003 at 12:00 AM

Finished up 7th Quarter last week...The fifth of March, to be exact. One more quarter to go! =D

Not much else has changed: Just a minor adjustment to the stylesheet used for this site, new programs (and updated version numbers) on the FAQs page, a few more links on the Links page, and one or two additions/changes to Carbuncle and Diamond's bios.

February 24, 2003

February 24, 2003 at 12:00 AM

Heh...Left for awhile, and I'm back again ;P

I've made some minor changes to the Page FAQ/Disclaimer page, the Links page, and the RP Character pages for Carbuncle, Diamond, and Sapphire.

I got a new film card reader/writer...And this time, I'm not locked into one type of card: It's a SanDisk ImageMate 6 in 1 Card Reader/Writer. Not only can I use multiple card types simultaneously, I have a card reader/writer that actually works on my new computer now =D

January 10, 2003

January 10, 2003 at 12:00 AM

I've redone the colors for the site...Now it's more like I wanted it to be: After all, being that the wolf in my little logo is brown, I thought the site should be colored brown as well ^_~

I have also fixed the captions on the Photos page for the "Tango (After Haircut)" pictures. Now they should show up correctly ^_^

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