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One Job Less, One Job More

March 26, 2006 at 6:42 PM

Later this year, I (and my parents) will hopefully be feeling a lot better. Why, you ask? Well, there's two reasons why, both related to the work my Mom got involved in:

  • In June, the current King Lion will be taking over the position of the Secretary at the Kittanning Lions Club in June - my Mom held this position for five years when the Secretary at that time broke her arm (and, some time later, left the club). All I'll have to do is give him the files necessary to take the notes, and show him the formats that Mom and I followed when doing the notes.
  • Mom's trying to find someone to help as a Sunday School teacher, so she won't have to teach a class every week - she's been doing this for eleven years (!), is burnt out from doing this so much, and has trouble trying to find new lesson material every week (which tends to involve me looking up a lot of stuff for her at the last minute).

That's the "one job less" part - the "one job more" part is that I'm working at the Courthouse again! With the new touch-screen voting units, I've had a lot less work to do so far...And I won't have to do any more mask punching! =D

Also, my maternal grandparents got a dog recently - his name is Ben, is a Black Labrador mix, pretty big, and only a pup. He tends to run around quite a bit, and will gnaw on your hand if you aren't careful =P I still find it funny when he turns his head to the side after making some "unusual" noises (to him).

I'm not really fond of going with a parent or relative somewhere if I was told about it at the last minute, but I can deal with it - my problem is when they promise to try and get me home at a certain time, yet we all stay there far past what was originally promised, and it's happened a lot.

Also, I found out about this last year, but, well...Remember when I mentioned swearing in front of my Dad at the age of five? It turns out that I heard that word about a year before that incident, from one of my aunts - what's worse is that she actually encouraged me to say it (I found out about this from the other aunt, who was also there at that time), just for fun. I respect them, but what happened after saying that to my Dad was not funny >=(

And now, here's what I did since the last entry:

March 7: I went to Pancoast Staffing Services for a job interview, filled out the necessary forms, and took two computer tests. They involved the use of Microsoft Word and Excel - most tasks were pretty easy and I had no trouble figuring them out (though it was picky about how I went about doing certain tasks, and faulted me erroneously a few times) and though some of the tasks I had to do required me to use things in the programs that I never saw before, I still managed to pass each one (making one or two mistakes, but getting it right before it forced me to move on). After that, I had a quick interview, and left.

March 8: My dentist appointment, which was originally scheduled for Thursday, was moved up to today since he had to work on Thursday...But everything turned out OK during my check-up, so it wasn't a problem for me =)

March 13: I went with Mom so she could shop for some birthday gifts and pick up the fixed pedal for her bike. When we got home, I listened to the answering machine, found out that the voting machines have arrived at the Courthouse, and I can come in Friday morning to learn how they work (which means I'll be working at the Courthouse again!); I called back and left a message (no one was there when I called) saying I could come in on Friday.

March 17: I went to the Courthouse to see how the new voting machines worked, and in the process, ended up getting hired back for the elections! The machines are actually pretty easy to set up and close down (one person can set it up, but two people will set it up in this case, due to its size), and we were also shown how they worked.

March 19: I continued checking the cards for duplicate records, and then worked on the computer to merge those duplicate records in a voter registration program. For this week and the next, I'll be working on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and then will most likely switch back to original five-day schedule for the remainder of my time there for this election.


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