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Back from the Beach

October 5, 2008 at 9:10 PM

I'm back from my vacation! Well, I've been back since the 20th...and forgot to post how it went until now ^_^;

On the 13th

My parents and I went down to Nags Head, North Carolina - they were arguing quite a bit on the way there due to the directions we were using. For the trip, my boss lent me his GPS (a Mio DigiWalker C230). Two other families rode with us - one got lost and it took a bit of time before we were all back together.

As for the GPS: its directions and the directions we were given didn't match up. In an attempt to try and match up its route with ours, I added points from our directions to its directions. Unfortunately, its directions kept backtracking and recalculating...but that was due to selecting the wrong roads - in its overhead view, if not zoomed in enough, two separate roads for the same highway show up as one. I fixed these points as they came up, but route recalculations still happened due to taking roads not explicitly listed in our directions. Other than that, though, its directions were pretty good.

We made it to our beach home in the evening, though we would've got there sooner if no one got lost. The house had quite a few rooms - each bedroom had a small TV (with a larger one in the kitchen, which was at the top floor), one or two bathrooms on each floor, and a pool table in a room on the first floor...with doors leading to an outside pool and hot tub.

We got groceries, ordered pizza (from the Slice Pizzeria), talked for awhile and watched TV. I messed around a bit on the laptop (unfortunately, there was no Internet access here) before going to bed.

On the 14th

We went to the beach! After being in the water for a good portion of the time, I laid down for awhile. Afterwards, we went back to the house and had tacos and watermelon; the tacos just had the meat and sauce that was mixed in during cooking, so everyone could add their own vegetables and toppings (which I left out of mine, since that's all I wanted). We watched TV for a bit before getting in the hot tub - after being there for awhile, I went back inside, watched some TV and went to sleep.

On the 15th

We went to the beach again. Like yesterday, I was in the water for most of the time, then went back to the beach to lay down for a bit. Awhile later, we went back to the house and got ready to go out to eat at the Red Drum Taphouse. I got ribs and fries and - since I didn't have that much on my plate and they had too much - some of Dad's fries and some of both parents' ribs (which helped even it out among us).

Before going back to the house, we ordered some more groceries. After we got back (and put away the groceries), I got a snack and watched TV upstairs for a bit, followed by going back to my room to watch some more TV before going to bed.

On the 16th

Due to the weather, we didn't go to the beach this time - however, we did go to the North Carolina Aquarium at Roanoke Island. We walked around and looked at the various marine life (including fish, seahorses, alligators, snakes, and turtles) - in one tank, we saw horseshoe crabs and rays. I managed to get picture of a horseshoe crab after it got flipped over but right before it managed to right itself! Later on, I went to pet one of the rays - it felt slimy. One of the rays that Dad was suggesting to pet had been hiding under the sand..and just a moment after he had petted it, it went crazy and flapped around, splashing a bit of water out when it reached the surface - it was pretty funny!

After that, we went back to the house, watched TV, and ate lasagna - they bought and prepared the stuff for it yesterday, but cooked it today. Then, I went to move some of my stuff to the downstairs bedroom (technically a kid's bedroom) since no one else was using it. It was actually better than the room I was staying in since the beginning of the trip: the bed was larger (technically a bunk bed, but the bottom one was still larger than the one I slept in) and I'd have that floor's bathroom to myself. We later watched a bit of a DVD (part of the house's collection) about the Wright brothers.

After that, I had a snack, watched some more TV and got my shower...but forgot to ensure the shower curtain was inside the bathtub - only after I was done did I notice the water on the floor! Though some of the floor was still dry, most of it was a bit wet and water started seeping out into the hallways. I panicked a bit before getting a few nearby towels and draping them on the floor, followed by leaving the bathroom fan on and its door wide open, to help dry it out. I waited 30-45 minutes - by then, most of the water on the floor had either been absorbed by the towels or had evaporated. Relieved that this little mess was now cleaned up, I shut off the bathroom fan (and its light) and went to bed.

