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The Election is Over!

May 21, 2005 at 8:21 PM

The election—and my work at the courthouse—are both over for now.

  • Monday: I finished putting the laminated slips of paper for ballot stands in little envelopes, and put all of those in a box. After that, I copied a few more sample ballots. Then, I put new (and old) voter registration cards in mechanical card holder - its rows can be moved with a few buttons on the front of it. After that, I was handed a list of people with the same first name and birthdate (because they may have had duplicate cards), and pulled out the cards corresponding to those people (a lot seem to be missing, although they could have already been taken out earlier as well).

    I also found one with dates that I know are flat-out wrong...Aside from the fact that I saw that exact same full name elsewhere, and, given how few people I know of with just that last name in this area, I feel that this person is likely to be the mother (or possibly an older relative) of a certain girl I know from Kittanning Senior High School (I gave away the last name here, didn't I? =P). Anyway...The birthdate was listed as being in 1992, which would make this person under 18 till 2010...But that can't be right, as this person is at least a generation older than I am. And if you thought that was wrong, the year listed as when she started residing in the county was 1990 - two years before her birth! Pretty interesting mistakes to find on a voter registration card, eh? ;)

    I also found out today that tomorrow would be my last official day of work, so between Wednesday and the time their website administrator takes maternity leave, I'll (probably) be unemployed.

  • Tuesday: During the day, I continued to pull cards for people with the same first name and birthdate, and did that for the rest of the day. At night, shortly before I had to head out, I ended up getting a nosebleed all of a sudden (I rarely get them, and can recall only one other time it happened, but I don't recall when), but thankfully, it stopped bleeding before I had to go...And I checked up on it constantly during the night. I spent the whole night keeping the site updated with each candidates' numbers of votes as they came in, and stayed till a little after midnight. Unfortunately, I didn't get the results for the individual municipalities finished (as the results kept changing as new precincts reported in, and there were a lot of people to keep track of on that list), and I'd have to come back tomorrow to finish those municipalities, as well as double-check all of the results.
  • Wednesday: I went and added the results for the individual muncipalities (from a cumulative list that was much easier to look through than the separate lists I got for each precinct), as well as adding percents to the list (which the commissioners wanted on the page). After getting those finished, I double-checked all of the results, uploaded the pages to the site, and left to go home, saying good-bye to everyone there, and hoping that I can come to work again for them soon.

On Friday, I went with Mom to get a card for my boss, and one for my co-workers. On the way there, she showed me an artificial leg that was hanging atop a telephone poll, and it's been there for years - I've seen a shoe hanging by its laces on a telephone wire, and even a big chunk of wood from a tree hanging on a wire, but never an artificial leg, on the poll for that matter! And another somewhat unusual sight: I saw four vehicles at a gas station...All four were the same red color! Unusual, isn't it? We got the cards, I went in and gave them to my boss (who gave the other card to my co-workers), and then went to find out when I could come back for work. When I did, though, I was told that it's still being worked out at this point, but I will be notified of when I can come back once everything is worked out. After that, I left to go home.

Now, I'm working on this year's Vacation Bible School script, and a slideshow with military pictures to be shown on Memorial Day (there's calls going back and forth regarding this, and I have to put up with hearing my parents argue about it as well). Mom thought we wouldn't even get 50 pictures...And we we ended up getting a total of 118! Of course, some were received a week past the deadline stated in our church bulletin (which was done so that we wouldn't have to rush to finish this project - Oh well...).

After these two things are done, I'm through with doing VBS scripts and church slideshows. Doing these takes up a lot of my time, I don't appreciate hearing the fighting that goes on when doing work on them (especially given how much work is put on my family to help out), and other members of the church have the equipment to do it themselves now (the DVD slideshow program wasn't even mine to begin with, and another member of the church recently did a slideshow that was shown during the funeral of someone well-liked at our church). It's no wonder I don't want to do that much anymore - It's because I'm stuck doing everyone else's work instead.

I can't wait till this work is done. Thankfully, in the next few weeks, I won't have to do some of these things anymore - maybe I'll want to start doing other things again, especially those that I've put off for awhile because of the work mentioned above. I'll just have to wait until that time comes...

In Just Two Days, the 2005 Primary Election for the County of Armstrong Will Take Place.

