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And Speaking of Work…

July 22, 2006 at 6:14 PM

Two weeks ago, I got a call to work at the Courthouse...but instead of getting stuff ready for the elections, this time around I'll be working with processing doe licenses - it starts on August 9 and will last for six weeks.

But wait, there's more!

I got another call later in the week, stating that I've also been hired to start working at the filing job I mentioned earlier. I thought I didn't get that job, but it turns out that it had been deferred for awhile, and I actually did get it (but was never told about it till now). I started on Monday (my schedule is an hour shorter than usual, starting at 9:00 AM instead of 8:00 AM), and will be working on it until my license-processing job starts. Both of these may lead into one more job: working for the 2006 General Election =)

I've only been working at this job for a week so far, but it's quite a bit of work...and the heat from summer isn't helping - more or less, I'm helping out with filing.

  • Monday:
  • I was given an overview of my job and a list of folders, which I had to go through and ensure that everything is there - if a folder isn't on the shelf, it's removed from the list, and if a folder's on the shelf but not the list (or if they had to be split into two folders due to the original being overfilled and torn), they're added to it. The shelves are on a track, and all but the rightmost one has a three-spoke handle on the outside, which can be turned to move the shelves around depending on what needs to be accessed. Later in the day, I was also taken over to the old jail in the other building of the Courthouse, which is now being used to hold more archived material (including some old books from the 1850s!), and will be working there on Friday.
  • One of the last things I tried to get done this day (along with going through all those shelves of folders) was getting an Oki printer (an old one that no one else in the office was using) to work on a local computer running Windows 98 SE, which they let me use to retype the list...but I couldn't do so, since the disk with the drivers was nowhere to be found, and there wasn't an easy way to get it - there was no network connection, it wouldn't recognize a USB drive I borrowed for a moment from one of the people there, and a CD I made with the drivers wasn't recognized either. I decided to hold off getting the printer to work until tomorrow.
  • Tuesday: I brought my Knoppix Live CD with me to see if I could use it to get the drivers I needed...but before that, I continued to work on going through all of the folders. I managed to get the rest of them done with some time left over, so I turned on the computer and used that CD to boot into Knoppix. After doing that, I asked one of the people there if I could have the necessary drivers for the printer copied to their USB drive (from another computer that had a network connection), and they did that for me. I took the USB drive over to the computer, plugged it in, the drive was recognized, and the file I needed was there. After making the hard drive writable, I copied that file to the hard drive (partitioned as FAT32, so I wasn't worried about something going wrong during the copy), booted back into Windows, and successfully managed to get the printer working from there. They were actually surprised that I got it to work =)
  • Wednesday: I started work on checking through all of those folders again, this time for receipts. If I find any, those receipts are to be moved to a separate folder that will be labeled with "Receipts:", the original folder's name, and the oldest and newest years of all the receipts I find in that folder. The folder list I had earlier will have a mark added beside these folders if receipts were pulled from them.
  • Thursday: I continued on with the same work I was doing on Wednesday...and will be doing this for a few more days next week as well.
  • Friday: I went over to the jail in the other Courthouse building to help sort through some papers there:
    • First, I went through a few boxes of folders, pulled out the receipt books from them, took the final copy of each book for each year (most years only had one, but if there were more, the final copy was either the only bound copy or, if none were bound, the best-looking unbound copy), and placed them into a separate box just for receipt books. The remaining books were placed back into the folders I pulled them from.
    • Second, I took out folders that were wrapped in paper (according to the writing on those papers, some were in there for 20 years or more, and had the dried water spots to prove it - their contents were just fine, though), wrote down the descriptions of what those folders contained (which was written on the papers) on a list, and placed these folders in a box. A list was made for every box's contents, and that list was taped inside the lid of the box.
    • Third, and the final thing I did for the day, was taking a box with a particular label on it (in this case, "Receipts", since I've already been working with them), pulling papers from other boxes that are listed has having the same type of content, placing the papers I pulled into the labeled box, and marking the box I had pulled them from so that it won't accidentally be looked through again for the type of papers I just pulled from them.

    That's the first week of work - I have two more weeks (and two days) left at this job, before I start work at the next one =)


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