On the 17th

My parents woke me up early today, since we were going to have an early breakfast - in this case, it was at Sam and Omie's. I got two eggs (over easy) and sausage (shaped like discs, which I found unusual), with grits and biscuits (shaped like cubes) as sides. After that, we went back to the house and I played pool with Dad for a few games - he did a lot better, though I won on technicalities (he accidentally put in the eight ball one game, then the cue ball when he was going to put in the eight ball...which are usually things I end up doing).

Later on, I went with Dad to go fishing at the Nags Head Fishing Pier - he had his own fishing rod and I rented one (each rod had two hooks). We fished for 2-3 hours, got lunch at the restaurant connected to it - I got a grilled cheese sandwich and fries - and then went back out. We fished for 2-3 more hours before going back to the house. In the end, Dad caught five fish and I caught four - we threw them back in after catching them. Though he got more, I did two things he didn't: I caught a flounder, and - since these were two-hook rods - I was lucky enough to catch two fish at the same time (one on each hook) in a single cast!

We then went back to the house for supper, having small cooked chickens (I can't remember what they were called), potatoes and carrots. I watched TV for a bit, followed by being called back up by my Dad to play LCR (a dice game) with two of my parents' friends. The game went on for awhile - Dad and I each won at least once - before I went back downstairs, watching a little more TV before going to bed.

On the 18th

Again, I had to get up early...but an hour later than yesterday this time. After getting some cereal, my family and I went to the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. Before we got there, though, we bought a few snacks; I got a slice of pizza (from Giant Slice Pizza) and a strawberry lemonade (from the Fudgery), finishing both of them right before going inside the lighthouse. I took a few pictures after reaching the top, while going back down and after going outside of the lighthouse.

We went back to the house for awhile - I watched TV, then heated up a small piece of lasagna. After that, we went to the beach and I laid down - it was too windy to go in the water this time around. When getting up to turn over, Dad threw a small pebble at my back and acted like a bird had pooped on me - I worried for a moment, thinking my back was wet from the poop! Only then did I find out what actually happened, Dad and Mom both laughing because of it. After that, I laid on my back for awhile before getting ready to head back to the house. Once I got back there, I rinsed off the sand and got in the hot tub for a little bit.

In the evening, I got my shower and went to Jockey's Ridge with my parents. After a long walk, we got to a sand dune and tried to fly the kite we brought (I've had it for quite awhile). Before doing so, we replaced one of the wooden rods (which had become rotten) with the only spare one we brought. Unfortunately, it was really windy at this time - we only had it up for a few seconds before that rod broke and the kite crashed! Following that, we put the kite away, but couldn't find the broken rod - it must have fell out after it snapped. After that, I walked up another dune with Mom, looked around for a moment and then we ran down the dune together - Dad got a picture of us as we were running. We got there pretty late, so we already had to leave since it was about to close (at 7:45 PM).

Afterwards, we went to get seafood, but the place we considered going to had a 45-minute wait and it was late enough as it was. We decided to hold off eating seafood until tomorrow and went to a pizza shop instead (New York Pizza Pub) - after having pizza, we got sundaes at a nearby Dairy Queen and went back to the house. After that, I watched some TV before going to bed.

On the 19th

I got up early again, having scrambled eggs and potatoes for breakfast this time. After that, I went with one of the families (friends of my parents) to the Wright Brothers National Memorial - we went to the to museum first for awhile before going to the pavilion. Afterwards, we came back to the house and had breadsticks for lunch.

For supper, we decided against going to the seafood buffet, instead going to a seafood restaurant (Awful Arthur's). I got fried shrimp, fried softshell crab and scallops - though I never tried the last two before, they were actually pretty good! When we were done there, we went back to the house...but we weren't there too long - I had to go with Dad to a nearby Staples in order to file for my unemployment compensation. The last time I missed filing for it required making a few phone calls so I could continue to file; I can only file for it once every other week and - unfortunately for me - that week was this one. They would be closing in 20 minutes and it was the only time I was online...with just enough time to get things set up and get it filled out. Relieved that this was now taken care of, we went back to the house - I watched some TV before going to bed.

On the 20th

We packed up our things and headed back home! Once again, my parents had an argument regarding the directions...but this time, we got lost! Eventually we got home and unpacked our stuff, and I took the rest of the day to catch up on things I missed while on vacation.

It was busy, but still a nice trip =D

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