May 15, 2005 at 7:04 PM

The title is self-explanatory, and here's what I did this week:

  • Monday: I double-checked the page/mask holders for each district to make sure each had the right pages (and had to replace some that had a few pages with the spine crimped on them too low, as well as two others which had each other's page by mistake). After that, I continued to copy specimen ballots, and had to make eight more for another person in the meantime (four districts, for both parties). As the room I work in at this time, as well as the copier outside the room, will be inaccessible tomorrow (to get the supplies in that room ready for the election), I'll have to hold off the rest of the copying until Wednesday.
  • Tuesday: I checked a large list (that was printed on a big stack of continuous-feed paper) of precincts, positions, and candidates, and made sure that the names were correct, and that their numbers matched up to what the ballot pages had listed for them - if I found something wrong, I corrected the error on the paper to be fixed on a future printout of it. After that, I started putting demo ballots and clasp envelopes (which contained the write-in cards and voter instruction papers) into large black supply boxes - I didn't get finished with that today, so I'll finish putting in the remainder of supplies (the remaining voter instruction cards, provisional ballot envelopes, boxes containing extra ballot envelopes, and voter signature books) in the boxes tomorrow.
  • Wednesday: I finished putting in the remaining voter instruction cards and provisional envelopes in those boxes (others took care of the rest of the supplies, excluding the voter signature books), and then started working on finishing my previous job of copying ballots...But I found out that they had to be all ready by today, so I had to rush to finish them. I couldn't get all of them copied myself, so I had someone else help me as well (and went so far as to not use the booklet format or arrow pages, to save time), although there were still a few unfinished ones by the time I left - fortunately, the rest of them were copied in time.
  • Thursday: I stamped the voter signature books with a red "absentee" stamp for voters who sent in absentee ballots after the books were printed, but before the deadline to send in absentee ballots had been reached. After that, I put the books in the black supply cases (some of which took a bit of reorganizing to get everything to fit, and I had to ask my boss to help get some of the stuff in certain boxes to fit), closed the lids, and locked the cases with padlocks after they were all filled. After that, another co-worker spoke to me and gave me more information on how to take care of the site, and what pages need to be maintained the night of the election. After that, I went and removed tape and signs on a whiteboard (used for the 2004 General Election to list candidates and their number of votes), and printed out new papers for the 2005 Primary Election candidates - I only had enough time to print them out, so I'll laminate them, cut them out, and put them on the board tomorrow.
  • Friday: I put mailing labels on a few more envelopes (for spoiled ballots), and after that, I took page/mask holders with pages from the 2004 General Election last year, and separated them into two boxes: Pages/masks in one box, and the holders in another box. Then, I checked an updated version of the list of precincts, positions, and candidates (this time with sample results) to make sure that no one had zero votes/percent (to make sure that they were counted in this test run). I then started work on putting laminated slips of paper (listing districts and numbers) for the blue ballot stands in little envelopes according to their district, but I only got a few done, so I'll have to finish it on Monday.

The Election is Near…

May 7, 2005 at 10:44 AM

In just ten days, the 2005 Primary Election is going to be held here in the County of Armstrong.

Also, Dad's birthday was on the 3rd, so we went out to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse in Butler. After finishing our dinners, Mom mentioned it was his birthday to one of the waiters...And got a group of them to come out and sing for him. In addition to the song (which was just like the one sung to me at Red Lobster for my birthday), he also had to wear a hilarious-looking giant cowboy hat while they sang it...And to make it more embarrassing for him, someone in his work crew (who had brought his son) was also here, and they both made fun of Dad a little after the song was finished.

Here's what I got done for this week:

  • Monday: I finished punching the ballots, as well as checking them to make sure I got the right holes punched in each card. After that, I started working on getting the registry booklets punched - fortunately, this time it's with an automatic punch.
  • Tuesday: I continued getting the registry booklets punched, and managed to get the cover and note pages done for all of the books. There's only seven more books to be punched, and I got covers and plastic spines added to the first twenty.
  • Wednesday: Work on the registry booklets continues - All of the pages are punched now, and only 17 more need to be bound.
  • Thursday: I finished binding the last 17 books, and started work on crimping metal spines to the laminated ballot pages, using a type of pneumatic press. I sat at a table with a pedal below my right foot, and a tank of compressed air to my right as well. After placing the spine and page in a vice on the table, I stepped on the pedal, causing the vice to squeeze the metal spine, and lock the page in place. I managed to get them all done today (I only had to do this for pages 5, 6, and 7, for both parties), and started double-checking those to make sure every district has enough copies, and to make copies for those without any.
  • Friday: I finished double-checking the pages, and got ready to put these inside the page/mask holders used in the actual voting booths (I had someone help me this time, to get the job done faster - I worked on one party's set while she worked on the other, and I helped her out when I was done with my set). The page/mask holders were put in the indentations of what I can only describe as a large, slotted table, followed by putting the ballot pages in the right slots, followed by the yellow masks I punched earlier, and finally locked in place. After finishing each district's set of page/mask holders, I checked them to make sure the arrows on the pages lined up to the holes in the masks. After getting the holders for all of the districts complete, I had to start making copies of more specimen ballots, as someone needed two for every district, for both parties. I only got a few done, but it should only take a day or two more (depending on whether or not I have to do anything else in the meantime) to finish this.
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