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June 15, 2006 at 11:44 PM


  1. Hey Wolfey!
    Havnt seen you around in ages, scince 2004 in fact... You probably dont remember me Its Bane from evermore and for a brief time during its closing stages the MMG.
    Do you still fourm rp? If so it'd be great if you got back into venura (Which is located at http://dewin.nadster.net/venura now).. Anyway just thought id say hi.


    Comment by Bane — 7/13/2006 @ 9:18 AM
  2. Hey there, Bane =)

    Heh...I haven't seen you (or anyone I RPed with in the past) in a long time - I thought the boards were dead for good (and hadn't visited there since then), but it looks like I guessed wrong =P

    I'm surprised I managed to find my username/password combination to log into Venura...Plus, it still works =)

    As for forum RPs...No offense, but I'm not really into RPing anymore =(

    A few years ago, I was involved in a big RP at the Kingdom of Windor. To me, it was important, given how much certain characters of mine - namely Ragnarok - were involved in it, and what was going on in it. Unfortunately, at one point, the whole thing just fell apart, due to (if I recall correctly) complications following the merger of it with another big RP at that time. I lost most of my desire to RP after that happened, but still decided to participate in a select few RPs. Unfortunately, when some realms effectively closed down for good, I RPed even less, and when Venura went offline (taking down the rest of the realms I still participated in at that time), I pretty much quit entirely.

    Aside from being out of the loop here for a long time, I've also been fairly busy around here at times, so it's unlikely that I'll be returning to RPing.

    Still, it's nice to see that some people out there are keeping in touch with me after all this time =)

    Comment by Wolfey — 7/15/2006 @ 9:49 PM

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