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(Up to) Christmas 2008

March 25, 2009 at 5:28 PM

I've just been busy lately, so I really fell behind on stuff - 2009 hasn't been off to a good start =(

One thing I'm going to try is shorter (but more frequent) posting, so there's not such a long delay between blog updates.

As for what's been going on:

  • September 5: In the evening, our microwave finally stopped. We've had it since 1984, so it's almost as old as I am O.o It had been slowing down for awhile - the lights came on and you could hear it whirring, but it took 10-15 seconds after that for it to make the sound it does when actually running.
  • September 25: When Dad got home, he brought the microwave from church so we could use it until we got a replacement - it was much smaller than the one we had before, so there was a lot of room left after setting it up. What's funny is that it was the same microwave I won years ago and later gave to the church so they'd have one.
  • September 30: We finally got the head board, foot board and nightstand from the furniture company - my parents won't buy from there again, due to how long it took to get the parts. The nightstand may need returned, but only because there's not enough room in my bedroom for it. Dad felt disappointed for not checking this first - I said it was OK, and that I don't need the nightstand because I've got enough room in there as it is.
  • October 4: In the evening, we went to the mall in Butler and got a new microwave (much closer in size to the old microwave), so we can return the borrowed microwave after this one is set up. We also got comforters (sheet and pillow cases) for my bed - they were a good match, since they almost exactly match up with the carpet's color.
  • October 6: Dad had surgery on his back for a herniated disc - a Lumbar Laminectomy, to be precise. It should help to relieve him of the leg pain he's been having for the past year, hopefully allowing him to feel better...as well as Mom and I, due to the mood he was in when in pain. He came back the day after and seemed in a good mood, given how recent the surgery was.
  • October 10: We finally got a chance to put in the new microwave yesterday...but the receptacle Dad made for the old one was recessed, and the flat-faced plug for this one didn't fit! We had to go to Butler again to return this microwave and get another one, with the right plug this time. The one we purchased was also smaller than the old one, but appeared to have a greater amount of space inside. It also had a built-in turntable, which was a lot shorter than the turntable we used in the old microwave - its track wobbled a bit, but worked properly after getting a replacement part for it.
  • October 11: Mom went to a local hardware store and got faceplates for the switches and outlets in my room. We also got the new microwave set up...and it fits! So far, it's been working OK.

    Not much has happened since then...other than fixing up some people's computers, along with getting paid for some work I did at the Katbox - maybe I should go and do some work on my own =)

    Also, as I promised in my previous post, here's what I got for Christmas last year (some details and gifts are left out, as I've forgotten what they were):

    • On December 23, at work:
      • Two cards (each with scratch-off lottery tickets)
      • Two books
      • A Christmas ornament
      • King's gift card
    • On December 23, at Granny's house (all from my grandparents):
      • Two shirts
      • Jeans and a pair of socks
      • Two books
      • Watch (black and gray)
    • December 24 was pretty busy, so I didn't open any presents.
    • On December 25, we had a nice breakfast - some of my Dad's side of the family came over for it, as well as to exchange gifts. I wasn't that hungry at the time, but had something to eat. In the evening, we went to Grandma's, ate supper and opened our gifts. As for mine:
      • Early afternoon, from one of my cousins (who had my name for a gift exchange):
      • From my parents:
      • Late evening, from Grandma:
        • Chocolate-covered pretzels
        • Chocolate-covered peanuts
      • From one of my aunts (who lives with Grandma):
        • TAG spray
        • germ-X Handi-Pen
      • As for the gift I wanted for Christmas...I didn't want to open it when I got it, so I wouldn't spoil the surprise. It came early, so I wouldn't be able to return it (if it wasn't what I wanted) by the time Christmas arrived. As a result, I had to try it out a few days early. Here's what it was:
        • PowerShot SX110 IS: I wanted to replace my FujiFilm camera, given the many issues it had - poor battery life, loss of time and settings after removing the batteries, and blurry pictures (this one was somewhat resolved by using the flash). This camera works nice - battery life is (unfortunately) not any better, but (fortunately) I can remove the batteries without losing any settings =D
    • Later in the week, we had a nice lunch - some of my Mom's side of the family came over for it, as well as to exchange gifts.

That's it for this entry.


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