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March 11, 2007 at 2:30 AM

Sorry for not posting in awhile - I've been pretty busy lately ^^;

As far as the county website goes, it's coming along nicely - most of the content has been copied over, and all that's left to do is upload images, PDF files, and clean up that copied content. I started out with Joomla! when working on it, but have since switched to Drupal after version 5 came out - I'm glad I did that, as I was running into a few roadblocks in Joomla! regarding content categorization, clean URLs, and (X)HTML validation. They also wanted an image gallery for the rebuilt site, and the appropriately-named Gallery is working great for this =)

After all the work I've done with those on their site, I realized I could could use the same CMS (and possibly the image gallery as well) on mine. I originally said I was going to use Smarty for the site template, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that since there isn't a copy of that theme engine available (at this point in time) for the most recent version of Drupal. I've started work on converting my prototype theme to work with the templating system it uses, so I can have an idea of how it'll look when it's finally ready. I also started work on revising my site's layout, so I can get everything better organized and easier to look through.

On February 9, I saw my uncle (the one I did the art site for) play in the band he's in at our church =)

I took my old desktop to work, to see if they can get that computer to boot up again. If this can be done, I can copy off any important stuff on it (that wasn't copied to my current desktop), and see if anyone would want to have it...after wiping off any data left on that drive, of course ;)

A few weeks ago, I had to fix up one of Mom's friends computers, which wouldn't boot due to an "Unmountable Boot Volume" BSoD error. Fortunately, I had a Knoppix CD handy, and booted into it on her computer. It ran rather well on her system, which surprised me - most of the time, when I use it (even on my own laptop), it doesn't run that well. I looked up what needed to be done to fix this, and got out a copy of my laptop's Windows XP CD (which I also had on hand) to fix the problem: all I had to do was boot into the Recovery Console, type in "chkdsk /p" at the prompt, press Enter, wait for awhile, and reboot.

After doing that, I could properly boot up the computer, but it was real slow when I did, taking over a minute just to get to the login screen. I was told the slowdown wasn't present before this issue, so I went ahead and checked for spyware and viruses - I didn't find any viruses, but I did find some spyware and removed it. There was no (noticeable) improvement in speed when I did that, and I have no idea what would be causing the slowdown at this time. If I find out what is causing it, though (and if it's not hardware-related), I'll see what I can do to fix it. They thanked me for helping get their computer to work again, and was told that they can deal with the slowdown issue for now...but this time they'll back up their stuff, in the event this happens again.

Have you seen the new page on my site regarding "buying some computer equipment"? If you haven't, take a look at it now - I've added another item, which is near the bottom of the list.

On my blog, the button used to preview your comment before posting has been removed (for now, anyway) - the plugin that was being used for it doesn't work with the most recent versions of WordPress =(

I modified the "Abaertyn" logo to fix an issue with how the "W" mark appears, as it lost the "points" at both gold tips when zooming in; what's interesting is the fact that the "points" showing up in the first place was a glitch, and was noticeable when zooming in/out on the logo. The changes I made now allow the "tips" to be visible regardless of how much it's zoomed in/out, and I have also applied this fix to the logo in the shirt and watch design.

Finally, speaking of the logo: With some modifications to it (namely removing everything except the outline of the face, filling it in with a brown color, and giving the outline that same color), I've not only got a new logo for my business card (which got a slight redesign as well - my mascot will still be there, of course =P), but...when I finally get my own site rebuilt, it will be used (with slightly different text) for the new site logo as well =D


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