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November 8, 2006 at 12:34 AM

I've been pretty busy this past month, working in Voter's Registration again. Since that's over now, I'm out of a job...

...But only for a few days - I'll be going back to work on Monday to help with some major updates to the County website =D

October 2-6:

  • Monday: The first thing I had to do upon my return to work was putting provisional ballot supplies in clasp envelopes. After that, I had to make sure each district had a ballot box key and that the right key was in the miniature clasp envelope holding it - I also marked which envelopes would need retyped, and will finish checking them tomorrow.
  • Tuesday: I finished going through the ballot box keys and typed up replacement envelopes. After that, I worked on labeling envelopes, plus a folded and stapled set of papers to put inside the other ones. After that, I labeled the ballot box pages and then made scaled-down copies of them (from 11" by 17" to 8.5" by 14"). Once that was done, I worked on labeling more envelopes, and will finish this task tomorrow.
  • Wednesday: Unfortunately, I just found out that those papers I put into the envelopes from yesterday were incorrectly numbered, so all of the papers had to be removed from their envelopes. The master copy was fixed up and a new printout for each one was made, and then stuffed back into the envelopes. I did another round of envelopes (adding two pens to each for this set) before going out to lunch...but when I came back after lunch, I found out the set I just redid was (by myself) accidentally put out to be mailed. I had to remove the contents of the envelopes that were stamped, but kept the envelopes that were stamped as a postage machine was used to stamp them (the postage for those envelopes was already paid for, but the envelopes themselves can still be reused, fortunately). I got another set of labels for those envelopes, labeled them, and placed the papers back in those envelopes. I then worked on folding the flaps in for those envelopes and taped shut the tips of the ones with the pens. The rest of those envelopes, as well as binding both sets with the ballot box key envelopes, will be finished tomorrow.
  • Thursday: I removed the current district labels (but not numbers) off of the supply boxes, as they were going to be replaced with new ones later - the ones I had to remove were old, hard to read, and the adhesive was either starting to yellow or peel right off. I finished the remainder of folding/taping envelopes, and rubber-banded both to their respective ballot box keys. After that, I created a template for the new district labels - these ones are a little easier to read, as they're not a single line stretched twice their height, but one or (if necessary) two separate lines at their original height.
  • Friday: All day was spent working on Watcher's Certificates. It took me the first half of the day to try and figure out how to photocopy identical lines onto the majority of certificates (by typing the lines that are the same on all certificates onto a piece of white paper the size of the certificate itself) so that I wouldn't have to manually type every character for them. There are 444 certificates in total - 222 for Republican, 222 for democrat, and each has three watchers for each of the 74 districts. I finally figured it out after wasting a few certificates, and got a lot of them copied (but not all, as I ran out of certificates - even if I didn't waste any, there still weren't enough). The rest of this day was spent typing just a single line (the district name and, if necessary, ward number) and underlining one word (for whether the district was a Borough, City, or Township) on all those certificates.

October 10-13:

  • Tuesday: I found out where the blank certificates were stored, got the number of them I needed, and continued to work on them throughout the day.
  • Wednesday: All of the certificates have the necessary lines typed on them, and now need to be stamped (with the Commissioners' signatures) and sealed with the embosser. I finished the stamping, and began work on embossing them, which will be taken care of tomorrow.
  • Thursday: The certificates are all embossed now. I printed out new precinct identification labels (that I made a template for earlier) for the boxes, and started putting the labels on them.
  • Friday: I finished labeling the boxes, and now placed clear tape over the labels to protect them. A worker from Diebold (who was here to ensure the equipment would be ready for the election) helped me with this. Later, I got called to the back room to help with getting absentee ballots ready to mail out.

October 16-20:

