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More Work and Mini-Vacations

July 30, 2005 at 11:51 PM

Again, I've been gone awhile without posting...It's just been busy here O.o

Here's what happened of interest since my last update:

June 26
Mom fixed the "broken" shower caddy button =)

I accidentally put some of the parts that came off of it in the wrong place. I tried taking apart one of the working containers to see how it was supposed to go, but the part I needed to look at wouldn't come loose, and I didn't want to risk pulling too hard on it and breaking that one as well. Turns out I had one of the parts on the "broken" one backwards (it was ring-shaped, with an indentation on one side that locks on to the big opening for the dispenser, sealing it off, which makes sure the soap only comes out of the small dispenser below) and didn't know it.

June 27
I got ready to go to Butler with Mom, as she had to get a few things for her bike. When we got back, I went down to get on the computer for a moment, and noticed a "clicking" sound coming from the UPS, which was doing it often all of a sudden, and never did that before.

I worried for two reasons: one, this is just what happened when my previous (non-APC) UPS I got was failing (it constantly switched to battery for no reason); two, unlike that UPS, the "clicking" was not followed by a buzzing sound, which is what it always does when switching to battery (the buzzing stops after switching back to normal power, and it beeps while on battery, unless it was just on it for no more than a second or two), and the lights indicated that no switching to the battery was taking place.

I used a program that came with it to perform a self-test on the UPS, and (unlike past tests) it failed this time - there was constant beeping for awhile, followed by the red "Replace Battery" light turning on, followed by the "clicking" noises finally stopping. It looks like I may have to replace the battery (the UPS will still work while on normal power), and I'm going to be wary of leaving it on during storms and such until it's replaced =(

(UPDATE: After a call to APC's tech support - and trying to understand what the technician was telling me - it turns out that this was a fluke. After unplugging everything and plugging in a lamp [to make sure nothing was overloading the UPS - and it couldn't have, as it worked just fine with everything beforehand], followed by unplugging that and plugging in everything originally there, it worked properly without the "Replace Battery" light coming on.

It still fails manual self-testing, though, so I'm not sure what to do about it right now =/)

I also had to do work on Lions Club stuff that week (notes and forms). I can't remember if I stated this before, but I want to say that I hate doing these, as Mom is usually tired when we work on them, and she often hesitates / skips forward and backward on pages / corrects herself in the middle of something / makes last-minute changes before sending something out / etc. when typing these things up, and that really irritates me.

My parents and I also went for a little "vacation" recently - It wasn't for long (and was actually two separate mini-vacations), but due to how things are going around home, we won't be able to have a real vacation until next year.

Erie Vacation #1 - July 8-9
We got reservations for a Super 8 motel, but no one paid attention to this, and I ended up looking up a map for a nearby Motel 6. We didn't find out about it until we got to that Motel 6: Dad went in, asked about the reservation, couldn't figure out why we didn't have a reservation, showed them the papers, and only then found out that the reservation was for the nearby Super 8. Dad was pretty mad at us for getting the wrong directions, but Mom and I both laughed, as we couldn't believe we made that mistake and didn't even notice it till then =P

We drove around for a good amount of time during the trip, as we didn't know where to go. One place we went to (on both days) was the beach at Presque Isle. The first time wasn't that good, due to how rocky the beach was, and for the fact I couldn't go out that far (there wasn't a lifeguard on duty for this part of the beach, and I kept getting the whistle blown on me by a lifeguard at the next closest part, even though I wasn't even near the thin orange plastic pipes that were used to show how far you could go out). The second time, at another part of the beach, was better - there were only a few rocks in the sand, and I could go out as far as those orange pipes this time without getting the whistle blown on me. Also, though the Super 8 we were at had a pool, we never got a chance to use it while we were there.

We did other things out there, too, but had ended up missing a lot because we came to some places too late. We decided to come back another time (when Dad had some time off from work), as now we will know where to go next time we're on a trip to Erie.

Erie Vacation #2 - July 12-14
This time, we decided to stay at a Comfort Inn - and this time around, I got the right directions ;P

We went to Splash Lagoon (which was connected to the Comfort Inn, along with other nearby hotels) for two days, and came home on the 14th. Since we took advantage of a special offer between Splash Lagoon and Comfort Inn, we got a free tote bag containing various snacks and drinks, as well as two "Big Squirt" toys (inner tubes encased in cloth with a nozzle on the end - basically a simple squirt gun that can shoot pretty far - 30 feet is what they say), the park's "official souvenir" (which are still in their packages, unopened - I didn't feel like using them while I was there). We could also get a free picture at the park, and we had it taken on the second day.

It was pretty nice there: The slides are interesting (possibly excluding the Hurricane Hole, as you get dropped into the water in that ride), you can relax in the Lazy River (watch out for the one part - you risk getting your head wet if you're not careful!), and the hot tub is very nice. They've even got a food court and an arcade =)

We had dinner on the first day at Quaker Steak and Lube (ribs, shrimp, and wings), and it was pretty good (especially the wings coated in Asian Sesame sauce). The dinner on the second day, at Boston's, was also pretty good, but it took them over an hour to get us our orders due to problems they were having with their computers. On the plus side, we got free fries, tortilla chips, and melted cheese to go with them (I don't like that kind of cheese, so I just ate the chips plain), as well as a pretty good discount on our order due to how long we had to wait.

On the last day, before we left, I managed to get a chance to swim in the pool for awhile...It was a bit cold (it never really warmed up), but I pretty much had it to myself =)

Even though they were short, they were still nice little mini-vacations...And maybe next year, we can take a real vacation somewhere! =D

That's it for describing the "vacation" - I'll move on to some different subjects now.

On one of the pages in the July 23 copy of our local paper, I looked closely at the photo of an unknown soldier's tombstone...And it turns out it was missing the first "n", mispelling "unknown" as "unkown". This is the first time I've seen a typo in the paper that wasn't the fault of its publishers...And it's a pretty big one, too, considering this one is literally set in stone. I showed Dad the paper, and found out that he knows the person who works with these, so I'm sure whoever did that tombstone will find out about that mistake, and fix it as soon as possible.

I also got the last doctorate paper from my Pastor to type up on Friday...And I've already got it completely typed up =)

The Pastor's handwritten copy of doctorate paper #5 is 9-1/2 pages, and my typed copy of it is currently 8 pages (it will be either 9 or 10 pages after I finish fixing it up). For comparison, the typed copies of the other four doctorate papers I did for him are 11, 21, 23, and 20 pages, respectively - it's less than half as big as all of the others, except for the first one.

Once I finish fixing it up, and after I make sure that it looks OK to him and get a final copy of it printed out, I'm done with all of his doctorate papers! =D


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