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Back to Work, a (Nearly) Complete Character Page, and Ragnarok…in 3D!

September 28, 2006 at 11:23 PM

Thanks to a call I received earlier in the week, I'll be working in the Courthouse again, in Voter's Registration, starting Monday =)

Also, the character page for Wolfey is practically done - all that's left is having it looked over a bit to find and fix any issues I didn't notice beforehand (see the page titled "Review of Wolfey's Character Page" for details). Once that's done, I'll consider this an official character page =)

Also, I've recently been messing around with a 3D modeling program called Blender and, like I mentioned in a similar post regarding Inkscape (see the bottom section), there's some interesting stuff you can make with it: One thing in particular that I've made with it is a 3D model of Ragnarok's Esper form - rendered images (in PNG format) can be found here, and the actual 3D model can be found here (you'll need Blender to see it, though). The proportions aren't exact, and I haven't figured out a way to make the spiral "engraving" on the top of the hilt, but I'd say it's pretty good anyway - I've only been using the program for a few days, after all =)

Vector Image File Conversion (SVG <-> WMF)

September 20, 2006 at 5:38 PM

Thanks to three programs (Inkscape, OpenOffice Draw, and SVG Factory), I can convert images between the SVG and WMF formats, which means I finally have something that I can make WMF images with for use in Microsoft Office applications (or anything else that can use WMF images but not SVG images), and I can edit the images as well (as SVGs, followed by converting them to WMFs)! =D


A Sick Cousin, Church Issues, A Character Update, and Unemployment

September 19, 2006 at 6:12 PM

One of my cousins on my mother's side of the family (he's the youngest of five grandchildren; I'm the eldest of the five) nearly died last week, only a few days after his 12th birthday, when he was just fine. He was taken to Children's Hospital on September 14 (I was at work at the time) when he became gravely ill due to diabetic ketoacidosis. Aside from an increased appetite earlier in the year (which was overlooked, as his parents thought this was due to adolescence), he showed no signs of diabetes prior to this, and now he will have to live with this for the rest of his life =(


Issues at the church have become worse, and quite a few people (including some that went to the two churches - back when they were still separate, and long before the new church was built - for their entire lives) have left, though they said they may come back if these issues are resolved. Plus, I have to put up with my parents arguing with others constantly over these issues. Hopefully they'll be able to resolve them before it gets worse...


Trying to be a little upbeat now: some more work on the character page for Wolfey has been done (minor template revisions, a revised watch design, and some description changes). At this point in time, it's pretty much finished, and I'm going to work on getting his backstory ready =)

Also, once again, I'm unemployed (at least until the elections), and read on to see what I did for the last few weeks of work:


Let There be Light…Houses!

September 18, 2006 at 1:10 AM

Heh...First we went north, and this time we went south =P

We stayed at a beachfront home with another family for the week of September 2-9, in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. Here's what we did (assume it was just me and my parents going to these places, apart from the other family, unless otherwise noted):

  • Everyone went to beach a few times (only two of the days were any good, due to the weather), and I got sunburned.
  • A game of miniature golf was played...which took awhile with the group I was in (my Dad and I were in the same group, the rest were in another) because we unintentionally selected the longest (and most difficult) of three courses - it was funny when some of us just couldn't get the ball in the hole, though.
  • We went to an aquarium and saw quite a few interesting fish, otters, horseshoe crabs (one was on its back for a moment, and I got a picture of it just before it righted itself), and even touched the top of a stingray (it feels like velvet), though I accidentally poked it fairly hard the first time due to some bad depth perception (the open tank was fairly shallow and low to the ground, but I could only reach into it while standing). We also saw a few more sea creatures...and one thing I took notice of at one point was a monitor displaying a "no style information is associated with this XML file..." error message...and I'm guessing it was running a Mozilla-based application ;)
  • Four lighthouses were visited: Currituck (the only one that we went up), Bodie, Hatteras (was under maintenance at the time, so we unfortunately couldn't go up it), and Okracoke (which we had to travel by ferry to see).
  • We went to the sand dunes, and I saw a big pond with a lot of tadpoles in it - it's interesting (and a bit funny) seeing them come to the surface and watching their mouths open =) We also flew a kite (it's one I had as a child during our earliest vacations here), and I ended up breaking the dowel rod after pulling on the reel too hard (the rods were as old as the kite, and my parents said it was a surprise that they held together for as long as they did) - the wooden rods may be replaced with fiberglass ones next time around to avoid this problem. After that, and just out of curiosity, I bet Dad that I could go up an adjacent hill on the dunes (just the first part, the second would be too much) backwards. He bet I couldn't, but I did...and my legs were tired as a result. They ran down the hill, but I didn't, as my legs were still sore. Instead, I rolled down - since I was at an angle, I eventually went into something like a corkscrew motion at the end - my parents got a kick out of seeing it! I then walked up that hill a second time (forward, as I couldn't take going up backwards again), and rolled down one more time, this time going backwards (heels over head) near the end.
  • Dad and I went crabbing. We caught a few of them (everything captured was released shortly after), and right before we left, we had caught one when another family (not the one we were with) came by. I suggested holding the chicken neck (Dad brought quite a few, to be used as bait) in front of it so it would let go of the net (Dad got pinched hard enough to draw blood from one of the earlier catches, when he tried prying its claw off the net himself), and it worked - it let go of the net and started eating the neck! The other family thought the structure of its mouth - and how it was eating - to be interesting, and took a few pictures of it. It eventually freed itself enough to fall to the ground, then walked (sideways, of course =P) towards the water, and then just fell in!
  • The last thing we did on our trip: Riding Segways! These actually worked pretty well, considering everyone who tried them out never rode them before. It takes a moment to get your balance, but is a rather interesting ride once you get used to it. Not only were we taught how to ride Segways, but we were taught a little about the history of the local area (Corolla) while riding them. At the end, all of us got certificates that show we have learned how to properly operate a Segway - these are necessary to be able to ride them without having to go through training on how to use them again, and should we decide to buy any, we can get them with discounts =D

Given that we haven't been down to North Carolina for a few years, I'd say it was a very nice trip!

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