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Happy (Belated) 26th

May 1, 2009 at 8:54 PM

I didn't feel that enthusiastic about my birthday this year...at least for the days leading up to it. Fortunately, my birthday was still really nice =)

Here's what I did:

On the 26th, we went to Red Lobster. I got a lobster tail and shrimp dinner, just like I did for my 25th birthday...but didn't get any cake or a song this time around, as they no longer seem to be doing that. That wasn't a problem, as we just went to a nearby ice cream shop and got some ice cream there - I got strawberry, which I haven't had in a while.

On the 27th, Mom made T-bone steaks and baked potatoes for supper - they were real good, thanks to a book she read about how to cook steaks =)

As for what I got:

  • Money: Because I'm not an easy person to buy gifts for ;)
  • Gift Cards: See above ;P
  • Lottery Tickets: Even if I don't win (and I didn't, this time), it's still fun to scratch them off.

Surprisingly, I didn't get clothes this time =O I can do without more clothes for a while - I've got plenty as it is.

As for the "main" gifts:

  • HP Jetdirect ew2400 802.11g Wireless Print Server (J7951G): Before I got this, sharing the printer between my two desktop computers was a mess. I'd have to leave the new computer on all the time (since the printer's plugged into it) and use the "net use" command on the old one to allow it to connect. That doesn't seem like much of a problem...except the password it requires is the one used for my account on the new computer, and it asks for that every time someone logs in to the old computer. I tried using a batch file for this (so I wouldn't have to type in the password every time), but couldn't get it to work.With the print server, I can plug the printer right into the router, solving both of these issues - I don't have to leave the new computer on all the time or type in that password anymore, just to be able to share the printer =D
  • WD My Passport Essential Portable 320GB Hard Drive: It looked larger in the pictures...but the actual drive is small! Unlike my current one, this one will be used when doing computer troubleshooting (or backing up data) at other people's homes - that way, I can leave my main external hard drive at home, since that one's not meant for portability (not to mention it has stuff from both the old and new computers backed up to it).

I also got a card from another relative, two days after my birthday, with some more money. As for the card...heh, it seems to be following the same theme of (almost) all of the birthday cards I got ;P

That's all for now =)

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