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Vector Image File Conversion (SVG <-> WMF)

September 20, 2006 at 5:38 PM

Thanks to three programs (Inkscape, OpenOffice Draw, and SVG Factory), I can convert images between the SVG and WMF formats, which means I finally have something that I can make WMF images with for use in Microsoft Office applications (or anything else that can use WMF images but not SVG images), and I can edit the images as well (as SVGs, followed by converting them to WMFs)! =D

For conversion from SVG to WMF:

  • If your SVG image has text, make sure all of that text has been converted to paths (if necessary, save a copy of it under another name). If any text remains, you will not be able to open it in OpenOffice Draw, as you will end up seeing an error message with "OpenOffice.org 2.0" in the title, and a message saying "General Error." on the first line and "General input/output error." on the second line.
  • Download the OpenOffice SVG Import Filter and follow the instructions to install it in OpenOffice.
  • Open the SVG image you want to convert to a WMF image in OpenOffice Draw.
  • Save it as a WMF image ("File" -> "Export..." -> set "File format" to "WMF - Windows Metafile (.wmf)" -> "Save"), and you now have a WMF version of the SVG image you just converted!

For conversion from WMF to SVG:

  • Download and install the SVG Factory application.
  • Run SVG Factory. I am assuming you already have the WMF image ready, so just follow Step 4 ("File" -> "Convert File to SVG..." -> select the WMF file you want to convert -> "Open"), and you now have an SVG version of the WMF image you just converted!

I wish these programs were available when I was younger, as they would've really come in handy then...Oh well - at least it can be done now, and all of the tools used are free =D


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