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Busy Weeks and Hot Weather…

June 25, 2005 at 4:58 PM

I haven't posted for awhile...Just been kinda busy lately, that's all. It was definitely busier early in the month:

On the fourth, I had to help spread straw over the fertilizer and grass seed that dad planted in the front yard. Some of it was stuck together - the easiest way for me to spread the straw was to just constantly take a section of a bale and shake it, letting what broke off of it cover the dirt (as evenly as possible), until the pile was small enough to tear apart by hand and spread. We had to do all of this seed-planting and straw-spreading after having a huge pile of dirt spread out across the front of the yard, which was put there to level out the slope there a bit. That dirt was actually there for quite awhile - we just didn't have the time (or the good weather) to get around to getting the grass planted there till now...And it seems to be coming in nicely.

The day after, I had to put up with my parents arguing about how some things at church were going (more or less, what they discussed with people at the church wasn't being done as planned):

  • Dad's complaints were that he didn't want to have servicemembers (and their relatives) be charged for the DVDs. Also, donations received from the DVDs were to go towards money for a better DVD-slideshow program, instead of a new projector (as we're currently borrowing ours from another church). Both of these are needed, but we originally planned to get the DVD program replaced first, and then the projector (until then, I had no idea that the projector we were using wasn't ours).
  • Mom's complaints were that the song that she did (which was actually a reworded, Christian-themed version of a Shania Twain song) for a few people in the church wasn't going to be used...And she was never notified about it ahead of time. She said beforehand that if there were problems with the song, she could've changed the words, or have been told ahead of time it couldn't be used, but instead, she was just told at the last minute that they weren't using her song.

Also, a few relatives on my Dad's side of the family came in from Marysville, and we went to the Villa to celebrate my aunt's birthday. We also saw them again at Grandma's.

In between then and now, not much has happened - The weather has been pretty hot here lately, and because of the heat, I've been getting up late a lot (I'm awake for awhile, but I just don't want to get out of bed), and I'm also feeling too tired to do much work unless the house is cooled down - to do that, we have to open the front door, a few windows (the screens are put in for this weather), and turn on the big fan upstairs. Thankfully, that works pretty well for cooling the house down in most cases.

Also, it seems that one of the dispenser buttons for the shower caddy might be broken. When going to take a shower, I noticed a puddle of green liquid on the shower floor, and it came from one of the soap containers, which was now leaking. After opening up the front of it to see what was wrong, the button just came right off (which it shouldn't have done). I tried messing around with it for awhile to get it to stay in - it works now, but it doesn't lock in properly, and it still leaks. I'll have to find out what's going on here with that button, and what happened to it in the first place.

Why Do We Have To Cut These Things So Close?

June 1, 2005 at 11:33 PM

Ugh...Sometimes I just don't want to do projects for people. Why? It's because, though they start out as something small, they end up growing into something far larger than was expected or planned for, and work on them continues until practially the last minute before they must be ready...And it's almost always the same people who asked for these projects to be done.


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