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June 15, 2006 at 11:44 PM

The Lions Club Awards Ceremony was held on the first of June, and it went pretty well: Mom won a "Lion of the Year" award, and we were both told that the brochure we worked on looked great - depending on the case, we might be doing another one for someone else, and this time get paid for it =D

Also, I've been working on a website for another one of my uncles - I got the Smarty template system working both locally on my computer and remotely on his site's server, which saved me a lot of time when working on that site =)

Speaking of the template system: Since it worked so well for that particular project, it might give me a reason to try working on the prototype template again, and finally get around to giving my site a much-needed makeover. First thing's first, though - I'll have to work with it a little while longer, not only to learn a bit more about it, but also to make sure I don't run into any roadblocks this time around.

Finally, the Characters section of my site has someone new, at the very bottom of it. He doesn't have an official listing there (yet - certain details need worked out first), but you'll see he does have his own page...if you look hard enough, that is ;)

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