  • Monday: I finished putting tape over the labels on the boxes, and helped with more absentee ballots. I also found out I had more Watcher's Certificates to do, but fortunately not as many this time. These certificates were requested by a candidate, and the only real change is the addition of the candidate's name on the certificates - also, only half the districts were needed this time, with only two for each district, which means I only had to do 74 certificates (instead of 444). I also figured out how to get the stamp with the Commissioners' signature to be photocopied in the right place, which saved me a step, and quite a bit of time.
  • Tuesday: I worked on completing those Watcher's Certificates, helped with more absentee voter applications, and created an "Emergency Ballot" label template, which will be printed on labels tomorrow to put on clasp envelopes.
  • Wednesday: I printed out and placed the "Emergency Ballot" labels on the clasp envelopes. After that, I put new voter ID cards into separate envelopes. Then, I put district labels on the "Emergency Ballot" envelopes and placed those ballots in clasp envelopes (along with a return envelope and instructions to judges). After this, I went back to the main room to sort voter applications, and will finish that tomorrow.
  • Thursday: The voter's applications are now sorted. I then went back to help with more absentee ballots. After this, I took the memory cards for the voting machines out of their boxes and put them into piles (tilting them with the open side down to make removal simple). I then ran out of things to do for the moment (as certain things had to wait), and helped out with filling out inventory slips.
  • Friday: The inventory slips are all filled out. I then worked on photocopying sample ballots for each precinct based on the number of voters (plus a separate - and huge - amount for one district). After doing that, I fixed up the template for notification cards (regarding a change of polling place) so they can be fed into the printer properly. Before, had to be aligned at left side with tray all the way open to work, and had to be watched to ensure they wouldn't get pulled out of alignment - now the tray can be pushed in as far as possible with the papers in them and can be left unattended). I then put more voter ID cards into envelopes.

October 23-27:

  • Monday: I worked on getting the poll books ready - I punched holes in them, added alphabetical index separators for each book, and placed both into binder covers.
  • Tuesday: I continued working on adding the index pages and binding them together. I also helped with more absentee ballots.
  • Wednesday: All of the index pages have been added, and all of the books are bound. I then removed the street lists from last election and put new street lists in their place. The lists had to be separated into three piles - Republican, Democrat, and one more pile that would go where the old street lists were.
  • Thursday: I finished replacing the street lists, printed out new poll location cards for one district that needed it, and started to place return address labels on those cards. The rest of them will be labeled (along with mailing address labels) tomorrow.
  • Friday: The cards are now all labeled. I took the poll books to the middle room, and then worked on supply boxes, moving two books to the top of the pile, placing in a few pencils, and adding three signs before sealing the box and writing the precinct name it.

October 30 - November 3:

  • Monday: I continued getting the supply boxes ready, and helped with getting absentee ballot applications for people that came in for them.
  • Tuesday: All of the supply boxes are ready, and I was taken to another building to help assist anyone that wanted to learn how to use the new voting machines. I stayed there for two hours before returning to the Courthouse to bind the ballot box key envelopes, street lists, and one more list together.
  • Wednesday: I finished binding the ballot box key envelopes and lists together. Then, I worked on getting the cell phones ready, adding phone number and/or precinct labels to them where necessary, and recharged them. I also added another list to the envelopes I was working with earlier (ordered by when they're being picked up). Both of these tasks will be finished tomorrow.
  • Thursday: I finished adding the lists to envelopes, and handed them out to those who came for them. I also finished charging the cell phones, and then made a list with the numbers and precincts they're assigned to (changing the numbers for two precinct-assigned phones as they were using the exact same number). I then worked on placing poll books and "My Vote Counted!" stickers in the supply boxes. After that, I helped the Diebold tech with getting some sample election results uploaded to the application made for them (so he will know what to do when the real results are ready), and also helped get a projector (connected to the computer) set up to display the results.
  • Friday: I put more poll books into the supply boxes, and also added locks and supply bags (with supervisor cards, encoders, and one-time-use cable ties) this time. After doing that, I worked on sorting absentee ballot applications by name, and put absentee ballot applications into clasp envelopes. I had to make sure they were in the right ones, as some were misplaced, probably from sticking to other envelopes when sorting them earlier.

October 6-7:

  • Monday: Throughout the day, I helped hand out supplies to the Judges of Election that came in. I also put away a few more voter identification cards. My last task for the day was placing precinct name and number labels onto multi-pocket folders, for storing absentee ballots - I will finish this tomorrow.
  • Tuesday: This was my last day at the job (until the next election, anyway =P). I finished labeling those folders, helped with getting the files for the election results to work properly on the laptop (as people on the first floor would be watching the results as they were uploaded), and got the site ready for uploading the results (this time with an HTML version as well, for those who were unable to use the Java applet). At night, and just as I have done in the past, I worked on uploading the results as they came in - there were two technical issues early on (a last-minute filename change that was my fault, and an FTP connection issue that wasn't), but they were quickly taken care of, and the procedure as a whole went pretty well.

That's it for my work in Voter's Registration this time - I'll start work on updating their website next week! =)


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