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Oh, Canada? Is That Where You Went?

August 19, 2006 at 5:32 PM

For as short as it was, the trip to Niagara Falls (on the Canadian side) from August 10-11 was pretty nice =) We needed our IDs and birth certificates to get in, and mention anything that we were taking with us (that we didn't have before) when we left.

After checking in to our hotel, dropping off what we didn't need for the moment, and taking what we did, we went to the Falls, and were taking pictures throughout the trip. We got on the "Maid of the Mist", swaying around a bit as we're not used to being on boats - there were times that the disposable raincoats they give you come in very handy. After getting off the boat, one of the first things I did was see a snail on a wall, and took a picture of it =P Later, we went on a tour behind the Falls, which was also interesting; late at night, the Falls were illuminated, and it looked real neat - if you ever see it, take a few pictures.

On Sunday, I went into a casino and played a few games there - it's the first time I could actually gamble in a casino! I would've tried playing the card games, roulette, craps, or any of the other non-slot-machine games there, but the lowest bet that can be made on any of them is $5...and the slot machines to the entrance took nickels and quarters, so you can guess what I spent the money on - unfortunately, I rarely won, and quickly used up most the money I had alloted for this. I still had some when my parents got back, though, so it it lasted longer we expected - though if I was at an arcade instead of a casino, I could've made that money last a lot longer ;)

After that, we went to a wax museum (Louis Tussaud's Waxworks) and got a few interesting pictures of the figures there, including certain ones for certain relatives. Afterwards, we took a ride on a cable car, and before we left, we all went on a helicopter ride - it's amazing how small everything looks from one when you're that high up in the air =D

After that, we came home, got ready for bed, and I got ready for the last two days of my job in the Commissioners' office before heading down to the Treasurer's office starting mid-week.

Also, in other news, I've been doing more work on my character Wolfey, namely fleshing out his background (which in turn will do the same for one other character who doesn't have much of a background himself...), as that's one of the last few things to get ready before I make his character-hood official. His "History" section will be greatly reduced, as a multiple-chapter story that I've been working on will take its place. The story's already complete in its raw state, but will need to be revised to follow the setup I use for my other stories before I'll upload it. Unlike the previous ones I've written, some of the restrictions I usually follow when writing them have been loosened, so it's a bit more...mature than what I usually write. If you've seen what I write, though, you have nothing to worry about - I just wanted to let you know of this ahead of time ;P

As always, click on the link below to see what else I did recently:

For the week of August 7 to August 11:

  • Monday: I finished revising the list, and worked on getting the labels ready for re-labeling the folders to make it easier to tell what they contain.
  • Tuesday: This was my last day of work on the 2nd floor, at the Commissioners' Office. Starting tomorrow, I will be working on the 1st floor, at the Treasurer's Office, for the doe licenses. I printed out the labels on full-sheet sticker paper, separating the labels with a paper cutter, and managed to get 15 out of 62 pages of labels done before I had to leave (which I mentioned to those working there so they'd know where I left off).
  • Wednesday: I started my work in the Treasurer's Office. First, I started putting numbered labels on envelopes with the checks (and in some cases, money orders) and license forms, separating the rejected ones (wrong amount of money, wrong district, no signature, and unlicensed/bonus forms which can't be received yet...) into two pieces - one with the address and district (to be kept for the time being) and the other with the contents of the envelope, with an extra blank envelope added so they can mail it back, adding the now-void number on that envelope to a paper for future use. I also stamped licenses (in total, there's 15,000!) with stamp listing the Treasurer's name and title...and will to stamp them again - with one for the issuing date - when it's time for this.
  • Thursday: I did the same as yesterday, but also checked a few sets of envelopes to make sure there were 100 forms in each - the envelopes can have one, two, or three applications each, so although there won't be 100 envelopes, there will be that many forms.
  • Friday: Same as yesterday, with more envelope checking and license stamping. I also got a thank-you from the Chief Clerk for the work I did the past couple weeks in the Commissioners' Office.

For the week of August 14 to August 18:

  • Monday: As before, I did more sorting and stamping.
  • Tuesday: Same as yesterday, still sorting and stamping. This time, though, I finally got finished with first round of stamping...But still have that second round to do at a later time.
  • Wednesday: Even more sorting, but I can start with the second round of stamping tomorrow.
  • Thursday: I started the second round of stamping on the licenses, with the date they're issued this time around. I'm also adding labels to the envelopes we received earlier (the top half is just a piece of paper, separated from the lower half which is used as a return envelope including the license), marking the applications with license number and the licenses with the application number, placing the application back in the envelope, and putting all of them aside until the checks are stamped and counted to make sure everything totals up properly. After that, I then went ahead with rubber-banding the applications, checks, and envelope pieces together, ending it by sealing the envelopes.
  • Friday: I continued to do the same work as I did yesterday.


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