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O-Six is O-ver!

January 1, 2007 at 12:00 AM

First off:

Happy New Year!

So far, my job's going all right - the template's pretty much done now and things have slowed down a bit as a result, but it will pick up once I get the data I need to upload to the revised version of the site, as there's a lot of it. I'm not sure exactly how long this job will last, but it'll end sometime within the next six months, as it has to be ready by then.

Also, I got quite a few presents for Christmas (before, during, and after), from both relatives and co-workers, including (in no particular order):

  • Candy
  • Clothes
  • Gift cards: Each is for a different place, but their combined total is around $100.
  • Razors
  • Lottery tickets: I got seven of them, costing $13 in total, but I made $20 off of them...and the best part is that I didn't have to pay for those tickets at all, as they were gifts =D
  • Cash
  • Motion-detecting light: It's similar to a night light, with a picture of Einstein (=P) on it - due to issues with it staying on all the time and not shutting off, though, it might have to be taken back.
  • Laptop case: It's a Samsonite Dimension Notebook Case (Model #250111190); unlike the one that came with my laptop, this one can comfortably hold everything I have for it, without having to struggle with the zipper to keep it closed =) It's a little heavier (and thicker) than the other case, but I can still carry it around without a problem. It's also got quite a bit of padding, which will help if I accidentally set down the case a little harder than I should have.
  • "The Darwin Awards: Evolution in Action": I've only read a few pages so far, but some of the stories mentioned in it are pretty good =)
  • Gloves: I haven't had a good pair of gloves in years, and these ones fit pretty well - finally, I have something to keep my hands from getting cold (other than my pockets =P) when going outside.
  • Paper Shredder: It's a Fellowes cross-cut shredder (Model DS-12Cs), and can shred more than my current one - it can do up to 12 sheets at a time (my old one can only handle five), shreds staples, and even credit cards. It also has a safety feature where if part of your body comes in contact with the metal area of the shredder (which surrounds the actual opening for it), the safety light will come on and it will not shred until your body is no longer in contact with that metal area. Finally, the bin pulls out (unlike my old one, where the shredder is a separate attachment to the top of the bin), which makes it much easier to empty it out when it gets full.
  • Laptop cable organizer: I don't have that many cables plugged into my laptop at this point in time, but when there's more plugged into it all at once, this will come in handy.
  • Headphones: These ones are the same brand as the previous set I have (Altec Lansing), but are a slightly different type. They came with a USB connector (with audio-in and microphone jacks on the opposite side), and the foam part of the headphones are encased, except for a small part in the middle which is left open. It fits much better than my previous pair, seems to provide better sound (as they cover the ears better), and I don't have to fiddle with the volume control just to get sound in both sides with this pair =)

And the big one: Two GB of RAM from Crucial for my laptop =) Once I got it installed, the system started up...really slow, which I found rather odd. I searched around for what the problem could be, but figured it out when booting into Ubuntu (still haven't fixed it yet as I've been busy) and then Windows (in Safe Mode), and noticing both loaded up quickly: the paging file's size was set way too low for the amount of RAM I now had, as the settings for it were for when I had 512 MB of RAM. Once I changed those values to take into account the amount of RAM I now had, it worked just fine =D

Also, we had more of a "green" Christmas this year - it didn't snow at all that day (but did a few days before), and it rained on Christmas day as well =P

My Dad also got a "present": One person on his work crew is being transferred to a different crew, and Dad's real happy about this because it was a person he just couldn't stand.

Finally, here's another nifty thing I've come up with while working on revising the county website: A style for use with the Stylish Firefox extension, which I'm going to call "Show URL Types" (with a demo page to test it out on). You can use this to tell if a link is relative (to the current directory, the directory above, or the root directory) or absolute, if the link has a bookmark and/or query string at the end, and even shows if the link is using a non-http protocol (such as "ftp", "javascript", "chrome", etc.). If you understand how to work with stylesheets, you can even extend this to cover other protocols as well. It can be very useful for determining whether the links on a page are relative or absolute, without having to view the source of the page first =D

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