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August 6, 2006 at 8:16 PM

I've been really busy lately...I spent practically every moment after work during the last full week of July to help my Mom get her 30th Class Reunion book ready in time for her reunion. This week was spent helping make signs (at the last minute, no less) for the Folk Festival around here.

Speaking of things having a number (or numbers) followed by two letters in superscript...My parents are going to Niagara Falls this upcoming weekend for their 25th wedding anniversary! Their actual anniversary is this Tuesday. Not only that, but they're letting me come, too! =D

Also, last Wednesday, I got some RAM (a 512 MB module, to be exact) I had ordered earlier in the week after coming home from work. Combined with the 512 MB module it already had, I've noticed quite an improvement in performance from certain programs (namely those that ran slowly or wouldn't run at all beforehand), as well as the fact that the system didn't slow down a bit at times like it did before (which, if I understand correctly, is due to using the full capacity of the physical RAM and needing to switch to the page file on the hard drive when more memory is needed). I had originally placed the order on Crucial's site before and wondered why it never came - turns out it was voided due to something with the credit card (this has happened with other products from other companies as well), and I ended up having to order it from a reseller they mentioned instead - but either way, I got what I wanted, and it works just fine =)

For more information on what I did the past two weeks, read on:

I've been working on two more things in Inkscape regarding my new character, Wolfey: A logo seen on one of his possessions that I will be referring to as the "X and L" logo (PNG of "X and L" logo / SVG of "X and L" logo), and the design for his watch (PNG of watch design / SVG of watch design).

For the week of July 24 to July 28:

  • Monday: I still continued to pull receipts, just like I did last week...
  • Tuesday: ...And again today...
  • Wednesday: ...And I'm still pulling receipts! This time around, I found some older ones that I may have missed in the earlier folders - these ones look like photocopies, but one can tell that the writing on them is done in ink rather than toner, and it's only for those from 1980. Receipts for years prior to those are smaller and in a different format, and receipts from 1980 to sometime in the 1990s are the same as the 1980 one, but in blue). Fortunately this may not be a problem, since they would probably be destroyed anyway as they're past the age of retention.
  • Thursday: Will it never end with pulling these receipts? =P
  • Friday: Like the week before, I went over to the other building to do some work there. I finished up the "Receipts" (or so I thought...), "Insurance", "Contract", and "Labor Relations" boxes. The "Children and Youth" box will have to be taken care of next Friday, along with two more boxes that I marked to check for receipts, but apparently forgot to look through =P

For the week of July 31 to August 4:

  • Monday: I'm finally done with pulling receipts! After that was taken care of, I started organizing certain folders on the shelves by category (for ease of finding and retention purposes). During my lunch break, Mom brought me home so I could help take care of some last-minute changes to her Class Reunion book, followed by sending taking those files to someone who could do the mass printing and binding.
  • Tuesday: I finished organizing those certain folders by category, and started work on pulling out "Planning Commission" papers to put in a separate folder - I'm going to try and finish this tomorrow if possible, as well as take over the boxes of receipts I pulled earlier in the week to the other building.
  • Wednesday: Pulling the "Planning Commission" papers has been taken care of, and I started working on reorganizing the list of folders I had due to moving around those folders earlier.
  • Thursday: I finished up reorganizing the list of folders.
  • Friday: Like I did the two weeks before, I went to the other Courthouse building. While I was there, I took care of the "Children and Youth" box, as well as the two remaining "Receipt" boxes (one which had a lot of stray receipts lying around). After that, I started work on re-boxing certain sets of folders (either because of the shape the old boxes were in, or for recategorizing those mixed up in other boxes) until 2:30 PM. After that, I went back to the original Courthouse building to try and finish revising the list I had (again) due to folders I moved after the previous revision..But there's no way I could get it done today, so I'll have to finish that on Monday.


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